Spotted Owl Management, Policy, and Research Collection, 1969-1993 (inclusive), 1983-1993 (bulk)


Spotted Owl Management, Policy, and Research Collection, 1969-1993 (inclusive), 1983-1993 (bulk)

1969-1993 (inclusive), 1983-1993 (bulk)

The Spotted Owl Management, Policy, and Research Collection consists of documents assembled by E. Charles Meslow pertaining to the northern spotted owl controversy in the Pacific Northwest during the 1980s and early 1990s. The documents include published and unpublished materials such as scientific reports, correspondence, management plans and proposals, environmental impact statements, news articles, and documents submitted in litigation. Meslow conducted research on the northern spotted owl with the Oregon Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit at Oregon State University and served on the Interagency Scientific Committee established in 1988 to address conservation of the northern spotted owl.

16.25 cubic feet; 48 boxes and 2 map folders


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E. Charles "Chuck" Meslow directed or worked for the Oregon Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit from 1971 until his retirement in 2001. Meslow's research focused on the predation habits of hawks and owls, specifically the northern spotted owl. He served on the Interagency Scientific Committee charged with developing management options to address the conservation needs of the northern spotted owl. Meslow was awarded the prestigious Aldo Leopold Award by The Wildlife Society in 2005. F...

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Marcot, Bruce G. (Bruce Gregory), 1953- (person)

Bruce G. Marcot is a research wildlife biologist with the U.S. Forest Service. He completed his Ph.D. in Fisheries and Wildlife at Oregon State University in 1985; his dissertation focussed on the habitat relationships of birds and young-growth Douglas-fir in northwest California. He has worked on several spotted owl projects since the 1970s. From the guide to the Bruce G. Marcot Spotted Owl Collection, 1951-1997, 1975-1993 (Oregon State University Libraries) ...

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Campbell, Erick G (person)

McLellan, Bruce Norman, 1953- (person)

Ostrowski, James J (person)

Tweten, R (person)

Franklin, Thomas M. (person)

Meyer, Philip A. (person)

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Fleming, Tracy L. (person)

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Epithet: of King's Charlton British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000388.0x0001b6 ...

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Johnson, Kathy (person)

Buchanan, Joseph B. (person)

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Horton, Scott P. (person)

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Meier, Barry (person)

Gutiérrez, Ralph J; Barrowclough, George; Pritchard, John (person)

Evans, Herbert O (person)

Postovit, Howard (person)

Van Der Raay, Brigitta M. (person)

Horn, Kirk (person)

Zilly, Thomas Samuel, 1935- (person)

Plenert, Marvin L (person)

Anderson, Harry W. (person)

Kadera, Jim (person)

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Potter, Ann E. (person)

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Carleson, Richard D. (person)

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Juelson, Tom (person)

Hampton, John C; Shields, William M; Geisinger, James C (person)

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Bumpers, Dale (person)

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Weathers, Don et al. (person)

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Miller, Gary S; Meslow, E Charles; Logan, Wayne; et al. (person)

Washington Department of Wildlife (corporateBody)

Kennedy, James J. (person)

Sher, Victor M; Stahl, Andy (person)

Irvin, Robert WM (person)

Mankens, George E. (person)

Oregon Forestry Department (corporateBody)

Lowe, John E. (person)

Michols, T (person)

Beuter, John H; Johnson, Norman K; Scheurman, Lynn H (person)

United States. Forest Service (corporateBody)

The evolution of the USDA Forest Service is rooted in the General Provision Act of l89l in which Congress authorized the President to designate particular areas of the forested public domain to be set aside as "reserves" for future use. The number and size of these reserves increased notably in l897 when the President was authorized to establish reserves in order to protect watersheds, to preserve timber, and to provide lumber for local use. There was no provision for management or...

Paulus, Robert E (person)

Vetterick, Paul M (person)

Brooks, Constance E. (person)

Haynes, Richard W. (person)

Anthony, Janet L. (person)

Frampton, George T. (person)

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Pissot, Jim (person)

Franklin, Alan B; Blakesley, Jennifer A; Gutiérrez, Ralph J (person)

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George, Tony (person)

Wilbur, Sanford R. (person)

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Robert Anderson was a geologist and archeologist. From the description of Costa Rica : Photographs, 1913. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122595390 ...

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Foster, Kate (person)

Loftus, Bill (person)

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Shaffer, Mark I (person)

Wagner, Frederic H. (person)

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Blackman, Ted (person)

Robertson, F Dale; Turner, Jack; Jamison, Cy; Ridenour, James M (person)

Saf, Avital. (person)

Greber, Brian J; Johnson, Norman K; Lettman, Gary (person)

Whitelaw, W Ed; Niemi, Ernest G (person)

Forsman, Eric D; Dunbar, David L; Booth, Barry P; Hetherington, Ann E (person)

Carrier, Dean W (person)

Ingham, TR Jr (person)

Reynolds, Richard T; Ryder, Ronald A; Linkhart, Brian D (person)

Brown, R. B. (person)

Mueller, Allan J. (Allan James) (person)

Peach, Dexter J (person)

Bookhout, Ted (person)

Pimm, Stuart L. (Stuart Leonard) (person)

Oregon Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit (corporateBody)

O'Neil, Thomas (person)

Washington Department of Game (corporateBody)

Northwest Timber Association (corporateBody)

Rude, Kathleen (person)

Rechtin, Julie (person)

Hampton, John C (person)

Advanced Sciences, Inc (corporateBody)

Hunter, Malcolm L. (person)

Hennon, Paul (person)

Johnson, Wayne J (person)

Spangle, Steven; Gard, Nancy (person)

Azuma, David L (person)

Thomas, Charles L. (person)

Noss, R (person)

Mickey, Ross (person)

Boulanger, John (Ecologist) (person)

Preston Gates & Ellis (corporateBody)

Steucke, Wally (person)

Van Vleck, Gordon K (person)

Spotted Owl Subcommittee (corporateBody)

Nelson, Kim S (person)

Diamond, Jared M. (person)

Wallace, Theresa D. (person)

Leonard, George M. (person)

Sadler, Ronald R (person)

Casler, B. (person)

Dale, Robert T. (person)

Giesen, Tom (person)

Allardice, John R (person)

Spies, Thomas A. (person)

Johnson, David H. (David Harley), 1941- (person)

Gould, Gordon I. (person)

Biles, Charles M. (person)

Edelson, David; Yassa, Sami (person)

Benson, Gary L. (person)

Jennings, Ralph (person)

OCWRU (corporateBody)

Lewis, Robert A. (person)

Carleson, Dan (person)

Coos Bay BLM (corporateBody)

National Audubon Society (person)

Martin, Karl J. (person)

Oregon Cooperative Fishery and Wildlife Research Unit (corporateBody)

Ohmann, Janet L. (person)

Anderson, David R. (person)

Titus, Kimberly; Fuller, Mark (person)

Dewhirst, Diane (person)

Helbok, Miriam (person)

Cummins, Eric B. (person)

Lewis, Robert A; Bonn, Richard I (person)

Stephens, Robert, 1931-1995 (person)

Epithet: of Add MS 36135 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000362.0x00012a Epithet: of Egerton MS 2722 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000362.0x00012c ...

Mulder, Barry S. (person)

Leonard, Bob (person)

Mellen, Kim (person)

Booth, Douglas E. (person)

Roseburg BLM (corporateBody)

Wilcove, David Samuel (person)

Sweitzer, Harvey C (person)

Miller, Gary S (person)

Goodwin, Judge (person)

Knutson, K. Lea (person)

Smith, E. Linwood (person)

Swanson, Fred B (person)

Skaggs, Roger W (person)

Lawton, Marcy F (person)

Anderson, Robert J; Hicks, Lorin L; Mickey, Ross; et al. (person)

Blondin, A Renee (person)

Sadler, Ronald B; Wisdom, Michael (person)

Barker, Paul F. (person)

Fisher, Randy (person)

Tuttle, Larry (person)

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