Miguel Antonio Otero Papers 1819-1938 (bulk 1890-1938)


Miguel Antonio Otero Papers 1819-1938 (bulk 1890-1938)

12 boxes (9 cu. ft.) + 1 oversize folder




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Republican Party (N.M.)

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Billy the Kid (b. Henry McCarty, September 17 or November 23, 1859, Manhattan, New York City–d. July 14, 1881, Fort Sumner, NM) was also known as William H. Bonney. He was an American Old West outlaw and gunfighter. The exact date of his birth has been disputed as either September 17 or November 23. As a child he moved to New Mexico; his mother died when he was 13. As an early teen McCarty was caught steeling bread, clothing, and guns. As a result he was jailed but escaped. He later lived in ...

Otero, Miguel Antonio, 1859-1944

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Born in St. Louis, Mo. in 1849. His family moved to New Mexico in 1851. Otero's first job was working as a bookkeeper wit the family firm, Otero, Sellar & Company. He entered politics in 1883 as City Treasurer of Las Vegas. In 1897 he was appointed Territorial Governor of New Mexico, remained so until 1906. He remained active in politics throughout his life. By 1920 he switched from the Republican to the Democratic Party. He also had a career as a writer. His stories about his experiences in...