Julius Axelrod Papers 1910-2004 (bulk 1946-1999)


Julius Axelrod Papers 1910-2004 (bulk 1946-1999)

The collection consists primarily of materials related to Axelrod's scientific career. The bulk of these materials consists of awards, laboratory notebooks, reprints, and photographs. The collection is especially strong in documenting Axelrod's receipt of the Nobel Prize in 1970. There is little correspondence.



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Axelrod, Julius, 1912-2004

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Axelrod graduated with a B.S. in biology in 1933 from the City College of New York. Two years later he secured a job testing vitamin supplements added to food, especially milk, for the New York City Department of Health's Laboratory of Industrial Hygiene. While working in this position, he took night classes at NYU, and in 1942 earned his M.S. in chemistry. From 1946-1949, he worked with at Goldwater Memorial Hospital on Welfare (now Roosevelt) Island on the physiological affects of certain anal...

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