William Jesse Kennedy Papers, 1902-1982


William Jesse Kennedy Papers, 1902-1982

William Jesse Kennedy Jr. (1889-1985), businessman, author, and community leader, was born in Andersonville, Ga. He began his affiliation with North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company in 1916 in Savannah, Ga. He later relocated to Durham, N.C., and, in 1952, was elected the fifth president of the company. The collection contains correspondence, speeches, photographs, organizational records, and other items that document the business, civic, social, humanitarian, and professional activities of William Jesse Kennedy Jr. Included are records relating to North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company and the White Rock Baptist Church in Durham, N.C. There are also materials relating to Kennedy's activities with the Boy Scouts of America, the Boys' Clubs of America, the Durham Committee of 100 (a group focused on developing the Research Triangle Park), 4-H clubs, Durham's Lincoln Hospital, the NAACP, and the North Carolina Board of Higher Education, among other groups. Also included are deeds and correspondence belonging to Kennedy's mentor, John Moses Avery, and a series of audiotaped interviews with Kennedy's relatives, friends, and associates conducted by Carter Cue in 1994. Materials show Kennedy's contributions to social and economic progress in North Carolina and demonstrate his interest in civil rights, integration, recreation, and industrial development, particularly in the Research Triangle Park.

About 11,000 items (11.5 linear feet)


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Milwaukee, WI. From the description of Annual reports, ca.1900-1925. (College of Physicians of Philadelphia). WorldCat record id: 122523866 ...

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Kennedy, William Jesse, 1889-1985

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William Jesse Kennedy Jr., businessman, author, and community leader, was born in Andersonville, Ga. He began his affiliation with North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company in 1916 in Savannah, Ga. He later relocated to Durham, N.C., and, in 1952, was elected the fifth president of the company. From the description of William Jesse Kennedy papers, 1902-1982. WorldCat record id: 39559225 William Jesse Kennedy Jr., was born in Andersonville, Ga., on 15 June 188...

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Nathaniel White, Sr.

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Kennedy, William Jr.

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Kennedy, William J., 1938-....

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Kennedy, William Jesse, 1889-1985

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William Jesse Kennedy Jr., businessman, author, and community leader, was born in Andersonville, Ga. He began his affiliation with North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company in 1916 in Savannah, Ga. He later relocated to Durham, N.C., and, in 1952, was elected the fifth president of the company. From the description of William Jesse Kennedy papers, 1902-1982. WorldCat record id: 39559225 William Jesse Kennedy Jr., was born in Andersonville, Ga., on 15 June 188...

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Oldest historically black university in the South founded in 1865 as Raleigh Institute; renamed Shaw Collegiate Institute in 1870 in honor of benefactor, Elijah Shaw, of Wales, Mass.; in 1875 an act of the North Carolina General Assembly chartered the university as The Shaw University; originally founded to teach freedmen theology and Biblical interpretation, however within 15 years of its founding the institution began to broaden its curriculum. From the description of Commencement ...

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