Harrison Dailey Stalker papers, 1936-1977 1936-1977


Harrison Dailey Stalker papers, 1936-1977, 1936-1977

Harrison Dailey Stalker papers, 1936-1977 1936-1977

This collection of correspondence, reports, and manuscripts concerns Stalker's research in genetics and evolutionary biology, particularly the evolutionary genetics of Drosophila. Most of the letters are scientific, although the usual academic politics in various departments is mentioned. There is also material on the Society for the Study of Evolution (1970).

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Glass, Bentley, 1906-2005

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Born in Laichowfu, Shantung, China, January 17, 1906, and educated at Baylor (AB, 1926; MA, 1929; LLD, 1958) and the University of Texas (PhD, 1932). Full name: Hiram Bentley Glass. Fellow in genetics at the National Research Council, the University of Oslo, the Kaiser Wilhelm Institut, and the University of Missouri, 1932-1934; before landing as an instructor at Stephens College (1934-1938); Goucher College (1938-1948), and Johns Hopkins University (1948-1965). ...

Spencer, Warren P.

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Stalker, Harrison D. (Harrison Dailey), 1915-1982

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Harrison Dailey Stalker was a geneticist and zoologist. From the guide to the Harrison Dailey Stalker papers, 1936-1977, 1936-1977, (American Philosophical Society) ...

Dobzhansky, Theodosius, 1900-1975

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Geneticist. From the description of Reminiscences of Theodosius Grigorievich Dobzhansky : oral history, 1962. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 309737375 Theodosius Dobzhansky was a geneticist and a principal spokesman for Neo-Darwinism. He wrote "Genetics and the Origin of Species" (1937) and is considered one of the most influential biologists of our time. From the description of Papers, ca. 1917-1975. (American Philosophical So...

Lewontin, Richard C., 1929-

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Richard C. Lewontin is a population biologist. From the description of Papers, ca. 1963-1980. (American Philosophical Society Library). WorldCat record id: 122578683 From the guide to the Richard C. Lewontin papers, ca. 1963-1980, Circa 1963-1980, (American Philosophical Society) ...

Reed, Sheldon C. (Sheldon Clark), 1910-2003

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Muller, H. J. (Hermann Joseph), 1890-1967

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George Washington Corner worked as an anatomist, endocrinologist, and medical historian. From the guide to the George Washington Corner papers, 1889-1981, 1903-1982, (American Philosophical Society) H.J. Muller established the field of production of genetic mutations through x-ray irradiation. He received the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology in 1946. From the description of [Collected reprints of H.J. Muller] 1916-1968. (Houston Academy of Medicine, Texas M...

Levitan, Max

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Society for the study of evolution

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During the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science held in St. Louis in March 1946, 57 members of the Society for the Study of Speciation and the Committee on Common Problems of Genetics, Paleontology and Systematics of the National Research Council gathered in a session chaired by Alfred Emerson to discuss forming an organization devoted to the "dynamics of evolution." Founded as a permanent, independent body, the Society for the Study of Evolution...

Sturtevant, A. H. (Alfred Henry), 1891-

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Mayr, Ernst, 1904-2005

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Correspondence to Lewis and Sophia Mumford from Ernst Mayr and his wife, Gretel Mayr. From the description of Letters, 1965-1979 : to Lewis and Sophia Mumford. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 155872482 Ernst Mayr is a zoologist. From the description of Papers, 1946, 1974-1979. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 173465832 From the guide to the Ernst Mayr papers, 1946, 1974-1979, Bulk, 1974-1979, 1946-1979, (American Philosophical Soc...

Miller, Dwight Dana, 1914- .

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Carson, Hampton L. (Hampton Lawrence), 1914-

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Hampton Lawrence Carson is a population geneticist best known for his research with the cytogenetics and evolution of drosophila. From this research he derived his concepts of speciation, particularly founder effects. He served on the faculty of Washington University from 1943 until 1970, when he was appointed genetics professor at the University of Hawaii. From the description of Papers, 1921-1993. (American Philosophical Society Library). WorldCat record id: 122523790 ...