Inventory to the Records of the Rutgers University Dean of Student Affairs (Earle W. Clifford, Jr.) 1952-1973


Inventory to the Records of the Rutgers University Dean of Student Affairs (Earle W. Clifford, Jr.) 1952-1973

Earle W. Clifford, Jr. came to Rutgers University in 1963 to serve as Dean of Student Affairs. In this position he was responsible for overseeing activities outside the classroom and had various offices reporting to him. From 1970 to 1972 he was Vice President of Student Affairs. Clifford was at Rutgers during a time in which many social and educational changes were taking place. This collection contains many of his professional papers, which contain his thoughts and reactions to the events of those times.



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John L. Swink was born in Colorado in 1914. He eventually moved to New Jersey to attend Princeton High School before enrolling at Rutgers. He thus began a long association with Rutgers spanning four decades. As a student attending Rutgers, Swink majored in mathematics and became active in the ROTC. After graduating from Rutgers in 1936, he worked as an audit clerk at Prudential Life Insurance Company for three years while teaching mathematics at Rutgers. In 1939, he became a full-time instructor...

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