O'Gorman Mahon. Papers 1824-1892


O'Gorman Mahon. Papers, 1824-1892

O'Gorman Mahon. Papers 1824-1892

James Patrick Mahon, also known as "The O'Gorman Mahon" was an Irish politician and adventurer. The collection contains correspondence, materials from court cases, documents pertaining to business ventures, a letter book, a diary, a passport, election posters, and two scrapbooks of newspaper clippings. Papers document Mahon's various political, military and business activities. Correspondents include Ann Choquet, John Adams-Acton, Arthur Richard Wellesley, William O'Shea, and Charles Parnell.


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James Patrick Mahon, also known as "The O'Gorman Mahon," entered Irish politics in 1821, while still a student at Trinity College, Dublin. becoming (upon the death of his father) a J.P. for his native county, Clare. Around the time of his graduation from Trinity in 1826, he joined then newly-formed Catholic Association, headed by Daniel O'Connell. Mahon was one of the first to urge O'Connell to stand for Parliament from County Clare in the election of 1828. O'Connell's election mar...

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