Diaries and reminiscences collection 1837-1993


Diaries and reminiscences collection 1837-1993

Collection assembled by the Oregon Historical Society containing diaries and reminiscences of pioneers and other residents of Oregon. Includes original hand written diaries, copies of original diaries, and typed transcripts.

3.5 cubic feet; 6 document cases, 2 card file boxes, 2 reels of microfilm


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Powers, Mary E., fl. 1856.

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Turnidge, Joseph O.

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Waldron, Samuel, 1815-1888.

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Marquiss, Ollie, 1880-1917.

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McDaniel, Amanda Humes, 1835-1908.

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Sykes, Horace.

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Hermann, S. Milton, 1896-1984.

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Schiller Milton Hermann (1896-1984) was the grandson of Binger Hermann. From the guide to the Schiller Milton Hermann reminiscences, 1974, (Oregon Historical Society Research Library) Schiller Milton Hermann (1896-1984) was the grandson of Binger Hermann. He was born in Coos County, Oregon and married Vera May Walker in 1915. From the description of Schiller Milton Hermann reminiscences [manuscript], 1974. (Oregon Historical Society Resea...

Fulton, C. G.

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DeSpain, Dancy Eugenia Arabell, 1850-1926.

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Phillips, Fred A., b. 1869.

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Allen, Alisha Barrett, 1823-1894.

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Heilner, Sigmund Aron.

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Love, Lewis, Captain, 1818-1903.

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Wood, Elizabeth Lambert

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Biographical note: Elizabeth Lambert Wood was born in 1871 in Oregon. She married Dr. William Lee Wood and moved to Oracle, Arizona in 1902 to start mining and ranching. Mrs. Wood wrote about her arrival in Tucson in a book titled Arizona Hoof Trails. Despite the death of their two children Mrs. Wood became an accomplished writer and poet. She donated Camp O Wood in Peppersauce Canyon to the Salvation Army for a local district camp that later became the Arizona Boys Ranch. In 1949 she donated an...

Smith, Norman R., b. 1857.

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Davis, Alvah Isaiah, 1825-1913.

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Alvah Davis moved to Iowa in 1855, married in 1857 and returned to settle in Linn County, Oregon in 1880. From the description of Diaries, 1851-1854. (Oregon Historical Society Research Library). WorldCat record id: 31327417 ...

Whitney, Mercy Partridge

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Durkheimer, Sylvan F., 1892-

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Diack, Samuel L.

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Crawford, Elvin John, 1841-1934.

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Larson, Dewey B.

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Hart, H. B., fl. 1853-1876.

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Watt, A.S. (Alexander Stuart)

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A. S. Watt was the literary agent for Rudyard Kipling and was an associate in the firm of A. P. Watt & Son, London. From the description of Letters : to Flora Virginia Milner Livingston, 1919-1945. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 612821252 ...

Piper, W. R., Mrs.

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Chalmers, W., fl. 1871.

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Putnam, R. F.

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Crawford, Thomas Harrison, 1848-

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Thomas Harrison Crawford (1848-1924) was born in Arkansas and came to Oregon in 1870. From the guide to the Judge T. H. Crawford speech to the Eastern Oregon Bar, 1922 May 2, (Oregon Historical Society Research Library) Thomas Harrison Crawford (1848-1924) was born in Arkansas and came to Oregon in 1870. He was admitted to the Bar in 1876 and practised law and served as a judge in Eastern Oregon. At the time of his death, he was the oldest attorney i...

Hopkins, Mary Higley.

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Campbell, Florence MacDonald.

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Clark, Ransom, 1809-1859.

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Ransom Clark (1809-1859) was explorer, businessman and politician. From the guide to the Ransom Clark biography, circa 1920, (Oregon Historical Society Research Library) Ransom Clark (1809-1859) was explorer, businessman and politician. He traveled from Wisconsin to St. Louis to New Orleans. In 1843, he joined an expedition under Lt. Fremont to the West Coast. In 1844, He settled in Lafayette, Oregon. In 1845, he married Lettrice Jane Millican (b.183...

Cornwall family.

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Wilson, Martha Baker.

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Stevens family.

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Oregon historical society

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The Oregon Historical Society began collecting materials relating to the wine industry in the 1990s, in recognition of the economic and cultural significance of the industry to the state of Oregon. This collection contains materials donated to the Oregon Wine Archives by individuals in the wine and spirits industry, as well as items collected by Oregon Historical Society staff. From the guide to the Oregon Wine Archives, 1972-2010, (Oregon Historical Society) In 1844 a Bapti...

Bewley, Lorinda

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Aschoff, Adolph, 1849-1930.

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Adolph Aschoff (1849-1930) founded Marmot, Oregon and served as Marmot postmaster, forest ranger, county clerk and school clerk. From the guide to the Adolph Aschoff collection, 1869-1930, (Oregon Historical Society Research Library) Adolph Aschoff (1849-1930) founded Marmot, Oregon and served as Marmot postmaster, forest ranger, county clerk and school clerk. He was also a charter member of the Mazamas. From the description of Adolph Asc...

McAlpin, Henry.

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Talbot, Henry P.

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White, Oliver Cromwell.

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Stratton, Riley Evans.

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Spencer, Frances Jean.

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Freese, Louise Morganson.

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Best, Edward H., 1863-1953.

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Tartar, Lena Belle.

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Clark, Elta Brunson.

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Parker, Inez Eugenia Dams.

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Gadwa, William Isaac, 1874-1945.

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William Gadwa (1874-1945) came to Oregon from Iowa, ca. 1878, and lived near Corvallis, in Mill City. From the guide to the William Gadwa autobiography, 1945 November 4, (Oregon Historical Society Research Library) William Gadwa (1874-1945) came to Oregon from Iowa, ca. 1878, and lived near Corvallis, in Mill City. He moved to Portland in 1881, Salem in 1884, back to Ottawa, Minnesota in 1897, back to Salem during the gold rush of 1898 and finally to...

Harvey, Hester Ann Bolin.

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Gill, Sam F.

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Compton, Charles Norman.

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Meeker, Ezra, 1830-1928

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Meeker was a pioneer on the wagon trail. From the description of Letter : Los Angeles, Calif., to Rolland A. Vandegrift, University of Southern California, 1924 April 28. (Natural History Museum Foundation, Los Angeles County). WorldCat record id: 23367142 Ezra Meeker was an early pioneer who traveled the Oregon Trail by ox cart as a young man. Beginning in his 70s he worked tirelessly to memorialize the trail, repeatedly retracing the trip of his youth. Meeker was born in H...

Bitte, Frederick Martin, 1883-1972.

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Heath, Joseph, 1805-1849

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Swank, James Washington, b. 1835.

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Powell, Rei Harold

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Logan family.

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Dugaw, Joseph A., 1892-1972.

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Denny, Ivan, 1937-

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Bean, Robert S. (Robert Sharp), 1854-1931

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Robert Sharp Bean (1854-1931) was Chief Justice of Oregon, 1894-1896, 1900-1902 and 1905-1909, and Regent of the University of Oregon, 1882-1920. From the description of Robert Sharp Bean autobiography [manuscript], 1929. (Oregon Historical Society Research Library). WorldCat record id: 767824879 From the guide to the Robert Sharp Bean autobiography, 1929, (Oregon Historical Society Research Library) Robert Sharp Bean (1854-1931) was born in 1854 to Oba...

Cornwall, Joseph Hardin, d. 1919.

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Reverend Josephus A. Cornwall was a Presbyterian minister whose family emigrated to Oregon from Arkansas in 1846-1847. From the description of Recollections, 1900. (Oregon Historical Society Research Library). WorldCat record id: 31912453 ...

Adix, Carrie Ladd.

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McAlpine family.

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Stephens, Adams.

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Warnock, Robert, 1871-

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Butler, Doris T.

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Saul, Bessie Goldbaum.

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Trout, Damon, 1903-1980.

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Damon Trout (1903-1980) was the owner of "Damon's Hideaway" and founder of Marine Electrical and Electrical Construction Company. From the guide to the Damon Trout reminiscences, circa 1954-1980, (Oregon Historical Society Research Library) Damon Trout (1903-1980) was the owner of "Damon's Hideaway" and founder of Marine Electrical and Electrical Construction Company. He was a member of the Arlington Club and Foot Printers Association. Fr...

Hanneman, Lena Mae.

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Brown, Orlando.

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Merrill, George, 1826-1912.

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Brunk, Harrison.

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Beard, Edward A.

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Gaylord, Orange, b. 1823.

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Orange Gaylord was born in 1823. He traveled to California in 1850 and Oregon in 1853. From the description of Diary, March 13, 1850-Sept. 9, 1851; March 7-Oct. 1853. (University of Oregon Libraries). WorldCat record id: 55041964 ...

Chandler, Nora Fine.

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Berilla, Halbert.

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Haines, Ida Marie.

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Cater, Ruth Seale, 1898-

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Cox, James W., fl. 1766-1850.

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Albright, John F.

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Eaton, Oscar.

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Bohlen, E. T.

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Perry family.

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Wilson, George O.

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McClay, Pauline Oelo, 1864-1950.

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