Philipp Johann Josef Valentini papers, 1870-1899.


Philipp Johann Josef Valentini papers, 1870-1899.

Philipp Johann Josef Valentini papers, 1870-1899.

Papers concerning Maya chronology, hieroglyphs, slabs, and languages, with comparisons to archeological sites in Palestine and Mesopotamia. Collection includes holographic manuscripts, bound and loose, hand copied portions of books, extensive notes in notebooks, large collections of tracings of hieroglyphs, pencil and colored drawings of landscapes, people and artifacts, correspondence, several unpublished papers, drafts and manuscripts for Valentini's Deciphering the Palenque Slabs, Temple of the Tree, The Home and Haunts of the Tulteka, and other untitled works. Notes about jade, gold mines, Christopher Columbus, prehistoric copper and bronze tools, Maya leaders, cliff dwellers, Nahuatl language, Hittites. Drawings of Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Mayan ruins, scenes from Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica. Folder of notes about a trip Valentini took to Washington D.C., includes late 19th century photograph of the Capitol building. Notes are from Valentini's research, studies and observations.


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