Paramount Pictures, Inc., Collection. 1951 - 1951. Motion Picture Newsreel Films. 10/1941 - 3/1957. PARAMOUNT NEWS [DEC. 29]


Paramount Pictures, Inc., Collection. 1951 - 1951. Motion Picture Newsreel Films. 10/1941 - 3/1957. PARAMOUNT NEWS [DEC. 29]


Part 1, carrier planes bomb and strafe Makin Island, shoot down a Japanese bomber, and strafe a seaplane base. The U.S. Fleet lays down a barrage as troops, tanks, and equipment go ashore. Troops string telephone wire. Dummy Japanese coastal guns and a captured flag are examined. Prisoners are brought in. Shows Makin Island natives and their wrecked villages. Part 2, firemen battle a blaze at the Standard Hotel in N.Y.C. The injured and dead are evacuated by ambulance. Part 3, a family eats its last meal at home after signing up with the Navy. Part 4, President Roosevelt relaxes with his family around a Christmas tree in Hyde Park. He later reports to the nation on the Teheran Conference.

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