Records of the U.S. Coast Guard. 1785 - 2005. Moving Images Relating to Coast Guard Activities. 1967 - 1992. U.S. COAST GUARD AND MISCELLANEOUS SHOTS


Records of the U.S. Coast Guard. 1785 - 2005. Moving Images Relating to Coast Guard Activities. 1967 - 1992. U.S. COAST GUARD AND MISCELLANEOUS SHOTS

Records of the U.S. Coast Guard. 1785 - 2005. Moving Images Relating to Coast Guard Activities. 1967 - 1992. U.S. COAST GUARD AND MISCELLANEOUS SHOTS


Reel 1 (Coast Guard) consists of miscellaneous shots: a seaplane removes an ailing seaman from his ship, target practice aboard a Coast Guard cutter, the cutter Northland breaks an ice jam. Reel 2, Part 1 (Universal Newsreel) shown rescue operations during the Ohio River flood, 1938. Part 2 (Time, Inc. and RKO Pathe News) shows Pres. Roosevelt, James Roosevelt, and Harold Ickes on the yacht Potomac at Washington, D.C.; White House scenes of F.D.R. and Sec. Early and McIntyre; Alfred M. Landon, Harold Ickes, James Roosevelt and Harry L. Hopkins on an unidentified vessel docked at Honolulu; F.D.R., James Roosevelt, and Harold Ickes fishing in Florida waters, Reel 3 (Coast Guard) shows surf boat drills and lighthouse activities. Reel 4 (Coast Guard and Universal Newsreel is miscellaneous): Miami dock scenes; Coast Guard cutter and icebergs aerial views of Ohio River flood, 1938, and rescue operations; Coast Guardsmen capture a smuggler; the Subtreasury Building in New York City; Coast Guard cutters and seaplanes; William S. Paley presents the Paley Award to a radio operator. R/Adm. Russell R. Waesche is also present.

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