War-time letters from friends in England and Australia sent to Mary L. Wheeler, 1938-1947 and undated.


War-time letters from friends in England and Australia sent to Mary L. Wheeler, 1938-1947 and undated.

Letters sent to American editor Mary L. Wheeler discussing women's war work during World War II and other topics.

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League for Democratic Control (U.S.)

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The League for Democratic Control advocated a League of Nations which should be: " ... a true federation of peoples, based upon direct popular representation, and committed to the abolition of compulsory military training and rapid reduction of armaments." From the description of Collection, 1917-1919. (Swarthmore College, Peace Collection). WorldCat record id: 28250383 ...

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Grassam, Elsie Hall.

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Michael Chekhov

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George Morel

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Gillie, Annis, 1900-1984

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British red cross society

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Maclaren, Florence Mary.

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Maclaren, J. Rayner.

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Wheeler, Mary L.

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Wheeler worked for a time as a research assistant with the Massachusetts publisher Ginn and Company. From the description of Mary L. Wheeler war-time letters from friends in England and Australia, 1938-1947. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 612375517 Wheeler was a Massachusetts editor of literary collections. From the guide to the War-time letters from friends in England and Australia sent to Mary L. Wheeler, 1938-1947 and undated., (Houghton Library, Ha...

Ginn and Company.

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Women's Auxiliary Air Force

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Hunter, Kathleen

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Williams, Lilian.

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Morel, Pauline

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Joos Ballet

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Morel, Dorothy Carter.

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Roger Morel

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Parkinson, Iris E.

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E. D. (Edmund Dene) Morel

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Royal Navy

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