Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft Collection: Manuscript and Pictorial Material, circa 1600-circa 1700


Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft Collection: Manuscript and Pictorial Material, circa 1600-circa 1700

Collection of manuscript documents, engravings, and other pictorial material chiefly from the 17th century relating to the activities and membership of the Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft, the earliest German learned society, founded in 1617.

308 manuscript documents; 312 copperplate engravings, and other graphic material.



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Jörger von Tollet, Hans Septimius 1594-1662 (person)

Wolfgang, Georg Andreas, 1631-1716 (person)

Franck, Johann (person)

May, Adolf von, ? -1663 (person)

Buchner, August, 1591-1661 (person)

Hans Christoph, Graf von Puchheim, 1605-1657 (person)

Hackelberg, Julius (person)

Vogel, Johann Joachim (person)

Johanna Magdalena, Herzogin von Sachsen-Altenburg, 1656-1686 (person)

Günther, Johann Christian, 1695-1723 (person)

Dilherr, Johannes Michael, 1604-1669 (person)

Collalto (person)

Benßheimer, Johann (person)

Praun, Michael, 1626-1696 (person)

Andreä, Johann Valentin (person)

Wolfgang, Georg Andreas d. ä. (person)

Eimmart, Georg Christoph, 1638-1705 (person)

Otto V. Schaumburg, Graf 1614-1640 (person)

Kormart, Christoph, 1644-1701 (person)

Matthias, Holy Roman Emperor, 1557-1619 (person)

Diether, C. L. (person)

Naso, Hans Christoph von, ? -? (person)

Schulz, Georg (person)

Adolf Wilhelm Sachsen-Eisenach, Herzog 1632-1668 (person)

Louise Christine, Herzogin von Sachsen-Weissenfels, 1675-1738 (person)

Zesen, Philipp ˜vonœ 1619-1689 (person)

Friedrich, Herzog von Sachsen-Weissenfels, 1673-1715 (person)

Seckendorf, Veit Ludwig von, 1626-1692 (person)

Gosky, Martin (person)

Moritz, Graf von Bentheim-Tecklenburg, 1615-1674 (person)

Roerich, Nikolaus (person)

Wolf Heinrich, Graf von Baudissin, 1671-1748 (person)

Frantzke, Georg, 1594-1659 (person)

Lorentz von Adlershelm, Christian 1608-1684 (person)

Cappi, Carlo (person)

Klööker, David (person)

Preisler, Daniel (person)

Christian, Graf von Waldeck-Wildungen, 1585-1637 (person)

Friedrich IX. Sachsen-Weimar, Herzog 1596-1622 (person)

Pfenninger, Johann Heinrich (person)

Hermann, Michael, 1593-1669 (person)

Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor, 1578-1637 (person)

Dimpffel, Georg, 1593-1639 (person)

Lauterbach, Johann (person)

Louise, Herzogin in Schlesien zu Brieg, Wohlau u. Liegnitz, 1632-1680 (person)

Braun, Johann Theodor (person)

August, Duke of Braunschweig-Lüneburg, 1579-1666. (person)

Heinrich, Herzog von Sachsen-Römhild, 1650-1710 (person)

Kohl, Andreas, 1965- (person)

Bornmeister, Simon (person)

Racknitz, Gallus ˜vonœ 1590-1658 (person)

Tanjé, P. (person)

Michelin (person)

Borcking, I. (person)

Joachim Christian, Graf von Wahl, 1590-1644 (person)

Ende, Adam Heinrich ˜vonœ (person)

Haublin, Johann Heinrich (person)

Kilian, Lukas (person)

Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft (corporateBody)

Anna Sophia Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt, Gräfin 1584-1652 (person)

Block, Benjamin von (person)

Sophie, Fürstin von Anhalt-Köthen, 1599-1654 (person)

Hainzelmann, Elias, 1640-1693 (person)

Clöker, David (person)

Rochow, Otto Christoph ˜vonœ 1607-1659 (person)

Koch, Jobst Christoph (person)

Schönborn, Johann Philipp von, 1605-1673 (person)

Erskein, Alexander 1598-1656 (person)

Johann Friedrich, Herzog von Württemberg und Teck, 1582-1628 (person)

Henßbergen, Hieronymus von (person)

Matham, Theodor (person)

Hulsen, Friedrich van (person)

Cousin (person)

König, Michael, 1614-1673 (person)

Friederike Elisabeth, Herzogin von Sachsen-Weissenfels, 1669-1730 (person)

Wilhelmi, Gottfried, 1628(?)-1697(?) (person)

Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor, 1685-1740 (person)

Heher, Georg Achatz 1601-1667 (person)

Schlomach, Melchior ˜vonœ (person)

Marci, Johann Christoph (person)

Friedrich, Herzog von Mecklenburg-Schwerin, 1638-1688 (person)

Feller, L. Joachim (person)

Ludwig Rudolph, Duke of Braunschweig-Lüneburg, 1671-1735 (person)

Wirth, Polycarp (person)

Mengering, Arnold, 1596-1647 (person)

Arnschwanger, Johann Christoph, 1625-1696 (person)

Frederick William I, Duke of Saxe-Weimar, 1562-1602 (person)

Friedrich, Herzog zu Braunschweig und Lüneburg, 1574-1648 (person)

Johann Georg II, Prince of Anhalt-Dessau, 1627-1693 (person)

Börstel, Heinrich ˜vonœ 1581-1647 (person)

Luppius, Andreas (person)

Freyse, Albert (person)

Stubenberg, Rudolph Wilhelm ˜vonœ 1643-1677 (person)

Detloff, Freiherr von Kappell, ? -? (person)

August of Saxony (person)

Bülow, Christian von (person)

Loss, Hans Kaspar von, ? - 1711 (person)

Heidenreich, David Elias, 1638-1688 (person)

Strauch, Georg (person)

Borrekeus, Matthaeus (person)

Rastrum, Margaret (person)

Ludwig V, Landgraf von Hessen-Darmstadt, 1577-1626 (person)

Riemer, Johannes, 1648-1714 (person)

Schürtz, Nicolas (person)

Wilhelm IV, Herzog von Sachsen-Weimar, 1598-1662 (person)

Carpzov, Johann Benedikt 1607-1657 (person)

Siegmund, Markgraf von Brandenburg, 1592-1640 (person)

Paritius, Ezechiel (person)

Rohse, Otto (person)

Otto Rohse (b.1925), German artist, typographer and book illustrator, primarily working with wood-engravings. He also established his own publishing press. From the description of Woodcut (print), 1992 December 6. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122354322 ...

Peisker, Georg Christoph (person)

Christian I, Herzog von Sachsen-Merseburg, 1615-1691 (person)

Arnold, C. (person)

Georg Ludwig, Burggraf von Kirchberg (person)

Mühlpfort, Heinrich (person)

Kopezky, Johann (person)

Buchner, Friedrich 1647-1665 (person)

Ferdinand Maximilian, Graf von und zu Sprinzenstein, 1625-1678 (person)

Berbisdorf, Heinrich Samuel von (person)

Hessel, Peter 1639-1677 (person)

Paravicini, Johann Baptist (person)

Friedrich III, Herzog von Sachsen-Gotha, 1699-1772 (person)

Marwitz, Johann Georg ˜von derœ 1638-1704 (person)

Falck, Jeremias (person)

Lorentz von Adlershelm, Johanna 1611-1673 (person)

Carpzov, August, 1603-1683 (person)

Stieler, Kaspar ˜vonœ 1632-1707 (person)

Hirschmann, Johann Leonhard, 1672-1750 (person)

Amalia Elisabeth, Landgräfin von Hessen-Kassel, 1602-1651 (person)

Lebrecht Anhalt-Köthen, Fürst 1622-1669 (person)

Birken, Sigmund ˜vonœ 1626-1681 (person)

Timaeus, Adam (person)

Bernegger, Matthias, 1582-1640 (person)

Johann Georg, Markgraf zu Brandenburg, 1577-1624 (person)

Stubenberg, Georg Augustin ˜vonœ 1628-1691 (person)

Schweizer, Johann (person)

Aubry, Peter II. (person)

Auersperg, Johann Weikhard von, 1615-1677 (person)

Gläser, Enoch (person)

Marie-Charlotte, Herzogin von Sachsen-Jena, 1632-1682 (person)

Aubry, Peter (person)

Johanna Walpurgis Sachsen-Weißenfels, Herzogin 1647-1687 (person)

Henry IV, King of France, 1553-1610 (person)

King of France, 1589-1610. From the description of Autograph letter signed : St. Jean, to Marshal Turenne, [no year] Nov. 6. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270472682 Henry IV, king of France, 1589-1610. From the description of [Documents] / Henry. (Smith College). WorldCat record id: 232639365 ...

Fürst, Paul (person)

Stubenberg, Amalie von, 1632-1661 (person)

Johann Georg III, Elector of Saxony, 1647-1691 (person)

Sandrart, Jakob ˜vonœ 1630-1708 (person)

August I. Sachsen-Lauenburg, Herzog 1577-1656 (person)

Bernhard, Herzog von Sachsen-Jena, 1638-1678 (person)

Johann, Graf von Sayn u. Wittgenstein (person)

Adolf, Johann, Duke of Saxe-WeissenfelsI (person)

Herrliberger, David, 1697-1777 (person)

Clerck, Adam de (person)

Friesen, Heinrich d. ä., 1578-1659 (person)

Christian (person)

Gerhard, Johann Ernesto (person)

Johann Georg I, Herzog von Sachsen-Eisenach, 1634-1686 (person)

Hahne, Albrecht (person)

Freinsheim, Johann, 1608-1660 (person)

Nohr, J. G. (person)

Johann Wilhelm Herzog von Sachsen (person)

Karl Wilhelm Anhalt-Zerbst, Fürst 1652-1718 (person)

Johann Sachsen-Weimar, Herzog, 1570-1605 1570-1605 (person)

Höckner, Johann Caspar (person)

Acoluth, Johann 1628-1689 (person)

Bloem, Andriaen van (person)

Friedrich I, Herzog von Sachsen-Gotha und Altenburg, 1648-1691 (person)

Troschel, Peter, approximately 1620-approximately 1667 (person)

Berkeley, John (English officer) (person)

Endter, Georg, 1562-1630 (person)

Gustav II Adolf, King of Sweden, 1594-1632 (person)

Johann Friedrich II, Herzog von Sachsen (person)

Lauwers, Conrad (person)

Dürr, Johann (person)

Remus, Georg (person)

Rehm, Georg (person)

Hildebrand, Friedrich. (person)

Casimir, John, Prince Of Anhalt-Dessau (person)

Anton Günther, Count of Oldenburg, 1583-1667 (person)

Magdalena Sibylle, Herzogin von Sachsen-Weissenfels, 1673-1726 (person)

De Scuderi (person)

Frederick II, Duke of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg, 1676-1732 (person)

Kempe, Martin von, 1637-1683 (person)

Meissner, Daniel, 1585?-1625 (person)

Christian II, Pfalzgraf bei Rhein-Birkenfeld, 1637-1717 (person)

Knoch, Christian Ernst von, 1608-1655 (person)

Anna Maria, hertiginna av Sachsen, 1627-1669 (person)

Bircher, Martin. (person)

Historical Note A particularly important aspect of the German Baroque period was the emergence of social structures which promoted literacy and the humanistics arts and sciences. Learned societies were established throughout Europe to bring scholars and writers together. One such society was the Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft (Fruitbearing Society), known also as the Palmenorden (Order of the Palms) because its emblem was the then-exotic coconu...

Auersperg, Wolf Engelbert ˜vonœ 1610-1673 (person)

Jörger von Tollet, Hans Helfreich, 1594 - after 1654 (person)

Johann Ernst I. Sachsen-Weimar, Herzog 1594-1626 (person)

Logau, Friedrich ˜vonœ 1604-1655 (person)

Gryphius, Andreas, 1616-1664 (person)

Winckel, Johann Georg ˜aus demœ 1596-1639 (person)

Fincke, Johann, 1628-1675 (person)

Selmnitz, Ernst Friedemann ˜vonœ 1620-1678 (person)

Beer, Sebastian 1609-1659 (person)

Eleonore Dorothea Sachsen-Weimar, Herzogin 1602-1664 (person)

Kilian, Bartholomäus, 1630-1696 (person)

Maria Hedwig, Herzogin von Sachsen-Meiningen, 1647-1680 (person)

Werenfels, Rudolf (person)

Piccolomini, Ottavio, 1599-1656 (person)

Oxenstierna, Axel, greve, 1583-1654 (person)

Werder, Diederich ˜von demœ 1584-1657 (person)

Gustav Adolf, Duke of Mecklenburg-Güstrow, 1635-1695 (person)

Ferdinand Maria, King of Hungary and Bohemia, 1633-1654 (person)

Ordouia, Edo de (person)

Bünau zu Meineweh, Günther von (person)

Fröhlich, Andreas (person)

Johann Georg II, Elector of Saxony, 1613-1680 (person)

Löwenstern, Matthaeus Apelles von 1594-1648 (person)

Christine Wilhelmine, Herzogin von Mecklenburg-Schwerin, 1656-1722 (person)

Wrangel, Carl Gustaf, 1613-1676 (person)

Teuber, Johann (person)

Galle, Cornelis d. J. (person)

Romstedt, Christian (person)

Banér, Johan, 1596-1641 (person)

Feller, Joachim, 1628-1691 (person)

Haccius, G. (person)

Wies, Johann David (person)

Christian, Duke of Saxe-Weissenfels (person)

Wilhelmine Eleonore, Herzogin von Sachsen-Weimar, 1636-1653 (person)

Berlepsch, Otto Wilhelm von, 1618-1683 (person)

Suyderhoef, Jonas, approximately 1610-1686 (person)

Epithet: Engraver British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000679.0x000174 ...

Klesch, Daniel 1624-1697 (person)

Tyroff, Martin. (person)

Gunst, Philipp von (person)

Hersicus, Johann David (person)

Moncornet, Balthazar (person)

Torstenson, Lennart, greve av Ortala, 1603-1651 (person)

Kristina, Queen of Sweden, 1626-1689 (person)

Ludwig VI, Landgraf von Hessen-Darmstadt, 1630-1678 (person)

Focke, Diedrich (person)

Ott, Michael (person)

Rosenhandt, Simon Mattaei (person)

Christian August, Herzog von Sachsen-Zeitz, 1666-1725 (person)

Händel, Georg, 1622-1697 (person)

Wülfer, Daniel, 1617-1685 (person)

Friedrich, Fürst von Anhalt-Hatzgerode, 1613-1670 (person)

Anton Ulrich d. J., Herzog von Braunschweig u. Lüneburg, 1714-1775 (person)

Charlotte, Herzogin von Sachsen-Weissenfels, 1653-1708 (person)

Heinrich Julius, Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, 1564-1613 (person)

Stauch, Georg (person)

Geyso, Johann, 1593-1661 (person)

Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor, 1640-1705 (person)

Barth, Kaspar von, 1587-1658 (person)

Van der Heyden, Johann (person)

Wende, Georg, 1635-1705 (person)

Georg Adam, Graf von Kuefstein, 1605-1656 (person)

Calchum, Wilhelm ˜vonœ 1584-1640 (person)

Johann Georg, Graf von Mansfeld, 1593-1647 (person)

Weise, Christian, 1642-1708 (person)

Friedrich Ulrich, Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, 1591-1634 (person)

Christian, Duke of Sachsen-Eisenberg, 1653-1707 (person)

Ludwig IV. Schlesien-Liegnitz-Brieg, Herzog 1616-1663 (person)

Friesen, Heinrich d. J., Freiherr von, 1610-1680 (person)

Stubenberg, Felicitas Dorothea ˜vonœ -1667 (person)

Christoph, Graf von Stolberg (person)

Stubenberg, Balthasar ˜vonœ 1534-1583 (person)

Gueintz, Christian (person)

Nitzschwitz, Anna Maria von, 1608-1690 (person)

Schöbel von Rosenfeld, Georg, 1640-1680 (person)

Dorner, Siegmund (person)

Johann Georg Sachsen-Weissenfels 1677-1712 Herzog (person)

Lohenstein, Daniel Casper ˜vonœ 1635-1683 (person)

Weltz, Justinian Ernst von, 1621-1685 (person)

Nanteuil, Célestin, 1813-1873 (person)

Merian, Matthaeus, 1593-1650 (person)

Racknitz, Gall Wilhelm, 1664-1683 (person)

Boezo, Gottfried Heinrich (person)

Johann Adolf Bentheim-Tecklenburg, Graf 1637-1704 (person)

Francisci, Erasmus, 1627-1694 (person)

Jenet, Sebastian. (person)

George William, Elector of Brandenburg, 1597-1640 (person)

Kelberg, Ernst (person)

Lüttichau, Wolf Siegfried von 1610-1671 (person)

Küssel, Matthäus (person)

Bernhard, Duke of Saxe-Weimar, 1604-1639 (person)

Linck, F. (person)

Schröter, Wilhelm, ? - 1663 (person)

Christian Louis, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg, 1625-1665 (person)

Stubenberg, Johann Wilhelm, Graf von, 1619-1663 (person)

Gottlieb, Graf von Windischgrätz, 1630-1695 (person)

Friedrich II, Landgrave of Hessen-Homburg, 1633-1708 (person)

Dietrich, Freiherr von Kracht, 1603-1657 (person)

Dieskau, Hieronymus von, 1591-1641 (person)

August, Fürst von Anhalt-Plötzkau, 1575-1653 (person)

Buno, Konrad, -1671 (person)

Johann Adolf II. Sachsen-Weißenfels, Herzog 1685-1746 (person)

Tscherning, Andreas, 1611-1659 (person)

Ludwig, Prince of Anhalt-Köthen, 1579-1650 (person)

Sylvius, Duke of Württemberg and Teck, 1622-1664 (person)

Charles X Gustav, King of Sweden, 1622-1660 (person)

Georg Rudolf, Herzog in Schlesien zu Liegnitz u. Wohlau, 1595-1653 (person)

Avemann, Ernst Ludwig 1609-1689 (person)

Cranzius, Jo. Albert (person)

Neumark, Georg, 1621-1681 (person)

Rudolf Maximilian Sachsen-Lauenburg, Herzog 1596-1647 (person)

Breithaupt, Johann (person)

Joel, Johann Friedrich (person)

Langenmantel, Hieronymus Ambrosius, 1641-1718 (person)

Prutz, Marquart Ernst von (person)

Schenk, Pieter (person)

Haugwitz, Hans Adolf von, 1647-1706 (person)

Kilian, Philipp, 1628-1693 (person)

Hanow, August 1591-1661 (person)

Schnitzer, Lukas (person)

Henry Frederick, Count of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (person)

Kuhlmann, Quirin, 1651-1689 (person)

Friedrich Wilhelm, Herzog von Sachsen-Altenburg, 1603-1669 (person)

Christian August, Pfalzgraf von Sulzbach, 1622-1708 (person)

Grossmann, Burckhard, 1575-1637 (person)

Moscherosch, Johann Michael, 1601-1669 (person)

Milagius, Martinus 1598-1657 (person)

Elisabeth Sophia Sachsen-Gotha-Altenburg, Herzogin 1619-1680 (person)

Bailliv, Pieter de (person)

Bourdon (person)

Frentzel, M. (person)

Berge, Johann von (person)

Moritz, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel, 1572-163 (person)

Hans Christoph, Graf von Puchheim, 1578-1619 (person)

Friedrich Heinrich, Herzog von Sachsen-Weissenfels, 1692-1711 (person)

Steürhelt, Franz (person)

Blesendorf, Samuel (person)

Albrecht, Herzog von Sachsen-Eisenach, 1599-1644 (person)

Olearius, Gottfried, 1672-1715 (person)

Steger, Christoph (person)

Douglas, Robert ˜vonœ 1611-1662 (person)

Carpzov, Friedrich Wilhelm (person)

Countess Palatine Anna Magdalena of Birkenfeld-Bischweiler (person)

Kilian, Wolfgang Philipp, 1654-1732 (person)

Rothgiesser, Christian Lorenz (person)

Korner, Andreas (person)

Kielmannsegg, Johann Adolf Kielmann von, 1612-1676 (person)

Georg II, Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt, 1605-1661 (person)

Schwenter, Daniel, 1585-1636 (person)

Johann Anton Cratz, Graf von Scharffenstein (person)

Magdalena Sibylle, Kurfürstin von Sachsen, 1612-1687 (person)

Richter, Christian (person)

Metzsch, Friedrich (person)

Heinrich Sachsen-Barby, Herzog 1657-1728 (person)

Omeis, Magnus Daniel, 1646-1708 (person)

Dietrichstein, Christian ˜vonœ 1610-1681 (person)

Wideman, Elias (person)

Hölzel, Christoph (person)

Fuess, Ludwig (person)

Thomasius, G. (person)

Hofman, Johann (person)

Christian Wilhelm (1587-1665). (person)

Strauss, Johann (person)

Epithet: the younger, composer British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000750.0x0003de Epithet: Composer British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000571.0x00000c ...

Schottel, Justus Georg, 1612-1676 (person)

Johann Friedrich, Herzog von Braunschweig und Lüneburg-Calenberg und Grubenhagen, 1625-1679. (person)

The deed was previously given by Johann Friedrich's father Georg von Braunschweig und Lüneburg-Calenberg to Victor von Mandelsloh. From the description of Confirmation of the title deed for Victor von Mandelsloh of the property "wüstung Duendorf" : Hannover, 1666 July 10. (University of California, Berkeley). WorldCat record id: 43832606 ...

Pareus, Ph. (person)

Johann Philipp, Herzog von Sachsen-Altenburg, 1597-1639 (person)

Vaillant, Johann (person)

Scheiner, Paul (person)

Struve, Georg Adam, 1619-1692 (person)

Feuquières, Manassès de Pas, marquis de, 1590-1640 (person)

Johann Wilhelm, son of Wilhelm, Duke of Saxony-Weimar, 1630-1639 (person)

Adolf Friedrich I, Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, 1588-1658 (person)

Hulle, Anselm van 1601-1674 (person)

Axel Lillie, Graf von Lillienburg, 1603-1667 (person)

Moritz, Herzog von Sachsen-Zeitz, 1619-1681 (person)

Georg III, Herzog in Schlesien zu Brieg, 1611-1664 (person)

Friedrich, Herzog von Sachsen-Weimar, 1640-1656 (person)

Arnim, Hans Georg ˜vonœ 1583-1641 (person)

Hahn zu Grüningen, Wolf Christoph von (person)

Kress von Kressenstein, Jobst Christoph II., 1623-1694 (person)

Ernst Sachsen-Hildburghausen, Herzog 1655-1715 (person)

Meibom, Heinrich, 1638-1700 (person)

Epithet: junior British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000304.0x0000ea ...

Wendessen zu Imnis, Jacob Hennig von (person)

Johann Hessen-Darmstadt, Landgraf 1609-1651 (person)

Buchner, Johann Kaspar (person)

Kalms, Franz; Kalms, Werner (person)

Albrecht Ernst, Prince of Oettingen, 1642-1683 (person)

Metzger, Johann Jakob (person)

Otto Heinrich, Graf Fugger (person)

Grünewaldt, Johann (person)

Julius Heinrich, Herzog von Sachsen-Lauenburg, 1586-1665 (person)

Stubenberg, Georg Wilhelm ˜vonœ 1660-1669 (person)

Johann Ernst, Herzog von Sachsen-Weimar, 1627-1683. (person)

Beil, Johann Leonhardt junior (person)

Frederick I, King of Bohemia, 1596-1632 (person)

Son-in-law of James I of England. From the description of Autograph letter signed : the Hague, to his father-in-law James I, 1621 Oct. 3-13. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270751877 From the description of Autograph signature to letter : Gayen, to States-General of Utrecht, 1630 Mar. 20. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270751883 From the description of Autograph signature to letter : Heidelberg, to Prince Christian of Anhalt, 1616 Oct. 25. (Unknown). WorldCat record ...

Anton Ulrich, Herzog von Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel, 1633-1714 (person)

Maria Eleonore, Queen of Sweden, 1591-1655 (person)

Bruggen, J. von (person)

Pitau, Nicolás 1632-1671 (person)

Mortaigne dit de Pottelles, Gaspard Corneille de, 1608-1647 (person)

Johann Wilhelm, Elector Palatine, 1658-1716 (person)

Müller, J. G. (person)

Van de Heyden, Jakob (person)

Christian Ernst, Herzog von Sachsen-Saalfeld, 1658-1729 (person)

Quiter, J. H. (person)

Krause, Rudolf Wilhelm, 1612-1689. (person)

Franz Albrecht, Herzog von Sachsen-Lauenburg, 1598-1642 (person)

Böner, Johann Alexander (person)

Kilian, Bartholomäus II. (person)

Christine, Herzogin von Sachsen-Weissenfels, 1665-1730 (person)

White, Richard, 1943- (person)

Epithet: harbour labourer, of Newhaven British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001152.0x00006a ...

Königsmarck, Hans Christoff, 1605-1663 (person)

Coler, Chrysostomus, 1607-1664 (person)

Sysang, Johann Christoph, 1703-1757 (person)

Christian, Herzog von Sachsen-Weissenfels, 1652-1689 (person)

Lerch, Johann Martin, active 1659-1684 (person)

Marconnett, Abraham (person)

Stubenberg, Otto Gallus ˜vonœ 1631-1688 (person)

Olearius, Adam, 1603-1671 (person)

Dietrichstein, Rudolf, Herr von, 1603-1649 (person)

Scultetus, Jonas, 1603-1664 (person)

Christian I, Prince of Anhalt-Bernburg, 1568-1630 (person)

Hoffmann, Johann (person)

August, Duke of Braunschweig-Lüneburg, 1579-1666 (person)

Schmid, Johann Rudolf, 1590-1667 (person)

Ernst I, Duke of Saxe-Gotha, 1601-1675 (person)

Hortleder, Friedrich, 1579-1640 (person)

Friedrich Wilhelm, Elector of Brandenburg, 1620-1688 (person)

Geyer, Andreas (person)

Vogel, Bernhard (person)

Olearius, Johann August (person)

Magdalena Sibylle, Princess of Saxony, 1617-1668 (person)

Johann Friedrich, Herzog von Sachsen-Weimar, 1600-1628 (person)

Gumm, Christian (person)

Hollander, Gasper de (person)

Kindermann, Balthasar, 1636-1706 (person)

Kiefer, Eb. (person)

Sternbach, Heinrich Coelestin von (person)

Friederike, Herzogin von Sachsen-Weissenfels, 1715-1775 (person)

Heinrich II Reuß, Herr von Plauen zu Gera, 1602-1670 (person)

Knesebeck, Thomas ˜vonœ 1594-1658 (person)

Georg, Herzog von Braunschweig und Lüneburg-Calenberg, 1582-1641 (person)

Hans Georg, Herzog von Mecklenburg-Schwerin, 1629-1675 (person)

Zuber, Matthaeus, 1570-1623 (person)

Philippe-Emmanuel, Graf de Ligniville, 1611-1664 (person)

Sandrart, Joachim ˜vonœ 1606-1688 (person)

Frentzel, Johann, 1609-1674 (person)

Friesen, Karl von, 1619-1686 (person)

Jode, Peter de (person)

Moritz, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel, 1572-1632 (person)

Cause, Heinrich (person)

Zamehl, Gottfried, 1629-1684 (person)

Endter, Johann Andreas (person)

Georg Albrecht Sachsen-Barby, Herzog 1695-1739 (person)

Richter, Albrecht (person)

Rist, Johann, 1607-1667 (person)

Funcke, Christian, 1626-1695 (person)

Christian Albrecht, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp, 1641-1695 (person)

Otto Wilhelm, Graf von Königsmarck, 1639-1688 (person)

Montecuccoli, Raimondo, Prince, 1609-1680 (person)

Epithet: Raimondo, Conte di British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000678.0x0000a7 ...

Morhof, Daniel Georg (person)

Wilhelm VI, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel, 1629-1663 (person)

Georg Aribert Anhalt-Dessau, Fürst 1606-1643 (person)

Müller, Peter, 1640-1696 (person)

Mannasser, David (person)

Georg Friedrich, Graf von Hohenlohe-Neuenstein-Weikersheim, 1569-1645 (person)

Bernigeroth, Martin (person)

Opitz, Martin, 1597-1639 (person)

Sibylla, Herzogin von Braunschweig-Lüneburg, 1584-1652 (person)

Weishun, Nicolaus (person)

Magdalena Sibylle, Kurfürstin von Sachsen, 1587-1659 (person)

Weber, Wilhelm, 1602- (person)

Magdalena Augusta, Herzogin von Sachsen-Gotha, 1679-1740 (person)

Schirmer, David (person)

Strobel, Bartholomäus d. J. (person)

Wesenbeck, Matthäus ˜vonœ 1600-1659 (person)

Kospoth, Friedrich von, 1569-1632 (person)

Wilhelm V, Landgraf von Hessen-Kassel, 1602-1637 (person)

Franz Karl, Herzog von Sachsen-Lauenburg, 1594-1660 (person)

Bohemus, Johann (person)

Thumbshirn, Wolf Konrad von, 1604-1667 (person)

Christian, Markgraf von Brandenburg-Bayreuth, 1581-1655 (person)

Widmann, Georg, 1611-1668 (person)

Johann Anhalt-Zerbst, Fürst 1621-1667 (person)

Sibylle Ursula, Herzogin von Braunschweig u. Lüneburg, 1629-1671 (person)

Hermann Hessen-Rotenburg, Landgraf 1607-1658 (person)

Van der Steen, Franciscus (person)

Johann Wilhelm II. Sachsen-Weimar-Altenburg, Herzog 1600-1632 (person)

Berger, Lukas (person)

Friedrich III, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorf, 1597-1659 (person)

Schluppen, Petrus van (person)

Bernhard, Herzog von Sachsen-Meiningen, 1649-1706 (person)

Enenkel, Albrecht von, 1547-1608 (person)

Brühl, Nikolaus (person)

Johann Georg I, Elector of Saxony, 1585-1656 (person)

Pfleger, Claudius (person)

Spetner, Christoph (person)

Jacobi, Joh. Seb. (person)

Elisabeth Juliana, Herzogin von Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel, -1704 (person)

Rudolf August, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg, 1627-1704 (person)

Schurtz, Cornelius Nikolas (person)

Egmont, Iustus Verus van (person)

Widerhold, Konrad, 1598-1667 (person)

Ferdinand Albrecht I, Duke of Braunschweig-Lüneburg, 1636-1687 (person)

Pappenheim, Gottfried Heinrich von, 1594-1632 (person)

Duarte, Salomon (person)

Harsdörffer, Georg Philipp, 1607-1658 (person)

Adolf Wilhelm, Freiherr von Krosigk, nach 1608-1665 (person)

August, Duke of Sachsen-Weissenfels, 1614-1680 (person)

David Ernst von Steinwehr bought property near Grossen Welken from Hans Christoph von Burgsdorff. From the description of [Lehnsurkunde Herzog Augusts für David Ernst von Steinwehr] : Halle, 1668 Dec. 7. (University of California, Berkeley). WorldCat record id: 80030371 ...

Thillisch, Friedrich von, ? -1681 (person)

Hans Martin, Graf von Stolberg-Stolberg, 1594-1669 (person)

Iselburg, Peter (person)

Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor, 1608-1657 (person)

Röber, Paul, 1591-1661 (person)

Harsdörffer, Karl Gottlieb, 1637-1708 (person)

Vitzthum von Eckstädt, Dam, 1595-1638 (person)

Georg Rudolf, Herzog in Schlesien zu Liegnitz u. Wohlau, 1595-1653 (person)