Stanley Milgram papers 1927-1993


Stanley Milgram papers, 1927-1993

Stanley Milgram papers 1927-1993

The papers consist of correspondence, research and data files, writings, audiovisual material, and course material, documenting Stanley Milgram's work as an innovative researcher and teacher in the field of social psychology. The papers highlight Milgram's work on obedience to authority, television violence, urban psychology, and communication patterns within society.

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Milgram, Stanley (person)

Stanley Milgram was born in New York City on August 15, 1933. After earning an A.B. degree at Queens College (1954) and a Ph.D. at Harvard University (1960), Milgram served as an assistant professor of psychology at Yale University, where he conducted his well-known experiments on obedience to authority. His later research while teaching at Harvard (1963-1967) and at the City University of New York (1967-1984), in addition to obedience, included studies of human communication, telev...