Earl Alonzo BrininstoolCollection 1850-1945


Earl Alonzo BrininstoolCollection 1850-1945

Papers consist ofinterviews of veterans of the Indian Wars, as well as research and materials onlife in the western part of the United States during the latter part of thenineteenth century.


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Reno, Marcus A. (Marcus Albert), 1835-1889

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Buffalo Bill, 1846-1917

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Buffalo Bill was employed as a scout by the United States 5th Cavalry, 1868-1872. In 1869 he participated in the Battle of Summit Springs, Colorado, in which the 5th Cavalry defeated Cheyenne Indians. From the description of Letter : Saint Louis, Missouri, to Joseph Witherspoon Cook, Greenwood, South Dakota, 1896 May 23. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 702162229 From the description of Letter : Saint Louis, Mo., to Joseph Witherspoon Cook, Greenwood, S.D., 1896 May 23. (Unkno...

Billy, the Kid, 1859-1881

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Billy the Kid (b. Henry McCarty, September 17 or November 23, 1859, Manhattan, New York City–d. July 14, 1881, Fort Sumner, NM) was also known as William H. Bonney. He was an American Old West outlaw and gunfighter. The exact date of his birth has been disputed as either September 17 or November 23. As a child he moved to New Mexico; his mother died when he was 13. As an early teen McCarty was caught steeling bread, clothing, and guns. As a result he was jailed but escaped. He later lived in ...

Hickock, Wild Bill, 1837-1876

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Brininstool, Earl Alonzo

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Author of newspaper and magazine articles and books, primarily on cowboys, range and frontier life, and Indian wars. Earl Alonzo Brininstool was born in Warsaw, New York, and lived in Los Angeles after 1895. He was the author of 14 books and numerous articles on subjects related to the collected materials. From the guide to the Earl Alonzo Brininstool Collection, 1850-1945, (Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.) ...

Custer, George Armstrong, 1839-1876

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Custer's paternal ancestors, Paulus and Gertrude Küster, came to the North American English colonies around 1693 from the Rhineland in Germany, probably among thousands of Palatines whose passage was arranged by the English government to gain settlers in New York and Pennsylvania. According to family letters, Custer was named after George Armstrong, a minister, in his devout mother's hope that her son might join the clergy. Custer was born in New Rumley, Ohio, to Emanuel Henry Custer (1806...

Benteen, Frederick William, 1834-1898

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Frederick William Benteen (1834-1898), soldier in Company H of the 7th U.S. Cavalry, fought in the west during the Indian Wars, married Catherine L. Norman (1838-1906). From the description of Frederick William Benteen papers, 1833-1951 (bulk 1871-1896). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 38475729 Benteen was an officer in the United States cavalry during the Civil War and the Indian campaigns in the American West. From the description of Letters, 1876. (Unknown). Wo...