Utah Wilderness Association records 1980-2000


Utah Wilderness Association records 1980-2000

There are ten record groups: Administration contains all of the membership and volunteer files, minutes from board meetings, flyers, events, general press releases about the organization, and fundraising information; Bureau of Land Management; Forest Service-National Forests; National Parks; Forest Planning, which houses information pertaining to policy, growth, and ecosystem management in forestry; General Environmental Issues is a catch-all record group, with files on air quality, energy issues, public opinion on uses of natural resources, and wildlife issues; the Utah Wilderness Act record group chronicles the fight for protecting Utah's wild lands; RARE II record group contains files on the Roadless Area Review Evaluation of 1978, including many journal and magazine articles, maps, and specific data on areas studied; the Utah Wilderness Association Review newsletters are housed in the UWA Reviews record group; the Maps group pertains to wilderness areas in Utah and Idaho, mostly national forests.

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Utah Wilderness Association.

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The Utah Wilderness Association (UWA) was formed in response to concerns that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Forest Services were not advocating for new wilderness areas in Utah. In 1979, Dick Carter and others joined together to officially form the UWA and with the help of their efforts, a Utah Wilderness Act was made into law in 1984. The UWA continued their activities and after the act twelve areas were designated as Utah National Forest wildernesses. The UWA...

United States. Utah Wilderness Act of 1984.

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Carter, Dick

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