Revolution and Counterrevolution in Guatemala, 1944-1963 1950-1957


Revolution and Counterrevolution in Guatemala, 1944-1963 1950-1957

This annotated guide identifies and describes 2636 ephemeral publications which are part of the Taracena Flores Collection. Most of the publications cited in this guide can be termed street literature, since they were intended to be read or distributed widely and/or posted in public places, and they represent a broad range of organizations and interest groups. The current page presents Part Two of three total for this guide.

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Arbenz Guzmán, Jacobo, 1913-1971 (person)

Jacobo Árbenz Guzmán (b. Sept. 14, 1913, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala–d. Jan. 27, 1971, Mexico City, Mexico) was a military officer in Guatemala. In 1950 he was elected president of Guatemala in the second democratic election; as president instituted a land reform. However, Árbenz Guzmán was ousted in 1954 in a coup engineered by the US Department of State and the Central Intelligence Agency. He lived in exile in Mexico until his death....

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Taracena Flores, Arturo (person)

The Guatemalan Revolution of October, 1944, following the forced resignation of Jorge Ubico, president of Guatemala for the previous thirteen years, led to a struggle for political and social change that has continued to the present. Many of the issues which emerged in the years following the Revolution continue to concern Guatemalans today, and they have taken on international significance in light of an ongoing political and social struggle, which has periodically turned violent. ...

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