Paramount Pictures, Inc., Collection. 1951 - 1951. Motion Picture Newsreel Films. 10/1941 - 3/1957. PARAMOUNT NEWS [APRIL 10]


Paramount Pictures, Inc., Collection. 1951 - 1951. Motion Picture Newsreel Films. 10/1941 - 3/1957. PARAMOUNT NEWS [APRIL 10]


Part 1, Australians cheer U.S. sailors from the cruisers Portland and Chicago as they march through Sydney. Part 2, British King George VI inspects Canadian troops and rides a gun carrier. Part 3, Benito Mussolini speaks in Rome. Part 4, Mexican Navy officers board seized German and Italian merchant ships in Tampico and Vera Cruz. Part 5, Polish Gen. Sikorski visits the White House and places a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Part 6, strikers return to work at the Allis-Chalmers plant in Milwaukee. Part 7 shows Hong Kong, its fortifications, shipyards, the harbor, a British minelayer, Chinese sailors, and Indian troops. Also shows Ernest Hemingway. Part 8, the battleship North Carolina is commissioned in Brooklyn Navy Yard; Navy Sec. Knox speaks. Describes the ship's guns.

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