Episcopal Church Women of Rhode Island Episcopal Church Women of Rhode Island 1875-1987


Episcopal Church Women of Rhode Island, 1875-1987

Episcopal Church Women of Rhode Island Episcopal Church Women of Rhode Island 1875-1987

The Records of the Episcopal Church Women of Rhode Island consist of materials from 1875-1987, documenting its administrative, and financial activities throughout the twentieth century life of the organization. The collection, which is divided into four series, consists of correspondence, organization publications, copies of the organization's articles of incorporation, constitution and by-laws, photographs, lists of officers, surveys and questionnaires, annual reports, meeting minutes, and financial documents.

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Charitable and service organization of women affiliated with the Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island. Founded in 1878 as the Rhode Island Branch of the Woman's Auxiliary to the Board of Missions. Changed name to Episcopal Church Women in 1959. From the description of Records, 1875-1987. (University of Rhode Island Library, Kingston). WorldCat record id: 46995750 The Episcopal Church Women, Diocese of Rhode Island, was founded in 1878 as the Rhode Island Branch of the Woman's A...

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