G. Hubert Smith papers. 1900,1930-1986.


G. Hubert Smith papers., 1900, 1930-1986.

G. Hubert Smith papers. 1900,1930-1986.

Papers largely documenting an American archaeologist'scareers with the Minnesota Historical Society, as museum curator (1946-1949) andarchaeologist at Grand Portage (1936-1937, 1953) and Fort Ridgely (1937-1938), andwith the Smithsonian Institution's Missouri Basin Project (1951-1968). During hislatter career Smith conducted excavations at numerous upper Missouri River historicsites including Loisel's trading post and forts George, Berthold, Sully, Pierre II,Stevenson, and Manuel. Correspondence between G. Hubert Smith and Adaline Clarkdocuments their long distance relationship while she was at the Haskell Institute inthe 1930s. Also included are a few photographs of Adaline.

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