Louis Kraft Collection 1982 - (open end)


Louis Kraft Collection 1982 - (open end)

16.00 linear feet



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De Havilland, Olivia, 1916-2020

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Olivia Mary de Havilland (b. July 1, 1916, Tokyo, Japan-died July 26, 2020, Paris, France), British-born American actress. Her major works of her cinematic career spanned from 1935 to 1988. She appeared in 49 feature films and was one of the leading actresses of her time. At the time of her death in 2020 at age 104, she was the oldest living and earliest surviving Academy Award winner and was widely considered as being the last surviving major star from the Golden Age of Hollywood cinema. Her yo...

Geronimo, 1829-1909

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Geronimo, also known as Goyaałé, also known as The One Who Yawns'; born in Arizpe, Sonora, Mexico, June 1829 – died, Fort Sill, Oklahoma February 17, 1909), prominent leader and medicine man from the Bedonkohe band of the Apache people. From 1850 to 1886, Geronimo joined with members of three other Chiricahua Apache bands—the Tchihende, the Tsokanende and the Nednhi—to carry out numerous raids, as well as fight against Mexican and U.S. military campaigns in the northern Mexico states of Chihuahu...

Kraft, Louis

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Louis Kraft is an independent writer of fiction and non-fiction about the Old West. He was born in 1947 in New York and has made his home in Southern California. He graduated as a theater major in 1969 from California State University, Northridge. After many years acting he turned his interest to writing. He has written extensively on George Armstrong Custer, Indian Agent Edward C. Wynkoop, Cheyennes, Apaches, and Geronimo. His works include The Final Showdown (fiction), Gatewood and Geronimo, C...

Wynkoop, Edward Wanshear, 1836-1891

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Major, 1st Cavalry, Colorado Volunteers. From the description of Letter, 1863. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122462065 From the guide to the Edward W. Wynkoop letter, 1863, (L. Tom Perry Special Collections) E.W. Wynkoop was an easterner who came West to make his mark on history and succeeded. He held a series of offices in the West for the Federal Government and the territorial governments of Colorado and New Mexico. During the course of his life in the West, Wynk...

Custer, George Armstrong, 1839-1876

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Custer's paternal ancestors, Paulus and Gertrude Küster, came to the North American English colonies around 1693 from the Rhineland in Germany, probably among thousands of Palatines whose passage was arranged by the English government to gain settlers in New York and Pennsylvania. According to family letters, Custer was named after George Armstrong, a minister, in his devout mother's hope that her son might join the clergy. Custer was born in New Rumley, Ohio, to Emanuel Henry Custer (1806...

Flynn, Errol, 1909-1959

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