George Hoyningen-Huene photographs, 1925-1943.


George Hoyningen-Huene photographs, 1925-1943.

George Hoyningen-Huene photographs, 1925-1943.

Photographs by the fashion photographer George Hoyningen-Huene.

23 boxes (5.75 linear ft.)


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Jeanne Duc. (person)

Lanvin, Jeanne (designer); Van Cleef and Arpels (designer: jewelry). (person)

Derain. (person)

Paulette (person)

Descat, Rose (designer). (person)

Morehouse, Miss Marion (person)

Raak, Mlle. Gaby (person)

Bregis, Daniele. (person)

de Patou (designer); Van Clef and Arpels (designer). (person)

Regny, Jane (designer); Boucheron (designer). (person)

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Wedderburn, Miss Helen (person)

Fischer, Agneta (Model). (person)

Piguet (designer). (person)

Polignac, Countess Jean de (person)

Morehouse, Marion (person)

Rochas, Marcel (designer); Guy, Maria (designer). (person)

Riabouchinska. (person)

Lelong, Lucien (designer); Descat, Rose (designer). (person)

Rivas, Mlle. Sylvia de Castilleja de (person)

Tallien (designer: hat). (person)

Droz, Mme. ; Puyfontaine, Monsieur de (person)

Mainbocher (designer); Mauboussin (designer). (person)

lanvin (designer); Minerve (designer: coiffure). (person)

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Shaw, George Benard. Major Barbara. (person)

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Goupy (designer); Bruyere (designer); Mirande (designer). (person)

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Agnes, Mme. (designer). (person)

Augustabernard (designer); Cartier (designer). (person)

Heinz Klingenberg (person)

Hemmet, Cora. (person)

Mirande (designer); Lanvin (designer). (person)

Garst, Miss Betty (person)

Moates, Miss Alice (person)

Castlerosse, Viscountess. (person)

Montaign, Mrs. Drogo (person)

Laubeuf, Mme. (person)

Regny, Jane (designer); Guy, Maria (designer); Hermes (designer). (person)

Josette, Mlle (person)

Rouff, Maggy (designer); Valois, Rose (designer: hat). (person)

Rouff, Maggy (designer) Talbot, S. (designer). (person)

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Molyneaux (designer). (person)

Nast, Mrs. Conde (person)

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Vionnet (designer); Talbot, S. (designer). (person)

Olga, Mlle. (person)

Anchorena, Mlle. (person)

Wong, Anna May, 1905-1961 (person)

Anna May Wong (born Wong Liu Tsong; January 3, 1905 – February 3, 1961) was an American actress, considered to be the first Chinese American Hollywood movie star, as well as the first Chinese American actress to gain international recognition. Her varied career spanned silent film, sound film, television, stage, and radio. Born in Los Angeles to second-generation Toisonese Chinese-American parents, Wong became infatuated with the movies and began acting in films at an early age. During the si...

Augustabernard (designer); Lacloche Freres (designer: jewelry). (person)

Wedderburn, Helen; Demaria, Simone (person)

Calvin, Miss. (person)

Loty, Maud (person)

Jenny (designer). (person)

Ilyinsky, Princesse (person)

Mona, Mlle. (person)

Richardson, Mrs. (person)

Celani, Countess. (person)

Augustabernard (designer); Boucheron (designer). (person)

Paley, Nathalie (person)

Knize (designer). (person)

Hoz, Mme. Martinez de (person)

Lud, Mlle. (person)

Borea, Vera (designer); Valmond, Marthe (designer: hat). (person)

Fabre-Luce, Mme. (person)

Talbot (designer); Dana, Irene (designer). (person)

Isobel (designer). (person)

Castlerosse, Lady. (person)

Ramm, Miss Vanja; Child, Miss (person)

Demaria, Simone; Wardener, Mme. (person)

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Menjou, Mme. Adolphe (person)

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Jones, Miss Bettina (person)

Hepburn, Katharine, 1907-2003 (person)

Katharine Hepburn (b. May 12, 1907, Hartford, Conn.-d. June 29, 2003, Old Saybrook, Conn.), American actress. From the description of Hepburn, Katharine, 1907-2003 (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration). naId: 10580735 American actress. From the description of Autograph letter signed : [Beverly Hills], to Edward Wagenknecht, 1949 May 2. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270864087 Although she was best known as a star of the screen,...

Paquin (designer); Descat, Rose (designer). (person)

Hemmet, Mme. Cora (person)

Lambertye-Gerbeviller, Marquise de (person)

Rigny, Jean (designer); Lelong, Lucien (designer). (person)

Benson, Lady Morvyth. (person)

Bellemonte, Duchess. (person)

Boucheron (designer: jewelry). (person)

Novotná, Jarmila, 1907-1994 (person)

Epithet: Czech soprano British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000210.0x00001a Opera singer. From the description of Reminiscences of Jarmila Novotna: oral history, 1988. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 122620578 ...

Redfern (designer); Guy, Maria (designer: hat). (person)

Weil (designer); Goupy (designer). (person)

Reignier, Marthe (person)

Descat, Rose (person)

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Epithet: Austrian actor British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000564.0x0001e4 ...

Koval (person)

Talbot, S. (designer); Lanvin (designer). (person)

Mirande (designer); Alexandrine (designer). (person)

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Patou (designer); Paquin (designer). (person)

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Carette, Yvonne (designer). (person)

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H. Wedderburn (person)

Ruffer, Nada (person)

Ashley, Lady. (person)

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Beauvau, Princess de. (person)

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Antoine (designer). (person)

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Claire, Ina, 1892-1985 (person)

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M Bourgoint (person)

Lanvin (designer); Yrande (designer). (person)

Agnes (designer); Lanvin (designer). (person)

Phillipe and Gaston (designer); Borea, Vera (designer). (person)

Demaria, Mme. Simone; Child, Miss. (person)

Agnes (designer); Schiaparelli (designer). (person)

Ottinger, Mme. (person)

Moustier, Countess Jean (person)

Prizer, Miss Daphne de Levis (person)

Bialo (designer). (person)

Marinis (designer). (person)

Lagat, Mlle. Madelaine (person)

Williams, Mrs. Harrison (person)

Charrell, Milton; Charrell, Erik. (person)

Augustabernard (designer); Chanel (designer); Cartier (designer). (person)

Fischer, Miss Agneta (person)

Mlle. de Barbentane (person)

Vernes, Mme. Francois (person)

Vionnet (designer); Mauboussin (designer). (person)

Paray, Lucile (designer). (person)

Mme de Willammetz (person)

Cosse-Brissac, Countess. (person)

Laborde, Mlle. de. (person)

Belline (designer). (person)

Polignac, Jean de (person)

Louiseboulanger (designer); Mauboussin (designer). (person)

Greco (designer: shoes). (person)

Monaco, Baroness Lo (person)

Evans, Edith, Dame, 1888-1976 (person)

English actress. From the description of Autograph letters signed (2) : [London] and [Kent], to Denys Blakelock, 1960 Mar. 7 and 1962 Dec. 27. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270870775 Epithet: afterwards Booth , actress British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000265.0x0001b7 ...

Agnes (designer). (person)

Ruffer, Mrs. Nada (person)

Brunswick (designer). (person)

Maillot, M. (person)

Chanel (designer); Hellstern (designer). (person)

Leaf, Miss Peggy; Model (Male) (person)

Barton, Alix (designer). (person)

Philippe and Gaston (designer); Guy, Maria (designer). (person)

Mirande (designer); Rouff, Maggy (designer). (person)

Raspoutine, Mlle. (person)

Vionnet (designer); Reboux (designer). (person)

Ayen, Mme. d'. (person)

Molyneaux (designer); Mauboussin (designer); Alexandrine (designer). (person)

Patou (designer); Van Cleef and Arpels (designer: jewelry). (person)

Molyneux (designer); Worth (designer). (person)

Blanchot, Jeanne (designer); d'Andante (designer). (person)

Lelong (designer); Worth (designer); Mauboussin (designer). (person)

Talbot (designer). (person)

Lanvin (designer); Dervise (designer). (person)

Sonia, Mlle. (person)

Falconetti, Mlle. (person)

Alanova (person)

Loucou; Josette (person)

Mme. Edouard Bourdet. (person)

Patou, Jean (designer) ; Boucheron (designer: jewelry). (person)

Verea, Mlles. (person)

Jenny (designer); Guy, Maria (designer). (person)

Brunswick (designer); Valois, Rose (designer). (person)

Robinson, Miss (person)

Koopman, Mlle. (person)

Koopman, Mlle. Vionnet and Boucheron (person)

Gladys Cooper. (person)

Spessiwtzewa, Olga (person)

Remy, Baronne de Becker (person)

Louiseboulanger (designer); Boucheron (designer). (person)

Forbes, Joan (person)

Cury, Miss. (person)

Groult, Nicole, 1887-1967 (person)

Rochas, Marcel (designer); Grande (designer). (person)

Fiske, Dwight (person)

Worth (designer); Roger, Camille (designer). (person)

Vionnet (designer); Mauboussin (designer: jewelry). (person)

Tchelitchev, Pavlik (person)

Paray, Lucile (designer); Legroux Soeurs (designer). (person)

Demaria, Mlle. Simone (person)

Bettencourt, Mme. P. de. (person)

Belline, Mme. (person)

Suzy (designer: hat). (person)

Sztykgold, Mlle Ozvit (person)

Dixon, Miss; Leaf, Peggy (person)

Lelong, Lucien (designer); Boucheron (designer). (person)

Gaetani, Princess (person)

Victrix-Sapene, Claudia (person)

Agnes (designer: hat); Chantal (designer). (person)

Patou, Jean, 1887-1936 (person)

Febre-Luce, Mme. Jean (person)

Chanel (designer); Alexandrine (designer); Hellstern (designer). (person)

Sommerhoff, Mlle. (person)

Stuart, John (person)

Epithet: Colonel; Prisoner in Newgate British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000571.0x000219 Epithet: Presbyterian Minister at Templecorran British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000571.0x000224 Epithet: of Add MS 14036 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000571.0x0002...

Berthe Bovy? (person)

Champin, Mme. (person)

Rensselaer, Miss Marianne Van (person)

Constant, Mlle. Lucienne (person)

Mainbocher (designer); Reboux (designer). (person)

Mainbocher (designer); Boucheron (designer: jewelry). (person)

Beal, Miss. (person)

Jodelle (designer). (person)

Moustier, Countess Jean de (person)

Annabella (person)

Arlen, Mme. Michael. (person)

Belossekky, Princess. (person)

Jacqueline, Mlle. (person)

Green, Anne (person)

Stiebel (designer). (person)

Rouff, Maggy (designer); Herz (designer). (person)

Mme Victor Fere. (person)

Paris, Mlle. (person)

Almeida, La Baronne d'. (person)

Lotte, Lise (person)

Louiseboulanger (designer); Agnes (designer). (person)

Molyneux (designer); Suzy (designer). (person)

Stutz, Mlle. (person)

Toulegouat, Mrs. (person)

Trefusis, Mme. (person)

Mlle. Tchernicheff. (person)

Pillet-Will, Jean (person)

Heim (designer: fur). (person)

Gertrude Lawrence (person)

Koopman, Mlle. ; Bourgoint, M (person)

Gaigneron, Countess Elie de (person)

Rouff, Maggy (designer); Herz (designer: jewelry). (person)


Jodelle (designer); Van Cleef and Arpels (designer: jewelry). (person)

Boivin (designer: jewelry). (person)

Mme Olivier de Vilmorin. (person)

Niles, Miss Doris (person)

Picenardi, Marchesa Sommi (person)

Reboux (designer: hat). (person)

Barton, Alix (designer); Mirande (designer). (person)

Molyneux (designer); Ostertag (designer). (person)

Colette Goupef (person)

Vionnet (designer); Guy, Maria (designer). (person)

Mlle. du Tartre (person)

Fischer, Agneta, 1958- (person)

Hitrove (designer). (person)

Weil (designer). (person)

Caretti (designer); Mirande (designer). (person)

Gerard, Mlle. de (person)

Mainbocher (designer); Descat, Rose (designer). (person)

Beaumont, Countess de. (person)

Champcommunal (designer). (person)

Alphonsine, Marie (designer); Boucheron (designer: jewelry). (person)

Droz, Mme. ; Wissocq, Count de (person)

Lelong, Lucien (designer); Guy, Maria (designer: hat). (person)

Worth (designer); Herz (designer). (person)

Voelle (person)

Caraman-Chimay, Marguerite de. (person)

Diplarakon, Mlle. (person)

Castellane, Countess de. (person)

Schiaparelli (designer). (person)

Mirande (designer). (person)

Calou (designer: couiffure). (person)

Patou, Jean (designer); Talbot, S. (designer). (person)

Zuberbuhler, Mme. Larreta de (person)

Noelle, ... (person)

Lecomte, Germaine (designer); Agnes (designer). (person)

Lacroix, Mrs. (person)

Corcuera, Fernando and Beatrice de (person)

Lelong, Mme. Lucien (person)

Simon, Simone (person)

Agnes, Mme. (person)

Patou, Jean (designer); Van Cleef and Arpels (designer: jewelry). (person)

Mun, Countess Antonin de (person)

E. Grieg (person)

Menjou, Monsieur and Mme. (person)

Bennett, Constance, 1904-1965 (person)

Edward, Miss Ronnie. (person)

Rochas, Marcel (designer). (person)

Carette, Yvonne (designer); Valois, Rose (designer). (person)

Cartier, Mme. Louis. (person)

Regny, Jane (designer); Valois, Rose (designer: hat). (person)

Boecler, Mlle; Koopman, Mlle. (person)

Rouff, Maggy (designer); Mauboussin (designer: jewelry). (person)

Lippe (designer). (person)

Hermes (designer). (person)

Delage (designer: automobile). (person)

Thibaud, Mme. Robert (person)

Paris Trades (designer). (person)

Boissevain, Mme. (person)

Yrande, Helene (designer) ; Frederic (designer). (person)

Monaco, S. A. R. La Princesse de (person)

Neufbourg, La Comtesse Jean de (person)

Louiseboulanger (designer). (person)

Lelong, Mary de (person)

Vionnet (designer); Agnes (designer: hat). (person)

Peignot, Charles, 1897-1983 (person)

Morgan, Mrs. Edwin D., Jr. (person)

Lise, Mlle. (person)

Almeida, Baronne d'. (person)

Marie-Alphonsine (designer). (person)

Louiseboulanger (designer); Valois, Rose (designer: hat). (person)

Yteb (designer); Boucheron (designer: jewelry). (person)

Erlanger, Mme. Leo d' (person)

Brunswick (designer); Talbot, S. (designer: hat). (person)

Mathews, Jessie (person)

Kent, Virginia; Leaf, Peggy (person)

Boecler, Mlle. (person)

Porel, Mme. Jacques (person)

Belair, Mme. Aimery Blacque. (person)

Rochas, Marcel (designer); Boucheron (designer). (person)

Chanel (designer). (person)

Heim (designer). (person)

Ames, Adrienne, 1907-1947 (person)

Danet, Mme. (person)

Heim (designer); Alexandrine (designer). (person)

Chanel (designer); Valois, Rose (coiffure); Alexandrine (gloves). (person)

Madeline (designer). (person)

St. John, Mlle. Florence de (person)

Alphonsine, Marie (designer: hat); Mauboussin (designer: jewelry). (person)

Zeilinger (person)

Wedderburn, Helen. (person)

Paris, Marquise de (person)

Regnault, Mme. (person)

Zilesch, Mlle. Ill (person)

Peignot, M. (person)

Harcourt, Duchess d' (person)

Rainer, Louise (person)

Engels, Mlle. Wera (person)

Winn, Miss Vera (person)

Marnac, Jane (person)

Hunt, Mrs. Henry Leigh (person)

Belair, Marie (designer). (person)

Czystiakor (designer). (person)

Rouff, Maggy (designer). (person)

Nicholl (designer); Descat, Rose (designer). (person)

Day, Olga (person)

Tao-Tai (designer). (person)

Salamanca, Marquise de (person)

Bey, Mme. Eloui. (person)

Desbordes, Jean (person)

Lelong, Lucien (designer). (person)

Yrande (designer). (person)

Van Tuinem, Miss (person)

Chase, Miss (person)

Pettit, Miss Lenore (person)

Jenny (designer); Valois, Rose (designer). (person)

Heim (designer); Guy, Maria (designer). (person)

Medicis, Marquise Paola de (person)

McAdoo, Mrs. (person)

Agnes (designer) ; Regny (designer). (person)

Toumanova; Jasinsky (son danseur) (person)

Buisseret, Mlle. Beatrix de. (person)

O'Brion, Mrs. (person)

Dearly, Max (person)

Lelong (designer); Worth (designer). (person)

Forbes, Miss Joan (person)

San Carlos, Marquise de (person)

Lanvin (designer). (person)

Ramm, Vanja. (person)

Lewis (designer); Mauboussin (designer: jewelry). (person)

Callot (designer). (person)

Craigie, Mrs. John. (person)

Dana, Irene (designer); Mauboussin (designer: jewelry). (person)

Louiseboulanger (designer); Bourbon, Louise (designer). (person)

Revillon (designer). (person)

Rochefoucauld, Isabelle de la (person)

Schiaparelli (designer); Guy, Maria (designer: hat). (person)

Channon, Lady Honour. (person)

Hilda, Mlle. (person)

Alphonsine, Marie (designer). (person)

Fleury, Mlle; Wedderburn, Helen (person)

Gilbey, Mrs. Quintin (person)

Hessling, Catherine, 1900-1979 (person)

Paul, Mrs. (person)

Guiness, Miss Tanis (person)

Boucompagni, Princess. (person)

Blanchar, Pierre, 1892-1963 (person)

M. Roland. (person)

Louisboulanger (designer). (person)

Laveaucoupet, Mlle. Maggy de (person)

Molyneux, Mary de (person)

Tartre, Mlle. du. (person)

Kreisler, Fritz (person)

Originally composed for violin and piano. Attributed by Kreisler to Pugnani when first published by Carl Fischer in 1910. This transcription 1919.--Cf. Fleisher Collection. From the description of Praeludium und Allegro / A. Pugnani- F. Kreisler. [19--] (Franklin & Marshall College). WorldCat record id: 52596205 Fritz Kreisler (b. Feb. 2, 1875, in Vienna; d. Jan. 29, 1962, in New York) was a violinist and composer. From the description of Fritz Kreisler colle...

Louis Jouvet and (person)

Fleury, Mlle (person)

Munn, Mlle. de (person)

Lelong (designer); Guy, Maria (designer). (person)

Green, Julien, 1900-1998 (person)

American writer in France. From the description of Papers of Julien Green [manuscript], 1985. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647807967 American born French writer. From the description of Le visionnaire : galley proof, 1933. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 32136216 From the description of Papers of Julien Green [manuscript], 1976, 1988. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647827182 From the description of P...

Lelong (designer); Talbot, S. (designer). (person)

Weismuller, Johnnie (person)

Paxinoú, Katína 1900-1973 (person)

Rouvier, Mme. Jacques (person)

Rolo, Mme. Simon (person)

Jouvenal, Mme. de (person)

Paquin (designer); Dervise (designer); Talou (designer). (person)

Carnegie, Hattie (designer). (person)

Tessier, Valentine (person)

Fischer, Miss Lillian (person)

Mme Sonnery (person)

Remy, Mlle. (person)

Ozeray, Madeleine (person)

Salen, Suzette (person)

Tao-Tai (person)

Arnek (designer). (person)

St. Maur (designer). (person)

Spalding (designer); Fauvety (designer). (person)

Suzy, Mme. (person)

Berard, Christian (person)

Campbell, Mrs. Archie. (person)

Mme. Hassan. (person)

Mendelssohn, Eleonora von (person)

Donna Ines Pignatelli (nee Marquesa de Apeztegina) (person)

Riviere, Mlle (person)

Bourdet, Edouard. (person)

Laveaucoupet, Mlle. Maggy de; Baranoff, Mlle. (person)

Molyneux (designer); Guy, Maria (designer: hat). (person)

Hrenberg, Princess Jeannette d' (person)

Picenardi, Marquise de Sommi (person)

Chantal (designer); Guy, Maria (designer). (person)

Dubrowska, Felia. (person)

Abdy, Lady (person)

Vergne (designer); Valois, Rose (designer). (person)

Leilah, Mlle. (person)

Countess Stenbock-Fermor in dress by Marcel Rochas, hair by Grande. (person)

Rouff, Maggy (designer); Boucheron (designer). (person)

Miller, Miss Lee (person)

Savio, Mme. Lo (person)

Damita, Lily (person)

Lelong (designer); Descat, Rose (designer). (person)

Caroline (Model). (person)

Wilkinson, Dolores (person)

Patou (designer); Talbot, S. (designer). (person)

Agnes (designer); Augustabernard (designer). (person)

Salen, Miss Suzette (person)

Daquet, Charlotte (designer). (person)

Blunt, Countess Pecci. (person)

Villeneuve, Countess de (person)

Noailles, Viscount and Viscountess de (person)

Munn, Mrs. Gurnee (person)

Augustabernard (designer). (person)

Hermes (designer); Heim (designer). (person)

Stutz, Mlle. Mary (person)

Child, Miss (person)

Patou (designer) ; Reboux (designer). (person)

Salmond, Miss Jeanne (person)

Horst, ... (person)

Wilshin, Sunday (person)

Vionnet (designer); Fouquet, Georges (designer). (person)

Descat, Rose (designer: hat). (person)

Bankhead, Tallulah (person)

Actress. From the description of Papers, [ca. 1920]-1968. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 155507628 Tallulah (Tallulah Brockman) Bankhead was born 1902 Jan. 31 to William B. and Ada Eugenia Sledge Bankhead in Huntsville, Madison Co., Ala. She attended primary school in Montomery, Ala., while living with her uncle and aunt, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Owen. She later attended Convent of the Sacred Heart (N.Y.), 1912-1913; Mary Baldwin Seminary (Va.), 1913; Convent of t...

Guinness, Mrs. Kenelm Lee (person)

Patino, Mme. Bourbon (person)

Legrand, Lucienne (person)

Lanvin (designer); Boucheron (designer). (person)

Regny, Jane (designer); Boucheron (designer: jewelry). (person)

Christiane, Marie (designer). (person)

Redfern, Mlle. Jacqueline de (person)

Rochefoucauld, Philippe de la. (person)

Lelong (designer). (person)

St. Helier, Ivy (person)

Losch, Tilly, 1904-1975 (person)

Elizabeth, Mme. (person)

Creed (designer); Descat, Rose (designer). (person)

Graffenried, Mme. de (person)

Chaplin, Charlie, 1889-1977 (person)

Epithet: junior; MP British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001303.0x0000e2 Charles Spencer Chaplin was born in Paris in 1889. He became universally known for his performances as a comedic silent screen actor. From the description of Scrapbook, 1931. (Natural History Museum Foundation, Los Angeles County). WorldCat record id: 18313546 Epithet: actor Title: Knight ...

Princess Isabelle d'Orleans & Bragance in dress by Worth. (person)

Rissi, Mlle. Rita. (person)

Leaf, Peggy. (person)

Hennessey, Miss Sheilah (person)

Grigny, Mme. (person)

Leroy, Max (designer). (person)

Florence, Miss (person)

Carday, Mlle. Rose. (person)

Lariviere, Mme. (person)

Leyden, Mme. Karin (person)

Bacchus and Ariadne (ballet). (person)

Jenny (designer); Jodelle (designer). (person)

Aurek (designer). (person)

Redfern (designer). (person)

Ruspoli, Princess (person)

Emile (designer: coiffure). (person)

Regny, Jane (designer); Talbot, S. (designer). (person)

Laffon, Mme. Marcel (person)

Laubeuf, Mme. Max (person)

Braganza, Princess de. (person)

Lelong, Lucien (designer); Augustabernard (designer). (person)

Marshall, Mrs. (person)

Henry, Miss Isabel (person)

Goupy (designer). (person)

Rouff, Maggy (designer); Boucheron (designer: jewelry). (person)

Augustabernard (designer); Dervise (designer). (person)

Harcourt, Mlle. d' (person)

Brunswig, Andre (designer); Valois, Rose (designer). (person)

Demarie, Mme. Simone. (person)

Laveaucoupet, Mlle. de (person)

L'Ain, Mme. Girod de (person)

Guy, Maria (designer: hat). (person)

Paley, Mme. Nathalie (person)

Revillon (designer); Descat, Rose (designer). (person)

Lanvin (designer); Knize (designer). (person)

Murphy, Marion (person)

Nebenzal, Mme. (person)

Riaboushinska (person)

Dervise (designer); Calou (designer). (person)

Boucheron (designer); Antoine (designer). (person)

Negronponte, Mlle. (person)

Monaco, Baronne de (person)

Stutz, Mary (person)

Chantal (designer); Guy (designe: hatr); Guerin (designer: bag). (person)

Mr. Ericson (person)

Bosdari, Countess. (person)

O'Rossen (designer); Regny, Jane (designer). (person)

Vifner, Miss (person)

Limantour, Mme. Yturbide de (person)

Cosse Brissac, Princess de (person)

Anne (Model). (person)

Demaria, Mme. Simone (person)

Paquin (designer). (person)

Lacroix, Mme. (person)

Molyneaux, Babette de (person)

M. Tchernicheff (person)

Rebout, Caroline (designer: hat). (person)

Lanvin (deisgner). (person)

Chanel (designer); Cartier (designer). (person)

Lelong (designer); Lanvin (designer). (person)

Descat, Rose (designer: hat); Hermes (designer). (person)

Darine, La Princesse Gartan de Bourbon . (person)

Demaria, Simone (person)

Regny, Jane (designer); Louiseboulanger (designer). (person)

Mendl, Lady (person)

Redfern (designer); Bourbon, Louise (designer). (person)

Heribel, Renee (person)

Mainbocher (designer); Molyneux (designer); Worth (designer). (person)

Tyrrell, Miss Anne (Mrs. Adrian Holman) (person)

Mountbatten, Lady Louis (person)

Erlanger, Mrs. Leo d' (person)

Lanvin (designer); Desfosse (designer); Ostertag (designer). (person)

Antoine (designer: couiffure). (person)

Scherbatow, Princess (person)

Samarca, Mme. (person)

Yrande, Helene (designer). (person)

Hermes (designer); Creed (designer). (person)

Luc, Claire (person)

Mlle. Betty (person)

Salmond, Jeanne. (person)

Mauboussin (designer: jewelry). (person)

Paquin (designer); Reboux (designer). (person)

Murat, Princess Achille (person)

Princess Marina Golenistcheff-Koutouzoff in dress by Chanel. (person)

Woldera, Mlle. (person)

Grieg, Miss Evelyne (person)

Duff, Lady Juliet (person)

Societe des Editions d'Art (designer: box). (person)

Vogue, Jean de (person)

Devillers, Renee (person)

Marthe (designer). (person)

Rouff, Magy (designer); Mauboussin (designer: jewelry). (person)

Lorain, Mlle. (person)

Hillig, Mme. (person)

Simone, Mme. (person)

Rouff, Maggy (designer) Talbot, S. (designer: hat). (person)

Faure, Mme. Fred (person)

Karinska (designer); Herz (designer). (person)

Augustabernard (designer); Christiane, Marie (designer). (person)

Lifar, Serge. (person)

Besse (designer). (person)

Carise, Miss Erna. (person)

Princess Marina Golenistcheff-Koutouzoff. (person)

Miglietta, Mrs. (person)

Rothschild, Baron de (person)

Hubbell, Mrs. (person)

Weil (designer); Guy, Maria (designer). (person)

Knize (designer); Patou (designer). (person)

Rosemarie (person)

Jouvet, Louis (person)

Dudley, Mrs. (person)

Philippe and Gaston (designer); Legroux Soeurs (designer). (person)

Toutain, Mme. (person)

Bogaert, Lucienne, 1892-1983 (person)

Sorel, Cecil (person)

Gould, Mrs. Frank Jay (person)

Ostrowsky, Miss Helene (person)

Belair, Mme. Blacque. (person)

Karinska (designer). (person)

Pouiatowski, Princess Jean (person)

Rodocanachi, Mlle. (person)

Rouff, Maggy (designer); Jodelle (designer). (person)

Quesnel, Mlle. Jacqueline (person)

Paray, Lucile (designer); Descat, Rose (designer). (person)

Lepri, Countess Cesare Celani (person)

Brunswick, Andre (designer). (person)

Maxwell, Miss (person)

Laveaucoupet, Mlle. de; Hassan, Mme. (person)

Kindersley, Mrs. Philip (person)

Mlle. Boucheron. (person)

Cosse Brissac, Countess de (person)

Lelong, Lucien (designer) ; Grey, Maria (designer). (person)

Vionnet, Madeleine (designer); Boucheron (designer: jewelry). (person)

Stuart, Jeanne (person)

Mirande (designer); Ostertag (designer). (person)

Epenoux, Madame d' (person)

Spreckles, Miss (person)

Nicolla (designer). (person)

Murat, Princess Lucien (person)

Vifner, Miss Michael (person)

Schiaparelli (designer); Agnes (designer). (person)

Mr. Ericson's dog. (person)

Any, Claire (designer); Carette, Yvonne (designer). (person)

Wolkonsky, Marie (person)

Dana, Irene (designer). (person)

Lewis (designer). (person)

Auric, Mme. Georges. (person)

Cohn, Mrs. Marcelle Jefferson (person)

Heim (designer); Revillon (designer). (person)

Van Cleef and Arpels (designer: jewelry). (person)

Chaumet, Madelon (designer: hat). (person)

Seddon, Felicity (person)

Maille, Countess de (person)

Gwynne, Mrs. (person)

Mirande (designer); Boucheron (designer). (person)

Chaplin, Mr. (person)

Lelong (designer); Suzy (designer: hat). (person)

Philippe and Gaston (designer). (person)

Contades, Viscountesse de. (person)

Gamay, Countess Elie de (person)

Shiaparelli (designer). (person)

Forbes, Madeline (person)

Worth (designer); Valois, Rose (designer). (person)

Valentine Tessier (person)

Poggy, Grace (person)

Leaf, Miss Peggy (person)

Woman of Fort Lamy, Africa (person)

Dupuy, Madame (designer: jewelry). (person)

Belline (designer); Antoine (designer). (person)

Liselotte (person)

Heim (designer); Descat (designer). (person)

Contades, Countess de. (person)

Talbot, Ann (designer). (person)

Redfern (designer); Lanvin (designer); Hermes (designer). (person)

Mainbocher, Mr. (person)

Suzy (designer); Rouff, Maggy (designer). (person)

Mirande (designer); Mauboussin (designer). (person)

Molyneux (designer). (person)

Chaumet, Madelon (designer). (person)

Premet (designer); Chantal (designer); Boucheron (designer: jewelry). (person)

Lecomte, Germaine (designer); Soeurs, Callot (designer). (person)

Maxwell, Miss Elsa (person)

Duval, Mlle. Raoul. (person)

Shaw, Miss Sybil (person)

Regnier, Martha (designer: hat). (person)

Poiret (designer); Mauboussin (designer: jewelry). (person)

Windsor, Duchess of (person)

Stravinsky, Fils (person)

Bonnardel, Mme. Jean. (person)

Linker, Amy (designer). (person)

Lillian Fischer in dress by Maggy Rouff, jewelry by Mauboussin. (person)

Christopher, Princess, of Greece. (person)

Golder, Jenny (person)

Redfern (designer); Emile (designer). (person)

Marguet, Mary (person)

Piquet (designer). (person)

Murphy, Mrs. Noel (person)

Mirande (designer); Talbot, S. (designer). (person)

Groult, Nicole (designer); Mauboussin (designer: jewelry). (person)

Wyman, Mrs. Francis (person)

Dormy, Therese. (person)

Patou, Jean (designer). (person)

Grieg, Evelyne. (person)

Ganay, Mlle. de (person)

Rochas, Mme. Marcel (person)

Mrs. Dudley (person)

Worth (designer); Guy, Maria (designer: hat). (person)

Champin, Mme. Pierre. (person)

Bourbon, Prince Sixte ˜deœ (person)

Moussia (Model) (person)

Fischer, Mlle. Agneta (person)

Mado (person)

Rouff, Maggy (designer); Mauboussin (designer). (person)

Coutades, Countess de. (person)

Sheffield, Miss Gertrude (person)

Martial and Armand (designer). (person)

Bruyere (designer). (person)

Peretti, Mlle. M. A. de (person)

Tao-Tai (designer); Duc, Jeanne (designer). (person)

Coulter, Miss. (person)

Ralli, Mme. Jean (person)

Aspinall-Oglander, Mrs. (person)

Augustabernard (designer); Mainbocher (designer). (person)

Lelong, Mlle. Lise de (person)

Ulick (designer). (person)

Patou (designer); Van Cleef and Arpels (designer). (person)

Reboux (designer); Patou (designer). (person)

Prizer, Daphne de Levis. (person)

Alix (designer). (person)

Cheruit (designer); Linzeler and Marshak (designer: jewelry). (person)

Premet (designer); Boucheron (designer). (person)

Cyber (designer); Bourdier (designer: jewelry). (person)

Lorain, Mlle. Andree (person)

Wilshin, Miss Sunday (person)

Mirande (designer); Descat, Rose (designer: hat). (person)

Munroe, Mrs. John (person)

Weill, Kurt (person)

As a result of the success of his Broadway musical Lady in the dark in 1941, German-born composer Kurt Weill and his wife, the singing actress Lotte Lenya, were able to buy "Brook House," in Rockland County, New York, moving there during their sixth year in the United States. From Brook House, and a couple of addresses in Los Angeles during his trips there, Weill kept in touch, until a month before his death, with his parents, who had emigrated to Israel in 1935. From the description...

Lelong, Lucien (designer); Rouff, Maggy (designer). (person)

Agnes (designer); Piquet (designer). (person)

Family with Christmas tree. (person)

De Stenbock Fermor, Comtesse. (person)

Lenya, Lotte (person)

Born in Austria, Lenya became an actress in Zürich, then moved to Berlin where she met and married Kurt Weill. They emigrated to the U.S. in 1935, where Lenya lived until her death a few months after this interview was recorded. From the description of An oral history interview with Lotte Lenya / conducted for the Kurt Weill Foundation for Music by Alan Rich, New City, N.Y., 1981 : recording and transcript. (Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison). WorldCat record id: 12258368...

Polignac, Marquise de (person)

Paquin (designer); Mauboussin (designer). (person)

De Laborde, Mlle. (person)

Reboux (designer); Paquin (designer). (person)

Mainbocher (designer); Frank, Jean-Michel (designer: decor). (person)

Patou (designer). (person)

Wolkowski, Mlle. Marie (person)

Mireille, 1906-1996 (person)

Victrix-Sapene, Mme. Claudia (person)

Stravinsky, Soulima (person)

Soulima Stravinsky is a pianist, teacher, and composer, son of Russian composer Igor Stravinsky. From the description of Papers, ca.1884-1976 (inclusive), 1950-1976 (bulk). (New York Public Library). WorldCat record id: 122607485 ...

Lord, Mme. Andre (person)

Suzanne, Henri, Monique, & Paul de Corcuera. (person)

Blatt, Amy (designer). (person)

Edge, Mrs. Walter . (person)

Sermonetta, Duchess de (person)

Agnes (designer: hat). (person)

Talbot, S. (designer: hat); Augustabernard (designer). (person)

Rolo, Mme. Consuelo (person)

Mirande (designer); Lacloche (designer). (person)

Worth (designer). (person)

Miller, ... Miss (person)

Lelong, Lucien (designer); Mauboussin (designer). (person)

Elysee-Beaute (designe: coiffurer). (person)

Meyer, Esther (designer); Paray, Lucile (designer). (person)

Harambure, Miss Liolia and May d' (person)

Borea, Vera (designer); Valmont, Marthe (designer). (person)

Arletty (person)

Fullgoet, Mrs. (person)

Mlle. Boeiler (person)

Salen, Mlle. Suzette. (person)

Talbot, S. (designer). (person)

Lord, Mrs. Andre (person)

Valois, Rose (designer: hat). (person)

Visconti, Countess Franca (person)

Suzy (designer); Guillemin (designer). (person)

Creed, H. (designer); Borea, Vera (designer). (person)

Hellstern (designer). (person)

Boecler, Mlle; Leaf, Peggy. (person)

Norton, Mrs. Richard (person)

Massine (person)

Baroness de Cartier de Marchienne. (person)

Hattie Carnegie. (person)

Meyer, Baron de (person)

Lanvin (designer); Maubousin (designer). (person)

Regny, Jane (designer); Guy, Maria (designer: hat). (person)

Jones, Bettina (person)

Lanvin (designer); Ostertag (designer: jewelry). (person)

Worth (designer); Boucheron (designer). (person)

Regny, Jane (designer). (person)

Augustabernard (designer); Suzy (designer: hat). (person)

Menthon, La Comtesse Bernard de (person)

Pages, Mme. (person)

Vogue, Countess Jean de (person)

Colebrooke, Lady. (person)

Chantal (designer). (person)

Geraud, Monsieur (person)

Lorain, Andree (person)