Louis Evan Shipman papers, ca. 1859-1933.


Louis Evan Shipman papers, ca. 1859-1933.

Louis Evan Shipman papers, ca. 1859-1933.

Preliminary box list only for literary and personal papers of American playwright and author Louis Evan Shipman.

11 boxes + 3 cartons (15 linear ft.)


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Louis Evan Shipman was a playwright and author. He attended Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, Columbia University and Harvard University. From the guide to the Louis Evan Shipman papers, ca. 1859-1933., (Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard University) Playwright, novelist and editor of Life (1922-1924), Louis Evan Shipman's most sucessful play was probably D'ARCY OF THE GUARDS (1901). Other titles include THE CRISIS, THE CROSSING, ON PAROLE, THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUT...

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