Jack Newfield Papers 1910, 1932-2005 (bulk1964-2005)


Jack Newfield Papers 1910, 1932-2005 (bulk1964-2005)

Newspaper clippings, correspondence,notes, legal documents, drafts, manuscripts, galley proofs, diaries,appointment/date books, annotated books, audiovisual material, and photographscomprise the Jack Newfield Papers, 1910, 1932-2005 (bulk 1964-2005), and documentJack Newfield’s career as an investigative journalist and author.


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Investigative journalist, Jack Newfield (1938-2004), made a career out of exposing abuses of power in his native New York City. The next year, Newfield joined the Village Voice and worked there as a columnist, reporter, and editor for twenty-four years. While at the Voice, he helped define the idea of the alternative press through his investigative articles and unwavering defense of New York's dispossessed. Newfield then joined the New York Daily News as an editor and wr...

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Investigative journalist, Jack Newfield (1938-2004), made a career out of exposing abuses of power in his native New York City. Born in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesent, Newfield lived most of his adult life in Greenwich Village, New York. After graduating from Boys’ High School, he attended Hunter College, earning a degree in journalism in 1961. Newfield, a supporter of and participant in the civil rights movement, spent two nights in a Mississippi jail in 1963 after...

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