Universalist Church of America. General Superintendent, Cummins, Robert, 1897-1982. Records, 1939-1969.


Universalist Church of America. General Superintendent, Cummins, Robert, 1897-1982. Records, 1939-1969.

Universalist Church of America. General Superintendent, Cummins, Robert, 1897-1982. Records, 1939-1969.

Records of Universalist minister, Robert Cummins as related to his tenure as the Universalist Church of America's General Superintendent, including correspondence, writings, and material on past General Superintendents. The papers span 1939-1969.

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Robert Cummins ( 1897-1982 ) was born in Sidney, Ohio . He received a BA from Miami University in 1919, an MA from the University of Cincinnati in 1921, and a ThM from the University of Southern California in 1937 . He was ordained a Universalist minister in 1926 . Cummins began his career as a teacher at the Boon-It Institute in Bangkok, Thailand . He returned to the United States in the early 1920s and served pastorates in Milford, Newton, and Montgomery, Ohio, before settling in Cincinnati in...

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