Records of the Department of Veterans Affairs. 1773 - 2007. News Clippings


Records of the Department of Veterans Affairs. 1773 - 2007. News Clippings

Records of the Department of Veterans Affairs. 1773 - 2007. News Clippings

This series consists of records from the Veterans Administration's (VA) Information Service, which reflects its work in monitoring local and national newspapers for articles (both positive and negative) about the VA and veterans-related issues or events as well as news stories about specific veterans or by specific writers, columnists, or journalists. The files also document the VA's public relations efforts as it responded to and dealt with these articles. The materials are mainly comprised of newspaper clippings, correspondence, and memorandums. Other types of records include press releases, speeches, and some photographs. There are also several reports from the General Accounting Office (GAO) which look at various VA policies and procedures. The records deal mostly with veterans' medical care at VA hospitals and other veterans' benefits, such as financial aid for education (i.e., the GI Bill), military pensions, insurance, and assistance with securing loans. Also included are files concerning veterans returning from the Vietnam War and their efforts to readjust to civilian society. There are also materials focusing on the purchase and distribution of drugs and medicine at VA hospitals as well as drug abuse by veterans. Files containing articles and newspaper clippings about specific veterans include three noteworthy ones: Lt. Colonel Gregory "Pappy" Boyington, World War II flying ace of the famed Black Sheep Squadron; Sergeant Alvin C. York, Medal of Honor recipient from World War I; and Major Claude Eatherly, pilot of the B-29 bomber "Straight Flush" that flew over Hiroshima, Japan ahead of the "Enola Gay." The Information Service also collected materials regarding critical comments made by Senator William Proxmire of Wisconsin about VA practices.

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