J. Nielson Barry Papers 1932-1937


J. Nielson Barry Papers 1932-1937

J. Neilson Barry was a researcher and prolific early writer of Pacific Northwest History. This collection contains correspondence that Barry kept during his research about the Lewis and Clark expedition from 1932-1937, with particular attention to the maps of expedition member John Colter.

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Barry, J. Neilson (John Neilson), 1870-1961

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Born in Wilmington, N.C., 11/26/1870, son of Major Robert Peabody Barry and Julia Kean Neilson; served as an Episcopal minister in Spokane, Wash., New York City, Washington, D.C., and Baker, Or., from 1895-1913; probation officer with the police court in Spokane, Wash., 1913-1922; moved to Portland, Or., in 1922 and did historical research and writing; died 2/26/1961. From the description of Captain Clark's 1806 map of the Willamette River : made from Indian charcoal and sand maps an...

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Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804-1806)

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After elected president, Thomas Jefferson wanted a direct and practicable water communication across the continent and US sovereignty over the land occupied by the many different Indian tribes along the Missouri River. In 1803, Jefferson commissioned the Corps of Discovery and named Army Captain Meriwether Lewis its leader. Lewis selected William Clark as second in command. The Corps of Discovery departed from Camp Dubois (Illinois) on May 14, 1804, and met up with Lewis in St. Charles, Missour...

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Clark, William, 1770-1838

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Explorer, governor of the Territory of Missouri, army officer, and the U.S. superintendent of Indian Affairs. From the description of William Clark papers, 1816-1818. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 79452648 Explorer. From the description of [Codicil to will] 1837. (Denver Museum of Nature & Science). WorldCat record id: 29305311 Army officer best known for partnership in the Lewis and Clark expedition. In 1794, he was Lieutenant in the 4th sub-legion...