Zoo-related organizations files. 1966-2005.


Zoo-related organizations files. 1966-2005.

Correspondence, contracts, reports, minutes, statistics, public relations materials, and financial records documenting the zoo's relationship with the American Association of Zoological Parks and Aquariums [AAZPA] (on January 1, 1994, became the American Zoo and Aquarium Association [AZA]), particularly through its International Species Inventory System [ISIS] and Wildlife Conservation Committee; the Captive Breeding Specialist Group [CBSG]; the Minnesota Zoological Society; the Minnesota Zoological Garden Foundation; and various other national and international conservation groups.



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Minnesota Zoological Garden. Foundation.

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IUCN/SSC Captive Breeding Specialist group

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Minnesota State Zoological Board

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In August, 1977, the zoo captured two beluga whales in the Churchill River near Hudson's Bay, Canada. The two whales, a male named Big Mouth and a female named Little Girl, were the major attractions when the zoo opened in 1978. In 1984, Big Mouth injured his jaw while chewing on a feeding platform or water pipe; x-rays in May, 1986, showed the infection had moved into the bone. On July 10, 1986, surgery was performed to shorten and reconstruct his jaw. The zoo announced on April 15, 1987 that B...

International Species Inventory System

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