Trial Transcripts, 1926-1928


Trial Transcripts, 1926-1928

The Sinclair Trial Transcripts record several of Harry Sinclair's trials relating to the Teapot Dome scandal of 1921-1928. Sinclair was tried before the District of Columbia's Supreme Court for contempt of the U.S. Senate, contempt of court, and for conspiracy to defraud the government.

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Epithet: of Add MS 19242 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000508.0x000290 Epithet: Lieutenant-Colonel British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000508.0x00028e Title: 3rd Duke of Queensberry British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000622.0x00039a Title: Duke of...

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Albert B. Fall arrived in N.M. in 1883, and began prospecting at Kingston. He moved to Las Cruces to practice law and became active in Democratic politics. In 1902, he switched his affiliation to the Republican party and continued his climb through various elective and appointive offices. In 1921, Fall was appointed Secretary of the Interior. While in this position Fall was instrumental in transferring the Navy oil reserves at Teapot Dome, Wyo. and Elk Hills, Calif. from the Navy Dept. to the In...

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Harry Ford Sinclair (b. July 6, 1876, Wheeling, W.Va.; d. Nov. 10, 1956, Pasadena, Cal.) established the Sinclair Oil and Refining Corporation and the Sinclair Gulf Corporation (later the Sinclair Consolidated Oil Corporation) in 1916. In 1921 Albert Fall, Secretary of the Interior under President Warren Harding, secretly leased the Teapot Dome oil fields in Wyoming to the Mammoth Oil Company, another Sinclair operation. Those oil reserves had been set-aside for the Navy...

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John B. Kendrick (1857-1933), a Wyoming state and U.S. senator, owned and operated one of the largest cattle ranches in Wyoming. Kendrick came to Wyoming on a cattle drive from Texas and established the Ula Ranch in Sheridan County, Wyoming in 1883. By 1897 he was associated with the Converse Cattle Company in Sheridan County and eventually became its owner. Kendrick served as a Democrat in the Wyoming State Senate from 1910-1914. In 1914 Kendrick was elected Wyoming governor and in...

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Roosevelt, 26th U.S. president, served 1901-1909. From the description of DS, 1904 March 1. : Washington, D.C. Homestead Certificate. (Copley Press, J S Copley Library). WorldCat record id: 15210791 26th president of the United States, 1901-1909. From the description of Theodore Roosevelt letters, 1917, 1918. (Buffalo History Museum). WorldCat record id: 213408920 Roosevelt was then Governor of New York. Chapman was one of the founders of the New York St...

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Arthur W. Ambrose, Cross examination (person)

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Wilmer R. Stitely, Cross Examination (person)

McLaughlin, Joseph, 1941- (person)

Maurice Horan, Cross Examination (person)

Siddons, F. L. (person)

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M. T. Everhart, Trustee (person)

Glenn B. Morgan (person)

Teates, Ruth (person)

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Exchange Bank of Carrizozzo, NM (corporateBody)

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M. D. Thatcher Estate Company (corporateBody)

Burns, William J., 1861-1932 (person)

Charles G. Ruddy, Re-direct Examination (person)

H. Foster Bain, Re-direct examination (person)

James F. Allen, Cross examination (person)

Continental Trading Co. Ltd. (corporateBody)

Donald K. King (person)

Crouse, Hugh W. (person)

Belgo and Pioneer Co. (corporateBody)

William Leahy's (person)

Donald King, Re-direct examination (person)

Fred Zetter, Direct Examination (person)

Bryant B. Brooks, Direct examination (person)

L. L. Humphrey, Direct examination (person)

A. D. Brownfield, Direct Examination (person)

J. Arthur Hull, Cross examination (person)

P. D. C. Ball, Cross examination (person)

Daniel E. Morritt, Direct Examination (person)

Robert Rea, Direct Examination (person)

Lawrence G. Moore, Direct examination (person)

Albert E. Watts, Direct examination (person)

Brandenburg, Edwin C. (Edwin Charles), 1865-1935 (person)

Roy W. Tallman, Cross examination (person)

James F. Allen, Direct examination (person)

Norman L. Glascock, Cross examination (person)

Hon. John B. Hendrick (person)

Frank J. O'Reilly, Re-cross Examination (person)

Jesse Taylor, Direct Examination (person)

Arthur Joseph Sullivan (person)

Belgo Co. (corporateBody)

Arthur W. Ambrose, Re-cross Examination (person)

Mary Pearl Kidwell (person)

George H. Robbins, Direct Examination (person)

Dan E. Tatom, Direct examination (person)

Leo B. Abernathy, Direct examination (person)

John R. Fitzpatrick, Direct Examination (person)

Edward L. Kneessi, Direct Examination (person)

Mary P. Kidwell (person)

Hector G. Henderson, Direct Examination (person)

Mr. James J. O'Leary (person)

George Cris Smith, Cross Examination (person)

N. S. Walpole (person)

Mondell, Frank W. (Frank Wheeler), 1860-1939 (person)

Frank Wheeler Mondell (1860-1939), a Republican politician, came to northeastern Wyoming in 1887 as a coal prospector and developer of the Cambria mines. He was a founder of Newcastle, Wyoming, and served as its first mayor from 1889-1895. Mondell was elected to the first Wyoming Senate in 1890. He served in the U.S. House of Representatives in the 54th (1895-1897) and 56th-67th Congresses (1899-1923), where one of his primary interests was public land issues. Mondell was majority floor leader d...

Jos. W. Clarke (person)

Ruth Teates, Direct Examination (person)

Amos L. Beaty, Cross examination (person)

Joseph H. Evans, Direct examination (person)

Irvin Goldstein, Direct Examination (person)

Henry W. Farnum, Direct examination (person)

Matthew Joseph Myers (person)

Gratt T. Standford, Cross examination (person)

Royal S. Copeland, Direct examination (person)

Leslie A. Miller, Re-direct Examination (person)

Pioneer Oil Company (corporateBody)

Edward Towers, Direct Examination (person)

Smith, James S., 1844- (person)

Reed Smoot, Direct Examination (person)

Roberts, Owen (person)

Wallach, J. C. (person)

E. C. Finney, First Assist. Sec. (person)

Edward J. Kidwell, Sr., Cross Examination (person)

Humphreys Mexia Corp. (corporateBody)

E. C. Brandenburg (person)

Samuel McComas Hawken, Cross Examination (person)

First National Bank of Pueblo Col. (corporateBody)

Thomas F. Brennan, Re-direct examination (person)

K. C. Heald, Direct Examination (person)

Roberts, Owen J. (Owen Josephus), 1875-1955 (person)

Roberts, an American jurist, taught law at the University of Pennsylvania (1898-1918). He served as special counsel for the U.S. in prosecuting "oil cases" (1924), and as associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1930-1945). From the description of Letter to Eldon James, 2 October 1930. (Harvard Law School Library). WorldCat record id: 234339786 ...

Henry A. Wise, Direct examination (person)

Harry J. Jentzer, Re-direct examination (person)

Lewis E. Eddy (person)

H. W. MacFarren (person)

A. W. Ambrose (person)

Stephen H. Quigley, Direct Examination (person)

Martha A. Leatherman, Direct Examination (person)

L. T. Rule, Re-cross Examination (person)

Mortimer J. Davis, Direct examination (person)

K. C. Heald, Cross Examination (person)

William V. Long, Direct examination (person)

Harry M. Daugherty, Direct Examination (person)

John K. Robinson, Direct examination (person)

Prairie Oil and Gas Co. (corporateBody)

Reed F. Martin, Direct Examination (person)

George K. Thomas, Direct Examination (person)

Samuel McComas Hawken (person)

A. C. Veatch, Direct examination (person)

John C. Shaffer, Chg., Ill. (person)

Frank M. Dent, Direct Examination (person)

Davis Elkins, Direct examination (person)

Lois I. Stuntz, Direct examination (person)

Minutes Tres Ritos Cattle and Land Co. (corporateBody)

Frank E. Kistler, Direct Examination (person)

Frank M. Dent, Cross Examination (person)

P. D. C. Ball, Direct examination (person)

George N. Ray, Direct examination (person)

Charles Spalding Thomas, Cross Examination (person)

William Leahy (person)

Mr. Peyton Gordon (person)

Jack W. Steele, Direct examination (person)

Helms, Birch (person)

James S. Easby-Smith, Direct Examination (person)

George H. Robbins, Re-direct Examination (person)

Edward C. Finney, Cross examination (person)

Arthur W. Ambrose (person)

George W. Holland, Recalled, Direct Examination (person)

Sinclair Cruse Oil Purchasing Co. (corporateBody)

A. H. Black, Direct examination (person)

Arthur Joseph Sullivan, Direct Examination (person)

Elizabeth R. Magruder (person)

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Joseph F. Kroppy, Direct examination (person)

George Higgins Moses, Direct examination (person)

Joseph P. Tumulty, Direct examination (person)

Samuel A. Brown, Direct Examination (person)

Gratt T. Standford, Direct examination (person)

Daniel Thew Wright, Direct examination (person)

Henry Mason Day, Re-cross examination (person)

Ruben A. Bogley, Direct Examination (person)

Hon. Edwin Denby, Sec. of the Navy (person)

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Denver Branch (corporateBody)

N. D. Parham, Cross examination (person)

Finley Peter Dunne, Cross examination (person)

Conrad J. Herzog, Cross Examination (person)

Algernon Daingerfield, Direct examination (person)

Arthur W. Ambrose, Direct Examination (person)

Pomerene, Atlee, 1863-1937 (person)

Cerimele, Costanzo (person)

William J. Burns, Cross examination (person)

Charles N. Thomas (person)

Harry M. Luckett, Cross Examination (person)

Leslie A. Miller, Direct Examination (person)

John A. Kunz, Direct Examination (person)

Judge E. C. Finney (person)

McNary, James Graham, 1877- (person)

James J. O'Leary (person)

N. D. Thatcher (person)

Walter S. Hartman, Cross Examination (person)

Mr. Neil Burkinshaw (person)

Roy W. Tallman (person)

W. J. Sullivan (person)

Conrad J. Herzog, Direct Examination (person)

Raymond J. Burns, Cross examination (person)

Dr. George Otis Smith, Cross Examination (person)

Samuel McComas Hawken, Direct Examination (person)

Miller, Leslie A. (Leslie Andrew), 1886-1970 (person)

Foundation executive. From the description of Reminiscences of Leslie Andrew Miller : oral history, 1966. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 122376658 ...

Harry M. Daugherty, Cross Examination (person)

Ray E. Lemon, Direct examination (person)

W. Sherman Burns, Re-direct examination (person)

Joseph E. Dwyer, Direct Examination (person)

Dr. George Otis Smith, Direct Examination (person)

Three R Company (corporateBody)

Barton P. Stewart, Cross examination (person)

G. T. Standford, Direct Examination (person)

Wilmer K. Stitely, Re-direct Examination (person)

John F. Schlotterbeck, Direct examination (person)

G. W. Holland, Direct examination (person)

William E. Holmes, Direct Examination (person)

J. Gordon Shuey, Cross examination (person)

H. Foster Bain, Director (person)

H. L. Phillips, Direct Examination (person)

Joseph V. Connolly, Direct Examination (person)

Sidney A. Knowles, Direct examination (person)

Henry A. Wise, Re-direct examination (person)

First National Bank, of El Paso, Tex. (corporateBody)

Sinclair, Harry Ford (person)

Harry Ford Sinclair (b. July 6, 1876, Wheeling, W.Va.; d. Nov. 10, 1956, Pasadena, Cal.) established the Sinclair Oil and Refining Corporation and the Sinclair Gulf Corporation (later the Sinclair Consolidated Oil Corporation) in 1916. In 1921 Albert Fall, Secretary of the Interior under President Warren Harding, secretly leased the Teapot Dome oil fields in Wyoming to the Mammoth Oil Company, another Sinclair operation. Those oil reserves had been set-aside for the Navy...

Rep. N. J. Sinnott (person)

Paul M. O'Neill, Direct Examination (person)

A. Bruce Bielaski, Direct examination (person)

Wilmer R. Stitely, Direct Examination (person)

George K. Thomas, Re-direct examination (person)

H. F. Sinclair (person)

James E. Lowry, Re-cross Examination (person)

John Shutach, Direct Examination (person)

Burkinshaw, Neil (person)

Edwin Denby Sec. of Navy (person)

Charles Spalding Thomas, Direct Examination (person)

Birch Helms Vice Pres. (person)

John C. Shaffer, Direct Examination (person)

Birch Helms, Cross examination (person)

Thomas E. Lodge, Direct examination (person)

George K. Thomas, Cross examination (person)

Rocky Mountain Oil and Gas Producers Assoc. (corporateBody)

Charles G. Ruddy, Cross Examination (person)

Hon. Albert F. Fall, Sec. of the Interior (person)

John R. Fitzpatrick, Cross examination (person)

Charles L. Vietsch (person)

Henry Mason Day, Cross examination (person)

S. M. Current, Direct examination (person)

Mr. Kistler, Cross examination (person)

Bryant B. Brooks, Cross examination (person)

George R. Aiken, Cross examination (person)

Joseph E. Dwyer (person)

Harry Jefferies, Direct Examination (person)

George E. Durno, Direct examination (person)

Richard S. Kirby, Direct examination (person)

Edward J. Kidwell, Re-direct Examination (person)

William McEwan, Direct Examination (person)

Harry F. Stahl, Cross examination (person)

W. J. Sullivan, Re-direct Examination (person)

M. T. Everhart (person)

John B. Kendrick, Direct Examination (person)

Milford F. Schwartz, Cross Examination (person)

Mammoth Oil Co. (corporateBody)

Edward J. Kidwell (person)

John K. Robinson, Re-direct examination (person)

N. D. Parham, Re-cross examination (person)

Elizabeth R. Magruder, Direct Examination (person)

Costanzo Cerimele, Direct Examination (person)

John R. Kissel, Direct examination (person)

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Carlton G. Schenken, Re-direct Examination (person)

Arthur D. Brownfield, Cross examination (person)

Walter M. Shea (person)

M. L. Truby, Re-direct examination (person)

Mary Pearl Kidwell, Cross Examination (person)

M. B. Thompson, Direct Examination (person)

R. E. Lemon, Cross Examination (person)

Shaffer, John C. (John Charles), 1853-1943 (person)

Edwin S. Booth (person)

A. S. Booth, Direct Examination (person)

Ernest K. Hill, Direct Examination (person)

Robert D. Algee, Direct Examination (person)

L. L. Humphrey, Cross examination (person)

General Land Office, Interior Dept. (corporateBody)

Theodore Mack, Direct examination (person)

Paul S. Anderson, Re-direct Examination (person)

Humphreys Co (corporateBody)

J. Gordon Shuey, Direct examination (person)

First National Bank of El Paso, TX (corporateBody)

Arthur D. Brownfield, Direct examination (person)

Tres Ritos Land & Cattle Co. (corporateBody)

Joseph F. Kroppy, Cross examination (person)

Edward J. Kidwell, Jr. (person)

Albert G. Adams, Direct examination (person)

George R. Aiken, Direct examination (person)

A. H. Black, Cross examination (person)

Littleton, Martin W. (Martin Wilson), 1897- (person)

M. D. Thatcher Estate Co. (corporateBody)

Exchange National Bank of Carrazozo, NM (corporateBody)

George W. Healy, Direct Examination (person)

George B. Christian, Jr. (person)

George W. Holland, Direct Examination (person)

Robert F. Wagner, Direct examination (person)

George H. Robbins, Jr., Direct Examination (person)

Maurice Horan, Direct Examination (person)

Harry J. Jentzer, Direct examination (person)

Crouse Laboratories (corporateBody)

H. L. Phillips, Re-direct Examination (person)

Carrol H. Wegemann, Direct examination (person)

James S. Easby-Smith, Cross Examination (person)

Henry A. Wise, Cross examination (person)

Harry M. Luckett, Direct Examination (person)

Charles G. Ruddy, Direct Examination (person)

Towers, Edward (person)

Walter S. Hartman, Direct Examination (person)

Barton P. Stewart, Re-direct Examination (person)

Hon. Charles V. Safford (person)

Robert C. Dove, Cross Examination (person)

Gustaf D. Wahlberg, Cross examination (person)

Janet Lantz, Direct examination (person)

N. D. Parham, Re-direct examination (person)

J. G. Bobo, Direct Examination (person)

First National Bank of Pueblo, CO (corporateBody)

Paul S. Anderson, Direct Examination (person)

William H. Goucher, Re-direct examination (person)

Richard Henry Williams, Cross examination (person)

Sen. Samuel M. Shortridge, Direct examination (person)

George R. Aiken, Re-direct examination (person)

Arthur W. Ambrose, Re-direct Examination (person)

Mrs. R. E. Smith, Direct Examination (person)

Edwin Dice, Direct Examination (person)

James J. O'Leary, Direct Examination (person)

J. E. Benton, Direct Examination (person)

Horace R. Lamb, Cross examination (person)

William W. Stickney, Direct examination (person)

John Klein, Direct Examination (person)

M. L. Truby, Cross examination (person)

Henry Mason Day (person)

William J. McMullin, Direct examination (person)

James E. Lowry, Direct Examination (person)