General Cartoon Collection 1870-1995 1930-1949


General Cartoon Collection 1870-1995 1930-1949

Original newspaper comic strip and comics cartoons, editorial cartoons and magazine cartoons/illustrations representative of the history of cartooning from the late 19th century to 1963; with some material from the 1990s.

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Syracuse University. Library. Special Collections Research Center (corporateBody)

The General Cartoon Collection is an artificial collection bringing together samples of original work from a wide variety of cartoonists and illustrators. From the guide to the General Cartoon Collection, 1870-1995, 1930-1949, (Special Collections Research Center, Syracuse University Libraries) ...

Bush, C. G. (person)

Peb, 1926- (person)

Patzer, George L. (person)

Victor (person)

Epithet: priest, of Antioch British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000628.0x000256 Epithet: Bishop of Tunis British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000628.0x000255 Epithet: Father; alias St Victor, alias Geyza von Kanovics, alias Graf von Csaky Kanovicks British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ...

Johnson, Charles Howard (person)

The collection mainly contains correspondence from Charles H. Johnson, a Civil War Union soldier, Michigan Cavalry, 1st Regiment (Vol), Co. M, to his mother, 1858-1866, as well as some later correspondence, a few photographs, and miscellany, including a cookbook with medicinal recipes and Civil War diary entries from 1862. From the description of Charles H. Johnson Papers, [ca. 1858-1916] (Bulk 1861-1866) (University of California, Santa Barbara). WorldCat record id: 162560976 ...

Berndt, 1899-1980 (person)

Walter Berndt was born in Brooklyn, New York, on November 22, 1899. He began working as an office boy at the New York Journal when he was age 16, and it was there that he met many notable cartoonists of the time such as Tad Dorgan, George Herrimann, and Milt Gross. He later worked for the New York Daily News, where he began the comic strip Smitty in 1922. He drew daily and Sunday comic strips about Smitty, his title character who was an office boy, until he retired in 1974. He received the Natio...

Ehrhart, ... (person)

Shaw, Dick (person)

Packer, Fred (person)

Caniff, Milton Arthur, 1907-1988 (person)

American cartoonist, best known for the long-running comic strips Terry and the pirates and Steve Canyon. Lived for many years in New City, NY as a neighbor of Kurt Weill, Lotte Lenya, Maxwell Anderson, Alan Jay Lerner, and others. Also an original board member of the Kurt Weill for Music thanks to his long association with Lenya. Caniff died in 1988. From the description of An oral history interview with Milton Caniff / conducted for the Kurt Weill Foundation for Music by Donald Spo...

Harman, Fred, 1902-1982 (person)

Debeck, Billy (person)

William Morgan Billy DeBeck was born in Chicago, Illinois on 15 April 1890. He briefly attended the Academy of Fine Arts before leaving to pursue a career in cartooning. Supposedly, DeBeck had intended to work as a comic artist until he had earned enough money to finance a career in fine arts. He spent several years bouncing around various Midwestern newspapers, drawing political cartoons, sports cartoons, and comic strips, until he was fired from his Pittsburgh job in 1914. He sold...

Hayes, Geoff. (person)

Howard, Oscar (person)

Glackens, L. M. (person)

Bateman, H. M. (Henry Mayo), 1887-1970 (person)

Gillam, Bernhard, 1856-1896 (person)

Maier, Carl. (person)

Bairnsfather, Bruce, 1887-1959 (person)

Black, Oz (person)

Forrest, Hal (person)

Page, Grover (person)

Walker, Ryan (person)

Kings Features Syndicate (person)

Gillam, Bernhard (person)

Bradley and Edgington (person)

Donahey, William, 1883- (person)

Taylor, R. (person)

Epithet: Dr British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001151.0x00032c ...

Unidentified (person)

Chubb (person)

Block, Herbert, 1909-2001 (person)

Political cartoonist, author, and journalist. From the description of Herbert Block papers, 1863-2002 (bulk 1945-2001). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 71073502 Cartoonist; interviewee signs cartoons as Herblock. From the description of Reminiscences of Herbert Block : lecture history, 1963. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 122573986 Biographical Note ...

Briggs, ... (person)

Epithet: Alderman British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000629.0x0000e1 Epithet: of Briggs, Thurburn and Co British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000629.0x0000e3 ...

Loring, Paul (person)

Brown, Edward Scott (T. Brown) (person)

Nelan, Charles (person)

Berdanier, Paul F. (Paul Frederick), 1879- (person)

Pease, Lucius Curtis (Lute Pease) (person)

McCay, Winsor (person)

Winsor McCay (1867-1934) was a cartoonist, animator, and performer credited with significant influence in the development of American comic strips and motion picture animation. McCay first gained attention with two comic strips, Dream of the Rarebit Fiend, which was first published in the New York Evening Telegram from 1904, and Little Nemo in Slumberland, published in the New York Herald from 1905 to 1915. These two strips both presented a dream state illustrated with fantasy art. ...

Lubbers, Bob, 1922- (person)

Lehti, John (person)

Bairnsfather, Bruce, 1887-1959 (person)

Maxwell, Gee Tee (George T.) (person)

Nor, E. (person)

Henderson, ... (person)

Epithet: widow of Bartolomew Henderson British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000390.0x0002b8 ...

Keys, Larry (person)

Johnson, Vic (person)

Larimer, Harry (person)

Conselman, Bill & Plumb, Charlie (person)

Belloc, Piere (Peb) (person)

Powers, T. E. (person)

Berryman, C. K. (Clifford K.) (person)

Raymond, Alex, 1909-1956 (person)

Davenport, Homer, 1867-1912 (person)

Epithet: American cartoonist British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000131.0x0003d3 Homer Calvin Davenport (March 8, 1867- May 2, 1912) was a political cartoonist from Oregon known for his satirical drawings and support of Progressive Era politics. From the guide to the Homer Davenport letter to "Friend Malcomb", 1907 April 3, (Oregon Historical Society Research Library) From the guide to the Home...

Summers, W. H. (William Henry) (person)

Nofziger, Ed (person)

McCarthy, Father Justin (person)

Satterfield, Robert W. (person)

Pratt, Newton (person)

Breger, Irv (person)

Lewis, R. A. (Richard Albert) (person)

Anderson, Vet (Jesse Sylvester) (person)

Johnston, Earl S. (Earl Steinford), 1889-1947 (person)

Zimmerman, Eugene (Zim) (person)

Webster, H. T. (Harold Tucker) (person)

Block, Herb (person)

Bradley, Luther (person)

Collier, David S. (person)

Smith, Dorman H. (person)

Grissinger, Harry (person)

Cassell, John, 1817-1865 (person)

Pughe, J. S. (person)

Haney, R. T. (person)

Shoemaker, Vaughn, 1902-1991 (person)

Foster, R. (person)

Hanny, William (person)

Anderson, Jesse Sylvester, 1873- (person)

B.A. from Furman; completed M.A. in Education at USC in 1942; served as State Superintendent of Education for South Carolina, 1947-1967; veteran of World War I. From the description of Jesse T. Anderson papers, 1946. (University of South Carolina). WorldCat record id: 55648536 ...

Berryman, Clifford Kennedy, 1869-1949 (person)

Political cartoonist for the Washington post (1891-1907) and Washington star (1907-1949). From the description of Cartoon and manuscript collection [graphic]. 1899-1949. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 42967653 Editorial cartoonist, of Washington, D.C. From the description of Clifford K. Berryman papers, 1835-1976. (Historical Society of Washington, Dc). WorldCat record id: 70958744 Clifford Kennedy Berryman was born in Kentucky on April 2, 1869, after he...