Papers of Irving Widmer Bailey, 1918-1967 (inclusive); 1966-1967 (bulk)


Papers of Irving Widmer Bailey, 1918-1967 (inclusive); 1966-1967 (bulk)

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Albert Francis Blakeslee was a geneticist and botanist and was director of Smith College Genetics Experiment Station (1943-1954). From the description of Papers, 1904-1954. (American Philosophical Society Library). WorldCat record id: 154298036 American botanist educated at Wesleyan (A.B. 1896) and Harvard University (Ph.D. 1900). Instructor in Botany at Harvard 1906-1907; Professor of Botany at Connecticut Agricultural College, 1907-1914, Professor of Botany and Genetics, 1...

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Shattuck (Harvard, M.D. 1905) was clinical professor of tropical medicine at Harvard Medical School from 1938 to 1947. His research interest was the clinical aspects of exotic and tropical diseases. From the description of Papers of George Cheever Shattuck, 1829-1970 (bulk). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 281437161 Shattuck (Harvard, M.D. 1905) was assistant professor of tropical medicine, 1921-1938, and clinical professor of tropical medicine,1938-1947, at Harvar...

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Epithet: daughter of Henry Grey, Duke of Kent, wife of the Dean of Christ Church, Oxford British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000982.0x00034f ...

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Tobías Lasser was a Venezuelan heart surgeon and highly regarded botanist. Lasser collected throughout Venezuela (and other locations including Panama) from 1940-1958. At the Central University of Venezuela, Lasser founded the Faculty of Sciences and the ‘Fundación Instituto Botánico de Venezuela’ (the Botanic Gardens). He authored the book Flora of Venezuela. Smithsonian Institution Archives Field Book Project: Person : Description : rid_445_pid_EACP442 ...

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Gunnar Birkerts is an internationally acclaimed architect of the last half of the twentieth century who has been recognized for his expressive forms, his simplification of detail, his innovative work with surface materials and his effective use of indirect daylight. With his design flexibility and commitment to "finding poetry in building technology," he has pushed beyond the boundaries of the Modern Movement. [1] Born on January 17, 1925, in Riga, Latvia, Gunnar Birkert...

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Cranbrook Institute of Science. (corporateBody)

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Epithet: Reverend; Master British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000677.0x000089 Epithet: of Stowe MS 851 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000987.0x000191 ...

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Smith, A. C. (person)

Scott, Donald (person)

Van Schaack, George B. (person)

Cronquist, Arthur (person)

Taylor, Sir George (person)

Webber, William A. (person)

Smith, Walton R. (person)

Mitich, Larry W. (person)

Prasad, M. K. (person)

Held, Robert Peter (person)

Freeman, Thomas P. (person)

Stern, William Louis, 1926- (person)

Dickison, William C. (person)

Miner, Eunice Thomas (person)

Van der Schthff, H. P. (person)

Sando, E. E. (person)

Gast, Paul R. (person)

Thimann, Kenneth Vivian, 1904-1997 (person)

Thimann taught biology at Harvard from 1935 to 1965. From the description of Papers of Kenneth V. Thimann, 1929-1988 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 76973199 Biography Biographical Narrative Kenneth V. Thimann was a pioneering researcher in the field of plant physiology. He was best known for describing the functions of hormones in the control and development...

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