Franz Clemens Brentano papers


Franz Clemens Brentano papers


Correspondence and compositions of the German philosopher, Franz Clemens Brentano.

20 linear feet (28 boxes)

ita, Latn

ger, Latn


SNAC Resource ID: 6383718

Houghton Library

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Osterreich (person)

Brentano, Valeska (person)

TS. (carbon copy) (person)

O. Kraus. (person)

Stumpf, Felix (person)

Christian Ehrenfels (person)

Gagern, Max (person)

Epithet: of the Austrian Foreign Office Title: Baron British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000388.0x000146 ...

Hertling, Peter Joseph von. (person)

Alexander Herzen (person)

Bergmann, Hugo, 1883- (person)

Lutosławski, Wincenty (person)

Jager (person)

Clemens, Franz J. (person)

Funck-Brentano, Frantz, 1862-1947 (person)

Husserl, Edmund, 1859-1938 (person)

Philosopher, 1859-1938 From the guide to the Edmund Husserl Collection, 1921, 1929, (Leo Baeck Institute Archives) ...

Eisenmeier, Josef, recipient. (person)

Ehrenfels, Emma, 1863-1946 (person)

Marchese, ... (person)

Orestano, Francesco, 1873-1945 (person)

Schneider, G. (person)

Brentano, John (person)

Hirsch, R. (Rudolph), 1816-1872 (person)

Naville, Adrien, 1845- (person)

Höfler, Alois, 1853-1922 (person)

Gomperz, Caroline. (person)

Giovanni Brentano (person)

Hering, Ewald, 1834-1918 (person)

A. Herzen. (person)

Calderoni, Mario, 1879-1914 (person)

Oesterreich, Traugott Konstantin, 1880-1949 (person)

Kastil, Alfred, 1874-1950 (person)

Edmund Husserl (person)

Brentano, J. C. M. (“Giovanni”), 1888-1969 (person)

Ewald Hering (person)

Hertling, Georg, Graf von, 1843-1919 (person)

Gomperz, Theodor, 1832-1912 (person)

Gomperz was a professor of classical philology in Vienna. From the description of Letters, ca.1936. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 122372641 Biography / Administrative History Philosopher and classics scholar Heinrich Gomperz, born in Vienna in 1873, was the son of philosopher Theodor Gomperz. While living in Vienna, Heinrich Gomperz was on the periphery of the Schlick Circle, a discussion group organized in 19...

Theodore Lipps (person)

Kastil, Alfred, recipient. (person)

Hermine Kastil (person)

Kastil, Hermine. (person)

Holzinger, F. S. (person)

Guiseppe Amato Pojero (person)

Abbadessa, Salvatore (person)

Franz Hillebrand? (person)

Carl Stumpf (person)

Suma, , recipient. (person)

Schneider, Gera?, recipient. (person)

Hillebrand, Franz 1863-1926 (person)

Ueberhorst, Carl, recipient. (person)

Kastil, Alfred (person)

Brentano, Johannes (person)

Mayer, Franziska von Reicher, 1885- (person)

Boltzmann, Ludwig, 1844-1906 (person)

Austrian physicist. From the description of Papers, 1891. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 79200205 ...

Giovanni Vailati. (person)

Luttich, Leopoldine. (person)

Brentano née Genger, Emilie (person)

Hillebrand, Franz (person)

k. k. Unterrichtsminister (person)

Kürschner, Tony. (person)

Hasenohel, Galie. (person)

Gomperz, Elise, recipient. (person)

Ueberhorst, Carl (person)

Stumpf, Rudolph (person)

Lieber, , recipient. (person)

Massis-Drury, J, recipient. (person)

Hans Schmidkunz (person)

Arleth, Emil, 1856- (person)

Enriques, Federigo, 1871-1946 (person)

Hurter, Hugo, 1832-1914 (person)

Karl von Stremayr (person)

Brentano, Lujo (person)

Philosophische Gesellschaft in Berlin, recipient. (corporateBody)

Brentano-Genger, Emilie. (person)

Kaulich, Wilhelm, d. 1880 (person)

Schmidkunz, Hans, 1863-1934 (person)

Rolfes, Eugen, 1852-1932 (person)

Aster, Ernst ˜vonœ 1880-1948 (person)

Jaensch, E. R. (Erich Rudolf), 1883-1940 (person)

Karl Stumpf (person)

John Brentano. (person)

Brentano, Sophie gen. (person)

Ernst Mach (person)

Johann, Carl. (person)

Anton Marty) (person)

Lichtenstern, Hilda. (person)

Dino (person)

Mach, Ernst, 1838-1916 (person)

Austrian physicist and philosopher. From the description of Autograph letter signed : Prague, to Wilhelm von Beetz, 1876 July 11. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270606981 No letterhead; sent from Vienna. From the description of Typed form letter, signed, 1911. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122546275 ...

Claus, C. (person)

A. Kastil. (person)

Pohle, W A (person)

Paul Urbach (person)

Amato Pojero, G. (Giuseppe), 1863-1940 (person)

Hasenohrl, Friedrich (person)

Scripture, E. W. (Edward Wheeler), 1864- (person)

Epithet: MD; Professor of Experimental Phonetics at the University of Vienna British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000707.0x000159 ...

Urbach, Benno, recipient. (person)

Révész, Géza, 1878-1955 (person)

Hauser, Marie. (person)

Prof. Lecher (person)

Schell, Herman, 1850-1906 (person)

Vailati, Giovanni, 1863-1909 (person)

Weltsche, Felix. (person)

Brentano-Rueprecht, Emilie (person)

Oskar Kraus) (person)

Johannes Brentano. (person)

Zimmermann, Robert, 1824-1898 (person)

Gustav Schmoller? (person)

Lujo Brentano. (person)

Meinong, A. (Alexius), 1853-1920 (person)

Enriques, Federigo, 1871-1946 (person)

Aguanno, Guiseppe, d', 1862- (person)

Clara Lenz (person)

Brunner, N (person)

Gomperz, Heinrich, 1873-1942 (person)

Philosopher and classics scholar Heinrich Gomperz, born in Vienna in 1873, was the son of philosopher Theodor Gomperz. He was on the periphery of the Schlick Circle in Vienna, a discussion group organized in 1924 by the physics professor Moritz Schlick. This group was pluralistic and committed to the ideals of the Enlightenment, seeking to make philosophy scientific with the help of modern logic on the basis of scientific and everyday experience. Gomperz came to Southern California in 1936 as a ...

Toni Kürschner) (person)

Klatscher, Camill, recipient. (person)

Marty, M. (person)

Lieben, Ida (person)

Fechner, Gustav Theodor, 1801-1887 (person)

German experimental psychologist, professor of physics at Leipzig. From the description of Postcard, undated : postmarked 1880, Leipzig. (Duke University). WorldCat record id: 35069884 ...

Rosanes, Jakob (person)

Kraus, Oskar, 1872-1942 (person)

Giovanni (John) Brentano (person)

Boltzmann, Henrietta. (person)

Muller, Josef, 1855- (person)

Koehler, Wolfgang, 1887-1967 (person)

Frau von Ehrenfels. (person)

Massis-Drury, J (person)

Mill, John Stuart, 1806-1873 (person)

Epithet: of Add MS 37311 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000474.0x00006e John Stuart Mill (1806-1873) was a British philosopher known for his writings on social and political theory, particularly utilitarianism. From the guide to the John Stuart Mill Letters, 1851-1889, (Special Collections Research Center, Syracuse University Libraries) British philosopher. From the description...

Illustrierte Zeitung. (corporateBody)

Cyon, Élie de, 1843-1912 (person)

Utitz, Emil, 1883-1956 (person)

Ebbinghaus, Hermann, 1850-1909 (person)

Henneman, Carl, recipient. (person)

Georg Marco. (person)

Gomperz, Louise. (person)

Merkel, Josef (person)

Lipps, , recipient. (person)

MS. (in Emilie Brentano's hand) (person)

Lanaro, Giorgio (person)

Gomperz, Elise. (person)

Urbach, Benno (person)

MS. (unidentified hand) (person)

Emma von Ehrenfels (person)

Gomperz, Nelly. (person)

Breuer, Josef, 1842-1925 (person)

Biographical Note 1842, Jan. 15 Born, Vienna, Austria 1859 Entered medical school, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria 1867 Completed medical studies 1868 Married Mathilde Altmann ...

Rolfes, Eugene, 1852- (person)

Urbach, Paul (person)

Benn, Alfred William, 1843-1915 (person)

Irish philosopher and scholar. From the description of Autograph letter signed : Baden, Switzerland, to Professor W.A. Knight, 1898 Sept. 3. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270905811 ...

Emilie Brentano (person)

Kultmann, Johann. (person)

Giorgio Lanaro (person)

Tony Kürschner. (person)

Ehrenfels, Christian, Freiherr von, 1859-1932 (person)

Stumpf, Carl, 1848-1936 (person)

Veit & Companie (corporateBody)

Francesco Orestano to (person)

Oscar Kraus (person)

K.K. Ministerium fur Cultus und Unterricht, recipient. (corporateBody)

Carlin, Rosa (person)

Tvorkovsky, Vinceslas. (person)

Francesco Orestano (person)

Lipps, Theodor, 1851-1914 (person)

Geller, Leo, 1844-1925 (person)

K. K. Ministerium fur Cultus und Unterricht. (corporateBody)

Marty, Anton, 1847-1914 (person)

Ida (Lieben) Brentano. (person)

Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin, recipient. (corporateBody)

Vally Valeska Brentano. (person)

G. T. Fechner. (person)

Gertz, W (person)

Ida Brentano. (person)

Ehrenfels, Clothilde, 1837-1931 (person)

Benno Urbach (person)

Eisenmeier, Josef (person)

John C M Brentano (person)

Miklosich, Franz, Ritter von, 1813-1891 (person)

Revesz, Magda. (person)