Meridel Le Sueur papers. 1902-1997.


Meridel Le Sueur papers., 1902-1997.

Meridel Le Sueur papers. 1902-1997.

Correspondence, literary journals, audio tapes, publishedwritings, published and unpublished manuscripts and fragments, publicity, radicalpublications, clippings, photographs, and other miscellaneous materials documentingthe life and career of Le Sueur, a writer, journalist, actress, feminist, andradical political activist, and her family.

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Meridel Le Sueur was born February 22, 1900, in Murray, Iowa. She did not finish high school, dropping out before the First World War. She began writing at the age of fifteen. Largely self-taught, Miss Le Sueur attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She came to know John Reed and met Theodore Dreiser and Edna St. Vincent Millay at Mabel Dodge's literary salon. She won acclaim in 1927 for her story Persephone and again in 1934 for The Horse. She was blacklisted during the McCarthy era. S...

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