Self Help Graphics and Art Archives Bulk, 1972-1992 1960-2010


Self Help Graphics and Art Archives Bulk, 1972-1992 1960-2010

Extensive collection of silk screen prints and slides, as well as organizational records, photographs, and ephemera of the Los Angeles cultural arts center and studio. Founded in the early 1970s, during the height of the Chicano Civil Rights movement, by Mexican artists, Carlos Bueno and Antonio Ibaez, and several Chicano artists, including Frank Hernandez and Sister Karen Boccalero.

50.0 linear feet; 64 boxes (includes 3 oversize and 3 photo binder boxes), 18 slide albums, and 650 posters, Online items available


SNAC Resource ID: 6650265

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Baca, Judy, 1946- (person)

Judith Baca (1946- ) is an art administrator and mural painter from Venice, Calif. From the description of Oral history interviews with Judith Baca, 1986 Aug. 5-6 [sound recording]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 613314755 Art administrator, mural painter (Venice, Calif.) Born in 1946. From the description of Judith Baca interviews, 1986 Aug. 5-6 [sound recording]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 233007001 From the description of Judith Baca interviews, 1...

Arai, Tomie, 1949- (person)

Artist and community activist Tomie Arai was born in New York City in 1949. A third generation Japanese American, her parents are from Hawaii and California and her grandparents were farmers who settled in the country in the early 1900s. Her experiences growing up Asian American in New York City deeply color her work as an artist, as many of her works deal with the urban experience and attempt to make connections to her family and community through art. At the time she began to pursue a caree...

Alvarez, Laura E. (person)

DeJose, Magda (person)

Yáñez, Antonio (person)

Chacón, Gloria (person)

Bojórquez, Chaz (person)

Thylor, Neal (person)

Garcia, Ed (person)

Loya, W. (person)

García, Margaret (person)

Gil de Montes, Robert (person)

Capistran, Silvia (person)

Padilla, Stan, 1945- (person)

Hoyes, Bernard (person)

Amescua, Michael and Alex Alferov (person)

Pineda-Rico, Sarah (person)

Almaraz, Carlos (person)

B. 1941. From the description of Carlos Almaraz artist file. (Whitney Museum of American Art). WorldCat record id: 228432308 Carlos Almaraz (1941-1989) was a mural painter from Los Angeles, Calif. From the description of Oral history interview with Carlos Almaraz, 1986 Feb. 6-1987 Jan. 29 [sound recording]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 84558273 Carlos Almaraz was a painter and muralist; Los Angeles, Calif., b. 1941; d. Dec. 11, 1989. His wife, Elsa Flo...

Torres, Kay (person)

Fernandez Velasquez; Jose (person)

Novelo, Efrain (person)

Ybarra, Frank (person)

Cardenas, Mari (person)

Gonzales, David Mercado (person)

Rangel, Chuy (person)

Lacámara, Laura (person)

Alvarez, Jack (person)

Rangel, Jesus Chuy (person)

Huerta, Leticia (person)

Yáñez, Larry (person)

García, Martín V. (person)

Montelongo, John V. (person)

Sohn-Lee, Angela (person)

Herrera, Ernie (person)

Zuno, José (person)

Snyder, Allegra Fuller (person)

Osorio (person)

Robledo Tapia, Honorio (person)

Lane, Leonie (person)

Howe, Brad (person)

Gallego, Ronnie (person)

Urista, Arturo (person)

Self-Help Graphics and Art, Inc. (corporateBody)

Self-Help Graphics and Art, Inc., is a non-profit organization founded in 1972. It encourages and promotes Chicano art in the Los Angeles community and beyond by sponsoring workshops and art exhibitions. It has developed a national reputation for the exceptional quality of the screenprints produced by artists at the facility. From the description of Guide to the Catalog of Silkscreen Prints in the Self-Help Graphics and Art Archives, 197--199- (University of California, Santa Barbara...

Alexander, Jacqueline (person)

Garcia, Margaret (person)

Leal, Steven (person)

Montoya, Malaquias, 1938- (person)

Malaquias Montoya was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and raised in the San Joaquin Valley, California, where the entire family worked as farm laborers. Since 1968, Montoya has lectured and taught at numerous universities and colleges in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is currently a professor at the University of California, Davis, where his classes include silkscreen technique, poster making, and mural painting. His artistic focus is on Chicano culture and history. He is known particularly for...

Rios, Pedro Martinez (person)

Rodriguez, Israel (person)

Thomas, Matthew, 1956- (person)

Charette, Damien (person)

Hart, Jud (person)

Electra (person)

Kemp, Randy (person)

Emerson, Sy (person)

Fe, Sonya (person)

Zacarias, Jaime (person)

Gil, Xóchitl (person)

Maldonado, Rigo (person)

Yañez, Lawrence M. (person)

De La Sota, Raoul (person)

Baray, Sam (person)

Valverde, Richard (person)

Monroy, Marco (person)

Zermeño, Claire (person)

Ridecos, Ricky (person)

Garza, José A. (person)

Limón, Leo (person)

Terrill, Joey (person)

Aparicio, Edgar (person)

Huerta, Salomón 1965- (person)

Ramos, Leda (person)

Aguirre, José Antonio (person)

Swift, M. T. (person)

Ruiz, Annette Maria (person)

Boccaccio, Poupée (person)

Shimotsuma, Sister Francis F. (person)

Alex Alferov (person)

Bonfigli, Karen and Pat Gomez (person)

Rodríguez, Artemio, 1972- (person)

Delgado, Roberto (person)

Walker, J. Michael (person)

Amescua, Michael (person)

Martinez, Daniel J. (person)

Rangel, Marissa (person)

Mireles, Ruben (person)

Guzman, Margaret (person)

Rios Martinez, Pedro (person)

Echavarria, Val (person)

Ramos, Vincent (person)

Arellanes, Antonio (person)

Valdes, Richard (person)

Murdy, Ann, and Alex Alferov (person)

Ledesma, Andy (person)

Taylor, Neal (person)

Silva, Hector (person)

Sparrow, Peter V. (person)

Torrez, Eloy (person)

Jonhson, Beverly, Dr. (person)

Garcia, Rebecca (person)

Castañeda, Cecilia (person)

Yudell, Janice (person)

Charette, Damian (person)

Rodarte, Victor (person)

López, José, 1966- (person)

Manje, R. David (person)

Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department and SHG (person)

Perez, P. E. Sweeney (person)

Flower, Brandy (person)

Yáñez, Mari (person)

Montaño Valle, Ernest (person)

Ibanez, Antonio (person)

Ramirez, Julio Cesar Mi Yo (person)

Beto de la Rocha (person)

Centro de Artistas Chicanos (person)

Herrón III, Willie F. (person)

Zenteno, Sergio (person)

Amado, Ofelia (person)

Vargas, Tecpatl (person)

Hernandez, Laura (person)

Audifred, Magda (person)

Cortéz, Xavier (person)

Zaragoza, Alex (person)

Brehn, Qathryn (person)

Gastelum, Victor (person)

Brown, Ray (person)

Bob Richards is a Chicago photographer. From the guide to the Richards, Bob. Productions. Collection, undated, (Special Collections Research Center University of Chicago Library 1100 East 57th Street Chicago, Illinois 60637 U.S.A.) Raymond Matthews Brown was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in October 13, 1926. He was a jazz double bassist, cellist, and composer. Ray Brown played in Dizzy Gillespie's band from 1946 to 1951. Along with the pianist John Lewis, drummer Kenny C...

Montoya, Dalilah (person)

Amemiya, Grace (person)

Lohrer, Betsy (person)

Gamboa, Harry (person)

Harry Gamboa, Jr. (1951- ) is a painter, writer, photographer, and video artist from Los Angeles, Calif. From the description of Oral history interview with Harry Gamboa, Jr., 1999 Apr. 1-16 [sound recording]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 82194672 Chicano artist, born in East Los Angeles in 1951. Primarily uses photography but also video, live performance and writing. From the description of Photographs, 1972-1992. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122369479 ...

LaMarr, Jean (person)

Limon, Leo (person)

Uribe, Mario (person)

Martinez, Julio (person)

Gonzalez, Frank (person)

Segura, Daniel (person)

Cooling, Janet L. (person)

Valdez, Patssi (person)

Ryan, Robin (person)

Sinclaire, Mahara T. (person)

Gutierrez, Robert (person)

Hamada, Miles (person)

Sykes, Roderick (person)

Amos (person)

Serrano, David (person)

Hernandez, Frank (person)

Hernandez, Judith (person)

Ramirez, Christopher (person)

Chavez, Roberto (person)

Rodriguez, Cece (person)

East Los Streetscapers (person)

Reyes, Miguel Angel (person)

Ochoa, Jaime (person)

Alferov, Alex (person)

Botello, Paul (person)

Boltuch, Glenna (person)

Mejia-Krumbein, Beatriz (person)

Lopez Martinez, Aydee (person)

Flores, Lysa (person)

Pérez, Louie (person)

Cervántez, Yreina D. (person)

Sanchez, Olivia (person)

Sameshima, Dean (person)

Nuke (person)

Baray, Samuel (person)

Olabisi, Noni (person)

Christensen, Anna (person)

Gonzalez, Cici Segura (person)

Aguirre, José Antonio and José Alpuche (person)

Ituarte, Luis (person)

Valadez, John (person)

Martinez, Daniel (person)

Alvarez, Gloria E. (Gloria Enedina) (person)

Brehm, Qathryn (person)

Rodriguez, John (person)

Mala Rodríguez, 1979- (person)

Alferov, Alex, and Michael Amescua (person)

Ortega, Tony (person)

Perez, Eva Cristina (person)

Costa, Sam, 1910-1981 (person)

Sanchez, Leo (person)

Espinosa, Carlota (person)

Romero, Frank E. (person)

Ramirez, Lois (person)

Westcott, Gloria (person)

Ramirez, José 1922- (person)

Vallejo, Linda (person)

Linda Vallejo is an acclaimed Chicana painter, sculptor, printmaker, and founder of Galeria Las Americas. Linda Vallejo's personal collection, established in CEMA in 2001, represents a broad spectrum of her work and includes photographs, slides, posters, correspondence, publications and ephemera. Vallejo was born in East Los Angeles and was a graduate of Whittier College and also studied lithography at the University of Madrid. Her work has been exhibited extensively in ...

Flores, Yvette (person)

Perez, Jesus (person)

Murdy, Ann (person)

Perez, Elizabeth (person)

Aparicio Chamberlin, Vibiana (person)

De la Loza, Alejandro (person)

Los Streetscapers (person)

Hahn, Sandra (person)

Torres, Eloy (person)

Greenfield, Mark Steven, 1951- (person)

Sandoval, Teddy (person)

Rangel, Chuy C/S (person)

Vega, Salvador (person)

R?, Artemio (person)

Martinez, Manuel (person)

Ponce, Michael (person)

Cervantez, Yreina D. (person)

España, Frances (person)

Attyah, David Think Again (person)

Zebala, Aneta (person)

Aranda, Guillermo (person)

Martinez, Luciano (person)

Espinoza, Eduardo (person)

Ehrenberg, Felipe Enriquez (person)

Coparza, Ofelia (person)

Ortega, Jerry (person)

Esparza, Elena (person)

Florez, Elsa (person)

Gronk 1954-.... (person)

Gronk (1954- ) is an artist from California. Gronk, whose full name is Glugio Gronk Nicandro, was born in Los Angeles in 1954. As a member of the 1970s activist performance group, Asco (nausea), with Harry Gamboa, Jr., Patssi Valdez, and Willie Herron, Gronk arranged anti-war protests and painted graffiti murals. From the description of Oral history interview with Gronk, 1997 Jan. 20-23 [sound recording]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 79640744 ...

Hamilton, Vijali (person)

Alcaraz, Lalo Lopez (person)

Ambris, Isaac H. (person)

Martínez, Isabel (person)

Goldbeck, Tanner (person)

Martinez, Pablo (person)

Botello, David (person)

Rodriguez, Favianna (person)

After Arizona's governor signed an anti-immigrant bill, SB 1070 into law in April 2010, making it legal to racially profile in the state, a movement of organizers around the country rose up to fight it. I traveled to Phoenix, Arizona on Mother's Day as part of a women's delegation to document the women and children of the local grassroots movement. At one of the marches, I photographed a young Latina girl in the crowd and developed this poster. From the description of Undocumented un...

Cepeda, Armando (person)

Emily (person)

Baitlon, Jon (person)

Kirkpatrick, Garland (person)

Lucero, Linda (person)

Carrillo, Juan M. (person)

Montoya, Richard (person)

Kim, Sojin (person)

Quinn, Linda (person)

Valdez, Richard (person)

Amescua, Michael M. (person)

Raya, Rich (person)

Ramirez, Omar, and Chaz Bojorquez (person)

De La Loza, Ernesto and Ricardo Duffy (person)

García, Lorraine (person)

Baron, Agustin (person)

Carbajal, Ricardo (person)

Diaz, Ulisis (person)

Bejarano, Guillermo (person)

García, Tomás (person)

Luna Cleveland, Joe (person)

Salazar, Daniel Blake (person)

Calderón, Rudy (person)

Favela, Ricardo (person)

Rodriguez, Anna M. (person)

Munguia, Julio (person)

Posadas, Refugio (person)

Sparrow, Peter (person)

Alcalá, Manuel C. (person)

Tovar, Peter (person)

Rodriguez, Liz (person)

Gomez, Pat (person)

Vega, Salvador J. (person)

Alcaraz, Lalo (person)

Baray, Samuel A. (person)

De Montes, Robert Gil (person)

Lopez, Alma (person)

Hoyes, Bernard Stanley, 1951- (person)

Gonzalez, C. M. (person)

Orosco, Juanishi (person)

Cuellar, Rodolfo (person)

Castillo, Mario (person)

López, Yolanda M., 1942-.... (person)

Yolanda Lopez was born in San Diego in 1942. After becoming a community artist in San Francisco, she returned to San Diego and received her Masters Degree in art at UC San Diego. While best known for her groundbreaking Virgin of Guadalupe series, her work has expanded into installation, video and slide presentations. From the description of Yolanda M. Lopez Papers, 1961-1998. (University of California, Santa Barbara). WorldCat record id: 213893098 ...

Sánchez Duarte, Cecilia (person)

Cardenas, Cristina (person)

Alicia, Juana (person)

Esparza, Ofelia (person)

Norte, Consuelo (person)

Flores, Florencio (person)

Quiroz, Alfred (person)

Pérez, David (person)

Perez was born in 1711 in Italy. He composed several operas, amongst them Didone Abbandonata, 1753. He died in 1778. From the guide to the Perez, David, Mid 18th century, (Senate House Library, University of London) ...

Lorenzana, Ismael (person)

O'Hagan Linda (person)

Honesto, Cindy (person)

Rodriguez, Ixrael (person)

Perez, Jesús (person)

Montoya, Delilah (person)

Leñero, Alberto Castro (person)

Martinez, Rudy (person)

Vasquez, Cesar (person)

Solomon, David J. (person)

Ramirez, Omar (person)

Yorba, Kathleen D. R. (person)

Beltran, Richard (person)

Huereque, Jef (person)

Sadowski, Marianna (person)

Molina, Laura (person)

Rubio, Alex (person)

Valdez, Richard and Rich Raya (person)

Alvarez, Laura (person)

Gómez, Ignacio, 1962- (person)

Ramirez, Cristopher (person)

Raphael, Victor (person)

Cárdenas, Gil (person)

M., Rosa (person)

Longval, Gloria (person)

Shimotsuma, Sister Frances F. (person)

Lopez, Aydee (person)

Gonsalves, Ricardo (person)

Gutierrez, Roberto (person)

Eysymontt, Olga (person)

Durazo, Martín (person)

Mendoza, Ricardo (person)

Organista, Eddika (person)

Martinez, Julio (person)

Cervántez, Yreina D. and Leo Limón (person)

Roper, William (person)

Epithet: Prothonotary of the Court of King's Bench British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001391.0x000309 ...

Lucas, Daniel (person)

La Marr, Jean (person)

Enriquez, John A. (person)

Romero, Nancy (person)

Davis, Alonzo (person)

Colacion, Lawrence (person)

Ibañez, Antonio (person)

Donis, Alex (person)

Gutierrez, Curtis (person)

Espinosa, Gonzalo (person)

Boccalero, Karen (person)

Carrasco, Barbara (person)

Rodriguez, Elizabeth (person)

De Rosa, Judy (person)

Yáñez, Christopher (person)

Lazalde, Pat (person)

Oropeza, Eduardo (person)

Norte, Armando (person)

Quijas, Xavier (person)

Martinez, Paul (person)

Rodriguez, Enrique (person)

Yañez, Lawrence (person)

Fernández, Christina (person)

Grace, Stephen (person)

Botello, Paul J. (person)

Coronado, Pepe (person)

Smith, Susan (person)

Epithet: widow of London British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000862.0x00028f ...

Gonzalez, Carlos Castro (person)

De la Loza, Ernesto (person)

Ramirez, Rose (person)

Vallejo, M M (person)

Haro, Dolores (person)

Gonzales, Niva (person)

Amemiya-Kirkman, Grace (person)

Los Cipotes (person)

Montelongo, John (person)

Lujan, Gilbert 'Magu' (person)

Teruya, Weston Takeshi (person)

Jacob, Maríalice (person)

Delgado, Roberto L. Tito (person)

Montoya, Jose (person)

Garcia, Emilia (person)

Ray, Joe (person)

Lerma-Barbosa, Irma C. (person)

Sadowski, Marianne (person)

Marquez, Daniel (person)

Portillo, Rose (person)

Alpuche, José (person)

Loya, Carlos (person)

Adams, Tanda (person)

Garcia, Martín V. (person)

Eller, Lence (person)

Grace, Gerry (person)

Baltazar, Raul and Zack de la Rocha (person)

Perez, Elizabeth (person)

Cervantez, Yreina (person)

Caracoza, Raul (person)

Holguin, Cesar A. (person)

Arreguin, Alfredo (person)

Yanish, Mary (person)

Jimenez Underwood, Consuelo (person)

Zoell, Bob (person)

Marichal, Poli (person)

Ruiz, Cecilia (person)

Salazar, Daniel (person)

Leal, Steve (person)

Rangel, Pete (person)

Garcia, Ramon (person)

Gonzalez, Yolanda (person)

Baral, Joan Mall (person)

Gonzalez, Art Temoc (person)

De Batuc, Alfredo (person)

Chamberlin, Ann (person)

Gonzalves, Ricardo (person)

Luján, Otoño (person)

Romero, Alejandro (person)

Aguirre, Jose Antonio (person)

Esparza, Rubén (person)

García, Rupert (person)

Ochoa, Victor (person)

Watanabe, Joan (person)

Argyropoulos, Maria Antionette (person)

Saldamando, Shizu (person)

Herrón, Willie (person)

Cook, Ashley (person)

Miguel-Mullen, Cristina (person)

Lenero Castro, José (person)

Torres, Salvador (person)

Mario Lopez (person)

Pullini Brown, Ada (person)

Reynoso, Raymundo Tonatiuh (person)

Gallego, Adriana Yadira (person)

Gadbois, Nick (person)

Chamberlin, Vibiana Aparicio (person)

Balboa, Richard (person)

Rodriguez, Reyes (person)

Cervantes, Juan de, 1382-1453 (person)

Botello, David (Rivas) (person)

Rodriguez, Isis (person)

Montaño, Ernesto (person)

Martínez, Isabel (person)

Yepez, George (person)

Portillo, Eddie (person)

Memphis (person)

Duardo, Richard (person)

Es, Carol (person)

Rosas, Victor (person)

Rendon, Maria (person)

Lenero, José Castro (person)

Delgadillo, Victoria (person)

Hebert, Patrick Pato (person)

Lee, Hyun Jin (person)

Escobar Contreras, Gregorio (person)

Cuaron, Mita (person)

Valadez, John M. (person)

Avila, Glenna (person)

Cárdenas, Mari (person)

Furukawa, Michiko (person)

Ibañez, Leonardo (person)

Ancona Ha, Patricia (person)

Aranaydo, Cecilia (person)

Nicoll, Janie (person)

Villa, Esteban, 1930- (person)

Born August 3, 1930 in Tulare California, Esteban Villa is a nationally renowned Chicano artist and muralist. He is considered one of Sacramento's most respected artists. Villa is also known as one of the founding members of the Royal Chicano Air Force, an artists' cultural collective created amidst the Chicano movement's battle for social and political rights and recognition. Villa describes himself as a muralist, printmaker, art educator and community activist. His wor...

Bueno, Carlos (person)

Kittredge, Nancy (person)

Hernández, Ester, 1944- (person)

Biography / Administrative History Hernandez is an artist of the first generation of Chicano and Chicana artists who participated in the Chicano art movement that began in the late 1960s as part of the Chicano civil rights movement. Her collection represents more than twenty-five years of involvement in many of the most important historical activities of this period, including the farmworkers' movement, the feminist movement, international en...

Valdez, Vincent (person)

Kimura, Karen (person)

Ehrenberg Enriquez, Felipe (person)

Jones, Patty Sue (person)

El Mac (person)

Guerrero-Cruz, Dolores (person)

Moreno, Martín (person)

Guzmán, Margaret (person)

Ponce, Michael D. (person)

Beltran, Margaret (person)

Hernández, Salvador (person)

Segura, Dan (person)

Orosco, Juanishi V. (person)

Maradiaga, Ralph (person)

Velazquez Navarro, Genaro (person)

Mincher, Sally (person)

Calderon, Alfredo (person)

Healy, Wayne Alaniz (person)

Zains, Maria (person)

Lozano, Jose, M.D. (person)

Salicrup, Fernando (person)

Zender Estrada, John (person)

Garcia, Lorraine (person)

Olabisi, Nona (person)

Barraza, Jesus V. (person)

Romero, Frank (person)

Coronado, Sam (person)

Iñiguez, Virgi (person)

Gutiérrez, Roberto (person)

Tovar, P. (person)

Sarnecki, Tomasz, and Wayne Healy (person)

Espinoza, Richard (person)

Perez, Juan (person)

Ayala, David (person)

Rodriguez, Joe Bastida (person)

Alvarez, Gloria (person)

Brown, Ada Pullini (person)

Stepaniuk, Gina (person)

Cruz, Manuel Gomez (person)

Boccalero, Sister Karen (person)

Gallego, Adriana (person)

Siguenza, Herbert (person)

Raya, Rick (person)

Yepes, George (person)

Gonzalez, Louie 'The Foot' (person)

Pino, Norma Alicia (person)

Alexander, Jack (person)

Audifred, Magdalena (person)

Ehrenberg, Felipe. (person)

Artist, publisher, essayist, teacher, and activist, Felipe Ehrenberg was born in Tlacopac, Mexico City, in 1943. Best known at the international level for his exploration of unorthodox visual mediums such as mail and media art, performance and installation works, he is also highly regarded as a book artist and an early proponent of grass-roots publishing enterprises. From the description of Felipe Ehrenberg papers, ca. 1964-2000. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 754872703 ...

Flores, Gloria Malia (person)

Bautista, Vincent (person)

Crute, Jerolyn (person)

Cepeda, Manuel (person)

Aguilar, Laura, 1959- (person)

Chicana photographer whose work reflects identity categories (Chicano, gay/lesbian, women), geography (Los Angeles, Southwest, United States), and social issues (the body, sexuality, obscenity). Her work deals mostly with portraiture, documenting social groups and identities that remain invisible in mainstream culture such as Latina lesbians, black couples, and obese people. From the description of Laura Aguilar papers, 1981-1995. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 462019379 ...

Pineda, Sarah (person)

Davenport, Margaret (person)

Starbuck, Peggi (person)

Duffy, Ricardo (person)

Maruska, Pepe (person)

Lee, Betty, 1949- (person)

Zains, Marisa (person)

Anton, Don (person)

Edmonds, June (person)

Pinkel, Sheila (person)

Gamboa, Diane (person)

Alaniz, Cynthia (person)

Cortez, Xavier Cázares (person)

Schuette, Lynn (person)

Yereno, Ernesto (person)

Defazio, Christian (person)

Durazo, Martin Philip (person)

Perez, Louie (person)

Hernandez, Dora (person)

Saiz, Leslie Gutierrez (person)

Cuarón, Mita (person)

Gutierrez, Robert (person)

Calvano, Mario (person)

Gregory, Beth (person)

Avila Boltuch, Glenna (person)

Jurado, Milton (person)

Bert, Guillermo (person)