William Warne Collection 1905-2010 1933-1992


William Warne Collection 1905-2010 1933-1992

The William E. Warne Papers document the breadth and duration of Warne's multifaceted career as a leading federal and California state official specializing in water reclamation, water resource issues, natural resources, and international as well as domestic development; as a diplomat directing U. S. economic and technical development programs in the Middle East, in Asia, and in Latin America; as a prolific writer and researcher focusing on water reclamation and natural resources and on international development and technical assistance; and as a consultant in water and natural resources policy. The collection comprises primarily correspondence; reports; articles; speeches; and photographs detailing Warne's service for the U. S. Department of the Interior, including in his roles as assistant secretary from 1947-1951 and as assistant commissioner for the Bureau of Reclamation from 1943-1947; his work directing the Point Four Programs in Iran and Brazil and the United Nations Command in Korea in the 1950s; his positions heading the the California Departments of Fish and Game, Agriculture, and Water Resources, as well as the California Resources Agency, by appointment of Governor Edmund G. Brown in the 1960s; and his subsequent career as a water resources consultant from the 1960s on. The collection provides an in-depth view of evolving water and natural resources policy in the United States from the 1930s until the 1990s, and captures thinking around the development of major dams (including the Grand Coulee Dam; the Shasta Dam; and the Oroville Dam); of irrigation, flood control, and water transport systems; and of water resources in the Western United States and in California, especially as seen in the California State Water Project. The collection is equally of interest to researchers examining the United States' international development and technical assistance work, as seen in Warne's leadership roles in the 1950s in the Point Four Program in Iran, with the United States Operations Mission in Brazil, and with the United Nations Command in Korea, and in subsequent international development work that Warne undertook as a consultant, particularly on dams and other development projects in Iran as well as domestic water and energy issues.

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