Sherman Kent papers 1763-1991 1918-1986


Sherman Kent papers, 1763-1991, 1918-1986

Sherman Kent papers 1763-1991 1918-1986

The papers consist of correspondence, writings, research notes, teaching materials, clippings and other printed material, photographs, and memorabilia which document the personal life and professional career of Sherman Kent. The papers highlight Kent's student years and teaching career at Yale and his lifelong research in French history. Kent's career in intelligence is also represented in these papers, though they contain no official records from the O.S.S. or the C.I.A..

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Kent, Sherman, 1903- (person)

Sherman Kent was born on December 1, 1903, attended the Thacher School, and received his Ph.B. (1926) and Ph.D. (1933) from Yale University. He taught French history at Yale and was a member of the faculty from 1928-1953. In 1941 Kent joined the U.S. Office of Strategic Services as chief of the African section and from 1943-1945 served as chief of the Europe-Africa division. In 1946 Kent was acting director of the Office of Research and Intelligence for the United States Department ...

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Bernard Brodie was born in Chicago, IL, on May 20, 1910; Ph. D, Univ. of Chicago, 1940; instructor at Dartmouth, 1941-43; assoc. professor and later Director of Graduate Studies, Yale, 1945-51; senior staff member, Rand Corporation, 1951-66; professor of political science, UCLA, 1966-77; technical expert, UN conference, San Francisco, CA, 1945; fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences; author of various books, including: Sea power in the machine age (1941), A guide to naval strategy (1944),...

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Kent, Roger, 1906-1980 (person)

Roger Kent was born in Chicago, on June 8, 1906. He was the son of William and Elizabeth Kent. His father served in Congress between 1910 and 1917. Roger was prepared for college at the Thatcher School and graduated from Yale College in 1928. He stayed in New Haven after graduation, attending Yale Law School, from which he graduated in 1931. Kent practiced law in California and was admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court in 1937. In 1952 and 1953, he served as general counsel for the ...