John C. Campbell Folk School Records, 1928-1988


John C. Campbell Folk School Records, 1928-1988

The John C. Campbell Folk School, founded in 1925 by Olive Dame Campbell and Marguerite Butler, was organized on the model of folk and craft schools common in Scandinavia. The original purpose of the School was to preserve the indigenous culture of the southern highlands and to transmit these traditions to young people. Records of the John C. Campbell Folk School relate to maintenance and administration of the School as well as to the activities and programs conducted there. Included is correspondence and other items about day-to-day activities, with a large number of letters describing individual programs and events, including an internship program that brought college students to live and work at the School while working on social, cultural, and environmental issues; proposals for workshops and courses from craftspeople; materials relating to maintenance of the School grounds, construction of new buildings, personnel, food preparation, and other operational topics; reports from meetings of the Board of Directors about general School policies; items relating to the School's relations with outside agencies, including state agencies and colleges and universities in the area; solicitation lists and other fundraising materials; grant proposal materials; general planning materials; and financial records, including auditors' reports, ledgers, and accounting sheets.

About 23,000 items (28.5 linear feet)


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