Inventory to the Records of the Rutgers Defense Council 1941-1945


Inventory to the Records of the Rutgers Defense Council 1941-1945

The records of the Rutgers Defense Council are those maintained by Dean Norman C. Miller, who served as Chairman of the Council from December 1941 to June 1945. The records include correspondence, mostly between Miller and other university administrators, as well as various statements and memoranda relating to defense activities on Rutgers' New Brunswick campuses. Also included are forms relating to Rutgers' function as a center for information on civilian defense, and U.S. Government bulletins, charts and communications on civil defense, air raid instructions, and materials and rosters for fire fighting and first aid training courses. Most of the material is from 1942, when local defense activities were being arranged and organized. Virtually all the correspondence, which comprises the bulk of the material, deals with the administrative and organizational activities of the council. Communications from the U.S. Government provide a detailed account of civil defense procedures deemed necessary for the protection of east coast residents against possible foreign hostilities. Within the General Correspondence series are several documents which highlight the history of the Rutgers Defense Council, and present a picture of university life and concerns during wartime. The Subject File series includes documents that relate the Council's activities to national defense efforts in general, and materials indicating the wide scope of the Rutgers community's involvement in campus civil defense activities.



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