General Records of the Department of the Navy. 1941 - 2004. Moving Images Relating to Military Activities. 1947 - 1980. TRUCE TALKS


General Records of the Department of the Navy. 1941 - 2004. Moving Images Relating to Military Activities. 1947 - 1980. TRUCE TALKS


1) LS Group of engineers working on old bridge; new bridge in BG.2) CU Post hole digger.3) MLS Post hole digger; three or four men seen standing around.4) MCU Group of men standing on bridge looking down over ravine beneath; men appear to be engineers.5) CU Man putting charge of dynamite in hole.6) CU Group of men emptying sandbags into holes.7) MS GEN. WILLIAM K. HARRISON, ADM. J.C. DANIELS, and ADM. MENDENHALL.8) CU GEN. HARRISON pushing detonator to explode bridge.9) MS Results of bridge explosion.10) MS ADM. DANIELS showing snapshots to ADM. MENDENHALL and GEN. F.P. UNDERHILL, USAF.11) CU Same as before.12) MS Bulldozer making hole in old road.13) MS Water running thru hole in road.14) MS Naval tent at base camp.15) CU Sign of Commandant, 18th. Naval District.16) MS Front of nearly completed peace pagoda; North Korean laborers working on side.17) MS North Korean laborers working on steps of building.18) MS North Korean laborers.19) MS Finished building; photographers and soldiers around building in FG.20) MS Gable end of peace pagoda building; peace dove has been painted on end.21) CU Doors on UN end of peace pagoda; North Korean guards walking by.22) MS Peace pagoda with newsmen and correspondents out in front.23) MS UN photographer shooting picture thru door of peace pagoda.24) MS Peace pagoda; conference building in BG.25) CU Two North Korean guards walking by; UN correspondents in BG.26) MS Members of UNC MAC staff as they walk from "copter.27) MS UN truck backing up to steps of building.28) MS Truck dumping dirt; UN engineers shoveling dirt.29) MS Engineers shoveling dirt around new steps.30) MS Men of 71st. Engineer Construction Batt. reading news bulletin.31) MS UN engineers carrying platforms to peace pagoda; engineers digging ditch to cover electrical wiring from building.32) MS Two UN engineers unrolling coil of wire as communists look on.33) CU UN engineer working on wire.34) MS Three UN engineers discussing hook up; trailer in BG.35) CU Men reading news bulletin.36) CU Two UN correspondents talking to men in division.37) MS Engineers and soldiers carrying platform toward peace pagoda.38) MS More platforms being unloaded in front of peace pagoda.39) MS MP and soldiers waiting around tent area.40) MS SP and MP.41) MCU Chevrolet sedan arriving with GEN. MARK CLARK.42) MCU GEN. CLARK walking between lines of soldiers.43) MCU Korean guard; American newsmen standing around with cameras.44) PAN, showing VIP heading toward peace pagoda; military guards seen outside.45) MS Chevrolet sedan pulling up between two rows of service personnel.46) CU GEN. CLARK going into door of peace pagoda.47) MS GEN. CLARK leaving theatre; there is an ADM. accompanying him.48) MS GEN. CLARK, GEN. HARRISON, and other VIP"s.49) CU VIP"s.50) CU Expressions on faces of VIP"s after signing of treaty.51) CU SP"s.52) LS Overall of activity after signing of treaty.53) CU Soldiers from three nations; tents in BG. SV

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