Von Tilzer / Gumm Collection 1878-1959 (bulk 1900-1949)


Von Tilzer / Gumm Collection 1878-1959 (bulk 1900-1949)

The Von Tilzer / Gumm Collection consists of both personal and professional papers of composer and music publisher Harry Von Tilzer (1872-1946) and his brother, H. Harold Gumm (1881 or 82-1973), who was a lawyer, agent, and producer in the entertainment business. After having served as attorney for the Harry Von Tilzer Music Publishing Co. (HVTMPC) for several decades, Harold Gumm served as executor of Harry Von Tilzer's estate and took over the company when Von Tilzer died in 1946. This collection contains the records of the HVTMPC which are inextricably combined not only with Harry Von Tilzer's papers but also with Gumm's papers and those of his firm Goldie & Gumm. Von Tilzer's personal papers include correspondence, writings, legal and financial documents, and drafts of his autobiography. The HVTMPC materials primarily consist of music (manuscript and printed), lyrics (manuscript and typewritten), scripts, legal and financial records, and a catalog of works published by HVTMPC. Most of Gumm's subject files relate to his activities as an agent for many prominent black performers of the 1930s and 1940s. Materials relating to their brothers (music publisher Will Von Tilzer; songwriter Albert Von Tilzer; and Jules and Jack Von Tilzer, who both worked in the family business) also appear in the collection. In addition, the collection contains programs, photographs, and clippings.

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Von Tilzer, Albert

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J. Vincent Healy

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Harry Von Tilzer Music Pub. Co.

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Von Tilzer, Jules

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Harry Von Tilzer

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Stanley Murphy

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< Born Vladimir Alexandrovitch Dukelsky, Parafianove, Minsk 1916 1919 Studied composition with Reinhold Glière and Marian Dombrovsky at the Kiev Conservatory 1920 Fled the Revolution with his family, settling first in Constantinople ...

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Hairston, Jester, 1901-2000

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Gum family.

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William Jerome

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Gumm, H. Harold

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Biographical Note Harry Von Tilzer was born Harold Gumm on July 8, 1872 to Jacob and Sarah Tilzer Gumm in Goshen, Indiana. At the age of fourteen he ran away to join the circus, and at seventeen joined the Chamberlain Stock Company in Chicago, changing his name from Gumm to a variant of his mother's maiden name, Von Tilzer. He moved to New York in 1892, and was a performer on the vaudeville circuit for many years, frequently partnered with Ge...

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Singer, Dolph, 1900-1942

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Al Piantadosi

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Goldie & Gumm

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Arthur Lamb

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Raymond Walker

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Ballard McDonald

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Von Tilzer, Harry, 1872-1946

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Harry Von Tilzer (b. July 8, 1872 in Goshen, Indiana; d. January 10, 1946 in New York) was a songwriter, music publisher and performer. The family name was Gumm, but Harry added "Von" to his mother's maiden name to use as a professional pseudonym. His other brothers, with the exception of H. Harold, followed suit. At an early age, he worked in a circus and medicine show as a singer and tumbler. He performed his own songs on the vaudeville circuit and published his first song in 1892...

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Eddie P. Moran

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Ed Smalls

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Addison Burkhardt

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Andrew B. Sterling

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Burkhardt, Addison

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McCree, Junie, 1865-1918

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Bud Cooper

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W. Vaughan Dunham

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McCree, Junie

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Andrew B. Sterling

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Will Heagney

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George A. Kershaw

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