Records of the Democratic National Committee. 1960 - 1968. Organizational, Research, and Campaign Records


Records of the Democratic National Committee. 1960 - 1968. Organizational, Research, and Campaign Records

The records of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) detail the operation of the committee, especially during President Lyndon Johnson's 1964 election campaign. The series contains the office files of John Bailey, Chairman of the DNC; Sam Brightman, Deputy Chairman for Public Affairs; Margaret Price, Vice Chairman and Director of Women's Activities; Ethyl Payne, Deputy Field Director for the National Committee; Jack Brown, DNC Director of Photography; Paul Pendergast, DNC Director of the Speakers Bureau; Lloyd Wright, DNC Media Coordinator; Matt Reese, Special Assistant to the Chairman and Director of Registration; Karen Olson, Picture Editor; and the files of the 1964 DNC Democratic Platform Committee. The bulk of the material from these office files relates to the development and implementation of the 1964 Presidential campaign, including the initiatives: Four for '64, Operation Beauty Barber Shop, the Professor Program, Tell a Friend..., Operation Backlash, and Operation Support. The records reflect a wide variety of topics, including campaign trips; analysis of the political situation in each state; communication between state and local offices and the national office (located in Washington, DC); volunteers; fundraising; creation of campaign slogans, materials, and strategy; formulation of the Democratic Party platform; and the 1964 National Convention in Atlantic City. Included are records related to the seating of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP) delegates at the 1964 convention; transcripts from the MFDP's hearing before the convention's Credentials Committee, which include the remarks made by Fannie Lou Hamer; and the subsequent work of the DNC's Special Equal Rights Committee. The DNC also retained copies of pamphlets and campaign literature relating to both the Kennedy and Johnson Administration's programs for international aid, domestic social welfare, the advancement of women and minority groups, and Great Society and civil rights initiatives. The records of the Democratic National Committee contain a large amount of material from the DNC's Library and Research Division. This material provided background research on numerous topics pertinent to the 1960, 1962, 1964, 1966, and 1968 elections. The research files are comprised largely of newspaper clippings from around the United States. However, books, pamphlets, transcripts of television and radio programs, press releases, reports, and correspondence related to various research topics are also included. This series contains clippings, correspondence, memorandums, telegrams, transcripts, minutes of meetings, books, magazines, pamphlets, campaign literature, press releases, speeches, reports, bumper stickers, cards, testimony, buttons, posters, fliers, ribbons, photographs, and machine-readable IBM cards.

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