Papers, 1856-1994


Papers, 1856-1994

Business correspondence, artwork, published cartoons, correspondence, family memorabilia, and Little Lulu-themed commercial products of Marjorie Henderson Buell, cartoonist and creator of Little Lulu.

15.5 linear ft. (16 file boxes, 5 folio boxes, 9 folio+ boxes, 1 oversize box, 1 supersize folder, 4 photograph folders, 14 motion pictures, 1 audiotape, 2 phonograph records)

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Marjorie Lyman Henderson Buell was born December 11, 1904, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Bertha Brown Henderson and Horace Lyman Henderson. Marjorie had two younger sisters, Martha Elizabeth "Betty" Henderson, born in 1907, and Dorothy Hudson Henderson, born in 1909. The family moved to a farm in Malvern, Pennsylvania, when Marjorie was five; for several years, the children were home-schooled. Beginning in 1913, Marjorie attended the Friends' Graded School in West Chester, Penns...

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