Letters of Ambrose Bierce to Myles Walsh 1895-1911


Letters of Ambrose Bierce to Myles Walsh, 1895-1911

Letters of Ambrose Bierce to Myles Walsh 1895-1911

The collection is comprised of fifty-nine letters from Ambrose Bierce to Elizabeth (Lily) Walsh and Myles Walsh documenting the biographical details of the life of Ambrose Bierce. Typically, the letters are four pages each, and are signed by Bierce. They measure 5" x 8" and total approximately 240 pages.


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Ambrose Bierce was born in Horse Cave Creek, Ohio, on June 24, 1842. After military service in the Civil War, he settled in San Francisco, where he met Mark Twain and became a columnist and writer. Bierce became known for his sharp, sarcastic wit while writing for the "Argonaut," the "Wasp," and the "San Francisco Examiner." A member of the Bohemian Club, he became acquainted with many of the prominent San Francisco authors. After his retirement Bierce traveled into Texas and toward Mexico, at a...

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Walsh, Lily (Elizabeth), 1872-1895

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