Ezra Lahad Yiddish & Hebrew theater : ephemera, 1936-1974


Ezra Lahad Yiddish & Hebrew theater : ephemera, 1936-1974

Yiddish and other theater ephemera including Purim plays, a program aabout Ida Kaminska and the Jewish State Theatre of Poland, and programs for the Fourth Theatre Festival of Moscow-Leningrad, 1936.

2 linear ft.; (4 manuscript boxes)


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Ezra Lahad (1918-1995) was born in Minsk, attended a Yiddish-language gymnasium in Vilna (Vilnieus), and emigrated to Palestine in 1935. From 1948 to 1961 he served in the Israeli Defense Forces, in military procurement and ammunitions. His last position in the IDF was editor of the bulletin of the Israeli fleet, "Be-ma'arkhot yam." Subsequently, in civilian life, he edited a publication issued by the municipality of Haifa, "Hefah 'ovedet." Upon retirement he served as a volunteer at the Ghetto ...

Fourth Theatre Festival Moscow-Leningrad (1936 Sept. 1-10)

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