Dairymen's League Cooperative Association records, 1916-1961.


Dairymen's League Cooperative Association records, 1916-1961.

Dairymen's League Cooperative Association records, 1916-1961.

Records of the Dairymen's League and predecessor companies in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania include general ledgers; journal entries, records of the Accounting, Cost, Sales, Pooling, Traffic, Health Education, and Home Service Departments; library files and correspondence; membership files; miscellaneous crop and market reports, 1930-1940; transcripts of hearing before the New York State Public Service Commission and the Federal Trade Commission; annual reports of the Legal and Traffic Departments; reports on milk distribution; files of Seward A. Miller, attorney for the League; and extensive correspondence, briefs, reports, and other papers pertaining to League relations with various United States and New York State agencies, cooperatives, employees, and other groups. Special topics include relations with local milk plants, the drought of the 1930s, establishment of milk price support system, campaign against oleomargarine, left wingand labor union influence in the New York milkshed region in the early 1942s, and Teamsters' Union activity among dairy farmers, 1958. Additional records include executive files of correspondence, reports, minutes, sales information, production figures, promotional materials, budgets, copies of bills affecting the milk industry, and speeches by League officials. There are also orders issued by milk control boards in northeastern states and photographs of League officials and other groups.


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