Inventory of the The Rudyard Kipling Collection: 1882-1982


Inventory of the The Rudyard Kipling Collection: Lit/Kipling MSS 00076., 1882-1982

Inventory of the The Rudyard Kipling Collection: 1882-1982

The Cushing Memorial Library collects books, manuscripts, and other items relating to the life and works of Rudyard Kipling. The core of the collection was acquired by the Library from Dr. A. W. Yeats in the late 1980's. The collection, through a large display of original and reproduced letters, as well as many newspaper clippings and articles written about him, gives a peek at the kind of everyday tasks that Rudyard, as a famous author, and his wife Caroline had to contend with. There are some 36 Rudyard Kipling autograph pieces, all of which are letters excluding a few poems and miscellaneous items. Along with the letters, clippings, and many books in the Rudyard Kipling Collection at Texas A&M University, the collection contains items such as an autograph copy of framed with an illustration by an unidentified artist, the manuscript for and the ledger book of Mr. T.E. Elwell, an early member of the Kipling Society, who made many notes and collected numerous clippings towards a Kipling bibliography. In the Contents, bold folder numbers indicate an autograph Rudyard Kipling piece. The Foreloper The Maltese Cat,


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Alice Macdonald Fleming (1868-1948) was the only sister of Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936), the author. She married Colonel John M. Fleming (1858-1942). From the guide to the Macdonald Papers, 1890-1935, (University of Sussex Library) Fleming was the daughter of John Lockwood Fleming and Alice Macdonald and sister of Rudyard Kipling. She married Col. John Fleming and spent many years in India. She died in 1948. From the description of [Note] 1936 Aug., 6. West Coates...

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