Weyerhaeuser family papers. 1860-2003 (bulk 1900-1957).


Weyerhaeuser family papers. 1860-2003 (bulk 1900-1957).

Business and personal papers of Minnesota lumber magnateFrederick Weyerhaeuser and his descendants. There is information about theWeyerhaeuser Timber Company and various subsidiary and affiliated companies, andabout family members and their activities.



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Weyerhaeuser, Rudolph Michael, 1868-1946.

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Morrison County Lumber Company (Little Falls, Minn.).

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St. Louis Sash and Door Works (Saint Louis, Mo.).

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Davis, Edwin Weyerhaeuser, 1895-1962.

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Mississippi Land Company (Minneapolis, Minn.).

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The Mississippi Land Company was a Weyerhaeuser Company enterprise, incorporated January 10, 1896, to hold title to mineral rights on such land tracts as showed promise of iron and other ore deposits, and to lease and develop them. The Mississippi River Lumber Company held half of its stock, while E. C. Whitney and associates held the remainder. The company owned "in fee" 2,000 acres of Minnesota’s Mesabi Iron Range. In later years as the rich iron ore gave out, the company was conc...

Weyerhaeuser Sales Company (Saint Paul, Minn.)

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Weyerhaeuser family.

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Frederick Weyerhaeuser, a German immigrant, began his career in the lumber business at Rock Island, Illinois, in 1858. He came to St. Paul in 1891, from where he directed a business empire that eventually stretched to the Pacific Northwest and beyond. The history of the many Weyerhaeuser companies, and of the many Weyerhaeusers who participated in these companies, is too complex to be adequately dealt with in a short sketch. Researchers are referred to the book Timber an...

Potlatch Corporation

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Potlatch Lumber Company

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The Potlatch Lumber Company was incorporated in 1903 and acquired large timber holdings in Latah County, Idaho. In 1905-06 it constructed the company town of Potlatch and the largest white pine sawmill in the world in that community. In 1931 the Potlatch Lumber Company merged with the Clearwater and Edward Rutledge Timber Companies to form Potlatch Forests, Inc.; the name was later changed to Potlatch Corporation. The company sold the town of Potlatch in the 1950s and in 1983 closed and dismantl...

Wood Conversion Company

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Potlatch Yards, Inc. (Spokane, Wash.)

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Hill, Elise Weyerhaeuser, 1860-1946.

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General Timber Service, inc. (Saint Paul, Minn.).

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Edward Rutledge Timber Company

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Thompson Yards

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Workmen's Compensation Exchange.

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Rodman Industries. RIMCO Division.

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Timber Securities Company (Wilmington, Del.)

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Arcata National Corporation

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Weyerhaeuser, Frederick Edward, 1872-1945

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Weyerhaeuser, Frederick King

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Rilco Laminated Products, Inc. (Saint Paul, Minn.)

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Rock Island Millwork Company.

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Resinwood Products, inc. (Saint Paul, Minn.).

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Northwest Paper Company (Cloquet, Minn.).

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Potlatch Timber Company.

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Boise Payette Lumber Company

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O'Neal Timber Company (Saint Paul, Minn.).

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This lumbering and manufacturing company was incorporated on February 20, 1905, to buy, sell, lease, and improve lands, timber, and all timber products and to conduct a general logging, lumbering, and manufacturing business. The first officers of the board of directors were Eugene O'Neal, president; Stiles W. Burr, vice-president; and John W. Mahan, secretary and treasurer. Other board members included Frank Frei and Arthur C. Smith. This firm was a Weyerhaeuser affiliate. From the d...

Rock Island Corporation.

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Weyerhaeuser, John Philip, 1858-1935.

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Edward Hines Lumber Co.

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Potlatch Forests, inc.

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Rock Island Lumber Company (Saint Paul, Minn.).

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Weyerhaeuser, Frederick, 1834-1914

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Weyerhaeuser, Louise Bertha Lindeke, 1870-.

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Rock Island Sash and Door Works (Rock Island, Ill.).

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Canmore Mines.

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Hannapal Door and Plywood Company.

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Humbird, T. J. (Thomas Jacob)

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Weyerhaeuser Timber Company

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The Weyerhaeuser Company, founded in 1900 as the Weyerhaeuser Timber Company, is one of the largest forest product companies in the world. Weyerhaueser had timber and logging operations in Klamath County until the mid-1990s. Timber cruising is a process for measuring forest stands to determine number and species of trees, average tree size and volume, and timber quality. From the description of Klamath County timber cruising records, 1952-1955. (Eugene Public Library). WorldCat recor...

Weyerhaeuser Company

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Clearwater Timber Company

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