Lennox Polk McLendon Papers, 1792; 1813; 1860s-1982


Lennox Polk McLendon Papers, 1792; 1813; 1860s-1982

1792; 1813; 1860s-1982

Lennox Polk McLendon (1890-1968) was a lawyer in Durham, N.C., and Greensboro, N.C.; a leading supporter of public higher education in North Carolina; and, in 1963-1964, chief counsel for the Senate committee investigation of Bobby Baker. The collection includes papers relating to McLendon's public service activities, especially his membership on the State Board of Higher Education, 1955-1962, including his involvement in plans for desegregation of the University of North Carolina. Also included are materials about McLendon's military career with United States troops in Mexico, 1916, and with the 113th Field Artillery, American Expeditionary Forces, 1917-1918; his law practice in Durham and Greensboro; his political activities; and the Senate investigation of Bobby Baker, including tape recordings (some transcribed) of oral diary entries that McLendon made during the course of the hearings. There also are about 600 letters from McLendon to his wife, Mary Lily Aycock McLendon. Approximately 750 items relate to the life and career of McLendon's father-in-law, Charles Brantley Aycock (1859-1912), governor of North Carolina, 1901-1905.

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1890 Lennox Polk McLendon born in Wadesboro, N.C., to Walter J. McLendon and Sarah Josephine Polk McLendon 1910 Received Bachelor's degree in Agriculture from North Carolina State College, Raleigh, N.C. 1912 Received Bachelor's degree in Laws from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N.C...