Alexander von Humboldt miscellaneous correspondence, 1789-1859 1789-1859


Alexander von Humboldt miscellaneous correspondence, 1789-1859 1789-1859

This microfilm contains correspondence from scientists, including Friedrich Wilhelm Bissell, 1816-1846 [from Deutsche Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin]; Matthew F. Maury, 1849-1859 [from National Archives, Washington, D.C.]; Paulus Usteri, 1789-1821 [from Bibliothèque Universitaire, Zurich; and Johann G. Galle, 1836-1858 [from Frau von Heinz, Schloss Tegal]. There is also correspondence from the Royal Society, London; Bibliothèque Nationale, Geneva; Göttingen University Library; British Museum; Massachusetts Historical Society; Bancroft Library of the University of California; Yale University; Henry E. Huntington Library; Library of Congress; the Alexander von Humboldt Kommission; Westdeutsche Bibliotek, Marburg; and Deutsche Staatsbibliotek, Berlin. The materials were, in general, collected by Helmut de Terra and contain correspondence with various scientists. A few items pertain to Humboldt's travels and general comments on American Indian linguistics.

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Young, Thomas, 1773-1829 (person)

Professor of Natural Philosophy, Royal Institution, 1801-1803. From the description of Notes for his lectures at the Royal Institution, 1802-1803. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 83030571 Knowledge of numerous languages; he also studied mathematics, natural philosophy, botany and entomology. He applied himself to medicine. F. R. S. 1794, aged 21 yr. Studied medicine in Edinbugh and in Göttingen and graduated M. D. Göttingen 1796. He then went to Emanuel College, Cambridge. ...

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Galle, Johann Gottfried, 1812-1910 (person)

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Bissell, Friedrich Wilhelm (person)

Lieber, Oscar (person)

Usteri, Paulus, 1768-1831 (person)

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