Legislative Council inaugural planning documents and other material 1955-2003


Legislative Council inaugural planning documents and other material, 1955-2003

Legislative Council inaugural planning documents and other material 1955-2003

The Texas Legislative Council was created by statute in 1949 as a nonpartisan legislative agencyto produce impartial research and information. The Council is responsible for providing research and information, bill drafting, computing, publishing,and document distribution services to the legislature and legislative agencies. Records primarily illustrate planning by the Texas Legislative Council forthe inaugurations of the governor and lieutenant governor of the State ofTexas, and consist of plans, time schedules, scripts, and a Joint Session order of business, dating from 1955 to 2003. The only inauguration within this datespan not included in these records is the 1971 re-election inauguration ofGovernor Preston Smith and Lieutenant Governor Ben Barnes. Also in these holdingsare a transcript of the October 28, 1981 meeting of the Legislative Redistricting Board of Texas; transcripts of two 1983 meetings of the Texas House of Representatives Committee on Regions, Compacts, and Districts; and Council research associate Chris Kuykendall's resource notebook for the March 3,1998 meeting of the Texas Legislative Council.


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The Texas Legislative Council was created in 1949 by Senate Bill 316, 51st Legislature, Regular Session. It is governed by a council of seventeen members, including four senators appointed by the lieutenant governor, nine representatives appointed by the speaker of the House, and the chairs of the Senate and House Administration committees. Members serve terms beginning with appointment and ending with the convening of the next regular session. The lieutenant governor and the speaker serve as ch...

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